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Amazon Marketing Services: Promote on Kindle

Do you want to know how to use Amazon Marketing Services for Kindle Publishing Books?

Would you like to know the secret of how I spend less than a buck a day and still make a profit with Amazon Marketing Services for books?

And, do you want to know the secret to creating successful ad campaigns for your ebook and not go broke?

Then, I give you Amazon Marketing Services 101: How to Use AMS for Kindle Publishing Books.

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I’d like to know if you have tried to use Amazon Marketing Services for your Kindle ebook and what kind of results did you have? Also, how long ago did you use it? Leave your thoughts and questions in the comments below, and I’ll do my best to address all of you the best I can.

Amazon Marketing Services 101

Amazon Marketing Services

Today, I’m going to show you the simplest way to put together an ad that doesn’t require skills or cash. This AMS 101 tutorial is rather lengthy, so make sure you bookmark this page to come back to it later.

  1. Log into Your KDP Account
  2. Locate the Book You Wish to Advertise
  3. Select the Promote and Advertise button of that book
  4. Now Select the Create an Ad Campaign button on the right side – You’re offered two choices: Sponsored Products or Product Display Ads. If you want to keep your ad spend low, then stick to Sponsored Product Ads for now. It’s easier for newbies to understand Sponsored Product Ads anyway.
  5. Select Sponsored Product Ads on the left

Setting Up an AMS Ad Campaign

how to set up an AMS ad

  1. Name Your Campaign – it doesn’t have to be special, just something that helps you remember the ad you’re setting up.
  2. Set Your Daily Ad Spend – Amazon Marketing Services requires you set a daily ad spend minimum of $1. Only set the daily ad spend at an amount you are comfortable with losing. Not all campaigns turn a profit, so you need to set a daily spend for what you can afford to lose. There are many instances where AMS has not spent even close to my daily minimum, but I can’t guarantee the same results for you. 
  3. Choose the Duration of the Ad – Set how long you want the ad to run. Account for how much you’ll spend per day. I like to choose the Run campaign continuously starting today option. However, I check my AMS account daily that way I can pause or terminate any poor performing ad.
  4. Choose How You Wish to Target – With automatic or manual targeting. If you are brand new to AMS ads, then I suggest you choose automatic. Amazon targets your ads to all relevant customer searches based on your product information. Whereas manual targeting bases your ads on the keywords you choose. You are on your own for find keywords relevant to your products.

The Cost of an AMS Click

AMS cost per click

  1. Set Your Cost Per Click – what are you willing to pay for potential customers to view your book. Now don’t worry, your book ad will be in front of hundreds of thousands of people, but if they don’t click on the ad to view your book, then you don’t have to pay. When a customer sees your ad but doesn’t click on it, that’s called an impression. Impressions are free which is great for exposure. In due time, you’ll know how much to spend on cost per click, for now, set it at what you think the worth is for someone to have a closer look at your book. 
  2. Customize Your Ad – you have a total of 150 characters to fill the ad, so choose wisely. I highly recommend you use keywords associated with your niche. Choose enticing words that compel potential customers to see more. Avoid using excessive capital letters, punctuation or curse words.
  3. Submit Your Campaign for Approval – Amazon Marketing Services will separately confirm by email when they receive and approve your ad. Keep an eye on your email.

One Last Thing on Amazon Marketing Services

how to set up multiple pen names on Amazon Author Central

Most likely, Amazon will request a payment option at some point early on.

Remember you don’t pay anything up front for ad campaigns and are billed monthly.

Keep a tally on how much you spend every month because AMS rolls over all previous spending with the current spending.

That’s all the time we have for today and remember if you found this post helpful, then show me some love and share it with someone you know.

Now, get out there and run your first Amazon Marketing Services ad for your book, you savvy self-publisher you.

Till later, this has been Self Publishing with Dale and I’ll chat with you guys soon.

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