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KDP Paperback vs. Createspace Publishing

It’s high time I covered one of the newest editions of the Kindle Direct Publishing platform – the KDP paperback option.  Rather than go on about how it’s essentially another version of Createspace publishing with the convenience of one dashboard for ebook and paperback books, I’ll give you a point-by-point comparison of the two platforms. That way you can

Createspace Coupon Codes – How to Create Them

EDITOR’S NOTE: THIS FEATURE IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE ON CREATESPACE. Do you want a way to increase sales on the paperback you created on Createspace?  Would you like a way to offer your readers a deeply discounted copy of your books AND track those sales according to the discount?  Then, you’re going to want to

6 Facts About Createspace Expanded Distribution

In my previous video about expanded distribution on Createspace, I shared an overview of what Createspace publishing offers besides their print-on-demand and Amazon marketplaces.  However, it’s not enough to know what expanded distribution is; you need to know what to expect so you can make an informed decision on IF you should use these additional distribution channels for

Expanded Distribution Through CreateSpace

You’ve probably noticed the three additional options of expanded distribution for your Createspace publishing paperback book.  Furthermore, you may have seen that expanded distribution pays out nearly half as much as Amazon dot com and a quarter of what Createspace does.  Is expanded distribution on Createspace worth it? And, what exactly IS expanded distribution? Precisely where do your books go when you open expanded distribution? 

Createspace ISBN vs. Buying Your Own

We all know that print books available for sale through major online retailers require an ISBN or International Standard Book Number.  You know what I’m talking about, right? The little number associated with the barcode on the back of your book.  Well, you are probably wondering, “Should use a Createspace ISBN or my own for my paperback book?”  This is

How To Make a Book Cover Spine with GIMP – Createspace

In my video Createspace Cover Template: How to Make a Book Cover with GIMP, I rushed through the process skipping over two very important steps in creating a good paperback book cover.  Today, I’m going to show you how to make a book cover spine with GIMP. Stay tuned!  Welcome to Self Publishing with Dale, and if you’re new to

How To Make a Back Book Cover with GIMP – Createspace

In my video on How to Make a Book Cover with GIMP, I rushed through the process skipping over two vital steps in making a decent paperback book cover.  Thankfully, I’m going to show you how to make a back book cover with GIMP today. Don’t go anywhere!  Welcome to Self Publishing with Dale, and if you’re new to this website and you wanna learn how to publish and profit the right way,

Createspace – Self-Publishing Your Book in Paperback

What with book trim size, color printing versus black and white and paper type, isn’t the process of self publishing a book on Createspace overwhelming?  Would you like to know the ideal choices on Createspace for book trim sizes, interior types, and paper color?  Then, you’ll want to hear about my Createspace experience where I’ll share the ideal book trim size, interior types and paper color. Don’t go away!  Welcome to Self