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Createspace Coupon Codes – How to Create Them

EDITOR’S NOTE: THIS FEATURE IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE ON CREATESPACE. Do you want a way to increase sales on the paperback you created on Createspace?  Would you like a way to offer your readers a deeply discounted copy of your books AND track those sales according to the discount?  Then, you’re going to want to

Createspace ISBN vs. Buying Your Own

We all know that print books available for sale through major online retailers require an ISBN or International Standard Book Number.  You know what I’m talking about, right? The little number associated with the barcode on the back of your book.  Well, you are probably wondering, “Should use a Createspace ISBN or my own for my paperback book?”  This is

Createspace Publishing: How to Add Categories

Createspace Publishing is the greatest way to self-publish paperback books to release on the Amazon marketplace and a bevy of other platforms through their expanded distribution. If you are quick to write off Createspace Publishing as inferior to Kindle Direct Publishing, then you’d be leaving a ton of money on the table. For those of