Amazon Kindle Publishing: Adding Categories

You probably already knew you’re allowed 2 category choices when you first publish on Amazon Kindle Publishing.

But, were you aware you could have more than what Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing offers in the book setup?

Also, quite a few categories are 100% inaccessible from your KDP dashboard.

And, if you don’t take advantage, then you could inhibit the overall long term growth of your publications.

That’s okay because today I’m going to show you how to choose a category on Amazon and what inside information you may have missed that greatly benefits your self-publishing business.

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Before we jump into things, I’d love to know what is your greatest struggle in choosing a category on Amazon.

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And I’ll take the time to answer as many of you as I can.

Amazon Kindle Publishing Minimums

Amazon Author Rank

As many of you may know, when you publish a book on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, you can add your book to two categories, also known as browse paths in Amazon insider lingo.

These two categories determine how your book is organized and found in the Amazon store.

Now, these categories will appear on the sales page for your book in the product details once it has had at least one sale or borrow.

Based on the keywords and categories, Amazon’s algorithm determines a third complementing category, rounding out your total browse paths to three in product details.

Amazon Kindle Publishing Categories & Browse Paths

how to add categories on Kindle

What if their choices don’t properly reflect your content?

Furthermore, if you dig a little deeper in the Amazon Kindle Store, you’d find some categories that are not available in your KDP dashboard.

I’ve heard rumors that Amazon has over 19,000 browse paths and are continually adding new categories.

Why do they limit a book to simply three categories?

Don’t be quick to judge the outward appearance of the Amazon Product Details.

According to Amazon, each book is able to have up to ten browse paths.

Even though you only see three categories in the product details, your book could be listed in seven additional categories.

This is important because if you have significant book sales, you could appear in up to 10 categories…

Which oddly enough represent a best sellers lists.

How Kindle Categories Can Increase Sales

how to make money on amazon kindle publishing

Find the right categories or newly launched browse paths, you could very well establish your book as a number one best seller without much work at all.

And, your book could even become a #1 best-selling book in 10 categories thereby increasing your book’s exposure and searchability.

This is particularly enticing for anyone first releasing a book.

Because if you top a best seller’s list in a given category, then you will definitely top another listing known as hot new releases.

Kindle Hot New Releases FTW

amazon kindle hot new releasesHot new releases is a sub category of a given browse path that shows the highest performing books released in the last thirty days.

So, assuming you have a substantial amount of sales in the first thirty days and you have your book listed in ten browse paths, you literally double your book’s exposure and increased the likelihood for purchasing.

Now, all you have to do is find the browse paths best suited for your book.

Simply watch my video Profitable Kindle Niches: What Are the Most Profitable Categories in Kindle Publishing? for help.

How to Add the Extra Categories on Amazon Kindle Publishing

  1. Once you have 10 categories, log into your KDP account and scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  2. Click the Contact Us hyperlink and the inquiries page opens.
  3. Select Book Details and then Categories and Keywords.
  4. Insert any title in the subject line and then get rid of the text in the content box.
  5. Ask them to add your book to the following categories.
  6. Copy and paste the full browse paths into the box.
  7. If you have 10 category requests, then remove any categories you don’t want.
  8. Keep in mind, the categories aren’t permanent and you can change them anytime.

Be selective about how often you change out your categories.

Since there is a delay in fulfilling your request and changes to take on the site, it’s hard to measure the effectiveness of a category.

Keep a book on a category for at least 30-90 days before switching out to another browse path.

Amazon Kindle Publishing & Beyond

Createspace publishing categories

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Now, get out there and add 10 categories to your Kindle ebook, you savvy self-publisher you.

Till later, I’m Dale L. Roberts and I’ll talk to you guys soon.

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    How do i get my stories published/sold on amazon?

    • Dale Post author

      Set up an account on Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) at Read through their FAQs section to find out more info on how to upload and fill relevant data. Also, head over to my YouTube channel at this link. You’ll get plenty of answers to your questions. But, take it one step at a time and start with getting a KDP account. Let me know if you have any other questions after you set up a KDP account.

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