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Tom Corson-Knowles: Self-Publishing Spotlight

If you want to get the best information in publishing your own books, then you want the person responsible for helping hundreds of authors create a full-time income. That’s why I’m honored to bring to my YouTube channel a true pioneer in modern-day self-publishing, Tom Corson-Knowles. Read on! If there were ever a person I

Dave Chesson: SEO for Publishing on Amazon

Do you want to know the easiest way to do keyword research? Would like to know how to get your book more discoverable in your chosen niche? Then, you’ll want to tune in today as I talk to the man responsible for one of the best keyword research tools on the market today. Find out

Martin McConnell: How to Finish Your Book

Are you forever stuck in your first draft and don’t know where to go? Would you like to go from idea to published in as straight a line as possible? Then, you’ll want to hear what my self-publishing interview guest Martin McConnell has to say today to get you quickly cranking out your first draft

Chris Fox: Building a Brand, Writing to Market

Are you having trouble getting any traction in your self-publishing business? Do you want to know how to reach your audience, but not sure where to start? Then, today’s featured self-publisher Chris Fox is going to share how to write a book custom made for your ideal audience.   Who is Chris Fox? Today’s featured

Naomi VanDoren: The Art of Self Publishing

Are you an artist looking for a way to share your work through the world of self-publishing? Then, you’ll want to check out today’s interview with artist and self-published author, Naomi VanDoren. Read on! Can you actually create art and publish it? Well, today’s featured self-publisher Naomi VanDoren is here to share her experience. Self-Published

Paul Rega: Amazon Best-Selling Author

Are you trying to become a best-selling author on Amazon? Would you like to know someone who’s had the same struggles as you, but made his big breakthrough? Then, you’ll want to catch my interview with Amazon Top 100 Best-Selling Author Paul Rega. Read on! How I Met Paul Rega About two or three years

Jonny Andrews of Author Platform Rocket

Are you tired of struggling in your self-publishing business? Would you like to focus on writing and let the pros handle the email list building and marketing? Then, I just may have the solution for you in today’s self-publishing expert guest, Jonny Andrews. Who is Jonny Andrews Anyway? Jonny Andrews is a best-selling author, publishing

Self-Publishing Success Story – Rob Archangel

  Do you know the quickest path to Kindle publishing success?  Would you like to know more about an innovative fusion of the traditional publishing model with the ease, speed, and adaptability of self-publishing?  Today, I’m talking to the man behind the brand that could very well deliver your best year ever in self-publishing.  Do you want

Self-Publishing Success Story – Tim Knox

Have you been considering the option of outsourcing your writing?  Do you want deeper insights from a proven expert in the field of freelance writing?  Then, you’re going to love my interview today with best-selling author, serial entrepreneur, and close friend of mine, Tim Knox. He shares why he prefers freelance writing versus self-publishing his work, why earnings