Kindle Publishing Keywords: Getting First Page

Hey, are you having a tough time getting any sales or exposure for your Kindle Direct Publishing book? Wouldn’t it be nice to get first-page placement for searches related to your eBook’s niche? Then, today I’m going to talk about how Kindle Publishing Keywords can make or break your exposure.

Also, I’ll show you how to rank on page 1 on Amazon with the right Kindle Keywords.

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The Trouble with Kindle Publishing Keywords

Amazon Kindle Publishing keywords

Before we jump into things, I’d love to know how you do Kindle keyword research and if you use any Kindle Keyword software.

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Most every time I work with Kindle publishers having a tough time getting any traction in their business, I find their keyword choice as the limiting factor.

The fact is even though a lot of us say we know what keywords are, do we truly KNOW what keywords are.

Early in my self-publishing career, I assumed keywords were singular words that described my content.

For instance, I thought my fitness books could be sought out with keywords like exercise, fitness, and workouts.

No one could disagree those singular keywords do describe my content.

However, we can all agree those three keywords are incredibly broad and aren’t too specific.

Think about how many types of exercise are out there and who is searching for it.

Kindle Publishing Keywords: Broad vs Specific

Amazon publishing keywords

When you choose broad keywords you will be buried in the millions of other books like your book.

If you can get very specific about what your book is and what the customer can expect, then you increase the likelihood of discovery.

As of 2017, Kindle Direct Publishing allows each publication 7 separate keyword slots with up to 50 characters per slot.

This means they want you to get specific and if you don’t believe me, then check out KDP’s article on Make Your Book More Discoverable with Keywords.

If you find you are only using a small portion of a keyword slot, then you are doing it wrong.

If you’re going to waste your keyword slots, then you have no room to complain when you don’t have first-page placement in your niche.

Rule of Thumb for Savvy Kindle Publishing Keyword Choice

A general rule:

Create a long tail keyword, or a string of 3 words or more, for each slot.

You’ll want to use keyword stemming from building an Amazon search engine optimized phrase.

For an in-depth look at Amazon Kindle Keyword Research and how to do keyword stemming, then watch this playlist on Amazon Keyword Optimization:

Guarantees on First-Page Placement?

make money publishing on Kindle

I can’t promise you first-page placement for this strategy.

I can assure you increase the likelihood of discovery in the vast sea of Kindle eBooks on Amazon.

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Now, get out there and get first-page placement for your Amazon Kindle Keywords, you savvy self-publisher you.

Till later, this has been Self-Publishing with Dale and I’ll chat with you guys soon.