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Bad Marketing Strategies in Kindle Publishing

We all know the key to success in self-publishing is consistently producing quality content. It’s easier now more than ever to produce content. However, just because you published a book doesn’t mean you’ll make money in publishing.

Marketing is the missing piece in your self-publishing success. Without sound marketing practices, your self-publishing business is doomed to bargain basement obscurity and no sales purgatory.

That’s why today I’m going to cover 5 bad marketing practices and examples in Kindle Publishing. I’m not going to leave you hanging without sound advice on good marketing versus bad marketing in today’s post.

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Before I cover the 5 bad marketing strategies and examples in Kindle Publishing…

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Bad Marketing Strategies in Self-Publishing

bad marketing strategies for Kindle Publishing

In my post 7 Self-Publishing Mistakes That Kill Your Business, I cover wasteful business practices.

I briefly touched on bad marketing strategies…

So I think it’d be a good idea to put a spotlight on these garbage marketing tactics.

That way you don’t waste your time, energy and money on frivolous tactics.

In no order of importance, I give you…

Bad Marketing Strategies #1: Mass Posting to Facebook Groups

bad marketing strategies on Facebook

A couple years ago, I released a book listing of over 400 Facebook groups devoted to the self-publisher.

The theory was if you shared your book with enough groups on Facebook…

Then you’d get a ton of downloads and maybe even drive enough traffic to your book to get a little love from the Amazon algorithm.

Sadly, this is not a sound strategy since most of these groups are run and visited by other self-publishers.

It’s much like trying to sell a multilevel marketing business to competing multilevel marketers.

Most other businesses don’t care about your book and are merely waiting for you to stop selling your wares so they can sell theirs.

If you want success in posting to Facebook groups, then find a niche closely related to yours.

Foster real relationships and build value by sharing value outside of your own content.

That way when you share your book, then more people are apt to buy.

Bad Marketing Strategies #2: Tweet for Tweet Groups

bad marketing strategies on Twitter

This is not a shot at any one person or specific group…

More so isolating social media groups blindly following a quid pro quo system.

The practice is simple – authors agree to share each other’s books.

The problem lies in sharing content not relevant to your niche or audience.

If you build a following on Twitter used to werebear-wolf shapeshifter romance…

Then they’ll become confused when you promote someone else’s book about apple cider vinegar cures. And vice versa.

Your audience will tune out all your tweets and you then become less effective in your social media engagement.

Stick to sharing what is relevant to your social media audience.

Bad Marketing Strategies #3: Solicit Your Email List

bad marketing strategies in self publishing

Just because someone opted-in to your email newsletter doesn’t mean they want to be constantly hounded about buying your books.

And, even worse yet, you should never cross-sell niches for the same reason as mentioned in reason #2.

Bad Marketing Strategies #4: Automated Private Messaging

bad marketing strategies for books

Nothing screams “I’m a spam artist” like an automated direct message on social media.

If you must automate your messaging, then stick to asking questions or building an actual relationship with people.

This does not include free promos, lead magnets or suggestions to follow you on other social media platforms.

Bad Marketing Strategies #5: Fiverr Gigs

bad marketing strategies for ebooks

Yep, you are literally throwing money down the drain, $5 at a time.

Hiring Fiverr sellers who “specialize” in promoting your book is an antiquated process…

And will only lead to more bad marketing like spamming Facebook groups, Twitter feeds and the like.

This method was heartily endorsed by would-be self-publishing coaches of years past.

Anyone endorsing any Fiverr book promotional gig today is uninformed about how cheap and effective Google Ads and Amazon Marketing Services can be.

If you’re going to spend five bucks on marketing, then do it the right way for crying out loud.

For more info on Amazon Marketing Services, click on this link.

More Sound Marketing Practices for Your Book

Amazon author central reviews

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Now, get out there and market your books the right way, you savvy self-publisher you.

Till later, this has been Self-Publishing with Dale and I’ll see you guys soon.

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