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HostGator Review 2017: Is HostGator Good?

Having run a successful self-publishing business, I thought it was high time I address one of the most invaluable tools in a website. Gone are the days when we could simply whip together any old free website and expect to our business to grow much. That’s why I thought I’d shine a spotlight on my

Babelcube – Taking Your Books International with Translations

Are you looking for how to translate your ebooks?  Would you like to translate your ebooks without risking any money?  Then today, you’re going to love what I have to share about Babelcube. I’ll give you my one hundred percent honest Babelcube Review and the pros and cons of this unique self publishing platform.  Stay tuned!  Welcome to Self Publishing with Dale, and if you’re new

Grammarly Review – How Good Is it and Is it Worth the Money

Every self publisher needs to have tools that minimizes effort, maximizes time and enhances production. That’s why today, I’m providing deeper insights on one of my key self publishing tools, Grammarly. Find out more in my one-hundred percent honest Grammarly review. Welcome to Self-Publishing with Dale, and if you’re new to this website and you wanna learn how to publish and profit, then check out my YouTube channel for all my latest videos.