Createspace Publishing: How to Add Categories

Createspace Publishing is the greatest way to self-publish paperback books to release on the Amazon marketplace and a bevy of other platforms through their expanded distribution. If you are quick to write off Createspace Publishing as inferior to Kindle Direct Publishing, then you’d be leaving a ton of money on the table. For those of

Kindle Publishing Keywords: Getting First Page

Hey, are you having a tough time getting any sales or exposure for your Kindle Direct Publishing book? Wouldn’t it be nice to get first-page placement for searches related to your eBook’s niche? Then, today I’m going to talk about how Kindle Publishing Keywords can make or break your exposure. Also, I’ll show you how to

Amazon Marketing Services: Promote on Kindle

Do you want to know how to use Amazon Marketing Services for Kindle Publishing Books? Would you like to know the secret of how I spend less than a buck a day and still make a profit with Amazon Marketing Services for books? And, do you want to know the secret to creating successful ad

Book Publishing Costs: Write Your Own Book

Are you considering the big jump into self-publishing on the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing platform, but aren’t sure if you can afford the book publishing costs? Would you like the startup costs revealed for Kindle Publishing in 2017? I’m going to answer the questions: What are the start up costs for Kindle publishing? And, how much DOES Kindle Publishing

Make Money Publishing on Kindle in 2017

Can you still make money publishing on Kindle in 2017? Well you’ll be surprised at what I have to share with you today and you definitely want to get the inside scoop now, so I save you less heartache later. Don’t miss my thoughts on making money with Kindle Direct Publishing in 2017! If you’re

Pronoun Publishing Favors the Self Publisher

In past videos, I shared a couple Kindle publishing alternatives in Smashwords and Draft2Digital. However, you may be surprised to know other viable Kindle publishing alternatives have yet to be explored. So today, I’m going to cover one of my recent discoveries in the Pronoun Publishing Company. Find out just how pronoun publishing favors the

How to Write a Book for Beginners

Do you want to know how to write a book, but you’re not sure where to start? Wouldn’t you like to have a simple explanation of how to write a book step by step for beginners? Then, you’ve come to right place, because I’m going to break the process down. And, whether you want to

Amazon Kindle Publishing: Adding Categories

You probably already knew you’re allowed 2 category choices when you first publish on Amazon Kindle Publishing. But, were you aware you could have more than what Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing offers in the book setup? Also, quite a few categories are 100% inaccessible from your KDP dashboard. And, if you don’t take advantage, then

Editing and Proofreading Tips for Publishing

Do you want a few editing and proofreading tips for your next book? You’d be surprised to know the difference between editing and proofreading. I’m going to cover exactly what proofreading and editing skills are… And how you need to know the difference before your next book launch. First off, I’d like to know what

Amazon KDP Pre Order: 5 Reasons to Use It

Have you ever noticed the option to set up an Amazon KDP pre order? Why would anyone want to set up a Kindle pre order? And, just what good could come from waiting to release an already written book? It seems counter-intuitive, but trust me, the Kindle presale option is quite possibly the most sound