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About Dale

Dale L. Roberts is an accomplished indie author and host of the Dale L. Roberts channel on YouTube and the Self-Publishing with Dale Podcast.

Since 2014, Dale has pursued a full-time career in self-publishing and video content creation. He shares his experiences on his channels devoted to building a successful self-publishing business.

His specialties include book publishing, video production, public speaking, and networking.

He has appeared on numerous YouTube channels and podcast interviews. Dale is always looking for ways to reach a broader audience to share the value of self-publishing books.

He lives in Columbus, Ohio, with his wife, Kelli, and two cats.

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Let's Keep in Touch

I send out a couple of emails a week, tops. One of them is chock full of stuff you need to know as a self-publisher. Here are some of the topics I've covered in the past:

  • Getting book reviews
  • eBook formatting
  • Social Media for authors
  • Audience building
  • Book marketing

When you sign up, you'll get all of those and many, many more as I've loaded all of the tips into an automation that goes out once a week.

The other email I send out is an update about the content I've released recently. It contains a value tip you don't want to miss. I aspire to be worthy of your inbox.

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