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Kindle Publishing: The Truth Behind Unpublishing Republishing Strategy

Are you currently having problems with getting any sales after the first thirty days on Amazon?

Is your book rank tanking fast enough for you to worry that you may even make rent next month?

Then, I have just the strategy for you to make more money on the same publication all without changing a thing (cough, cough).

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The Hot New Releases Category

Are you having a tough time with getting any Kindle ebook sales after your first 30 days on the Amazon marketplace? Is your book slowly dying on the vine after it’s lost its first-month luster?

Leave your open thoughts in the comments below and I’ll do my best to address everyone.

Also, you may find the info useful in my video on How to Increase Book Sales on Amazon. What I have to share today is a garbage tactic only reserved for swindlers and hack publishers.

Also, I have to warn you that what I’m about to share is NOT a joke and is a gaping loophole in the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing system.

As you may already know, Amazon gives a little love to new publications for the first thirty days. In fact, they devote a list of the best sellers in their first thirty days, also called the hot new releases.

hot releases

Meaning, your book has a fighting chance when first starting out, therefore you get more exposure early on.

With this extra boost, you may even topple the best sellers lists thereby leveraging the exposure for more sales.

Some self-publishers go as far to believe that the first thirty days is as good as it gets. I’m here to tell you that you…are wrong. Dead wrong.

I’ve personally taken books ranking in the millions and turned them around to top the best sellers lists within days. Sure, it takes work and a little help, but it IS possible and you can make it happen too.

What is the Unpublishing Republishing Strategy?

What some publishers are doing is downright wrong. They publish a book and when it tanks, they unpublish the book, then immediately republish it.

In essence, they’re taking advantage of that thirty-day window again with the same work!

thirty days

Recently, Amazon is catching on and they are starting to suspend and even terminate accounts based on this practice. However, where one loophole closes up, another remains open.

Before they republish their work, they change out the title, cover or small elements within the work. In other words, they’re doing things they should be doing with a currently published work.

Rather than taking advantage of this loophole, they should be trying to improve their work while it’s on the market. Instead of fleecing Amazon and its customers of money, they should be tweaking their product.

The Effects of Unpublishing Republishing Strategy

How many people have unknowingly bought the same book because someone chose to republish it? How many poor reviews have been washed away due to hack work that’s been republished time and again?

How many honest, hard-working self-publishers and aspiring authors have had food taken from their table because these entitled few felt they were more deserving of the customer’s time and money?

This practice has got to stop and it starts with you! You are better than that. You don’t need loopholes to succeed in this business. You don’t need to tarnish other self-publishers by mucking up our business with thievery and chicanery.

unpublishing republishing

If you are one of those ones unpublishing and republishing your books, stop it.

Rise above that kind of behavior and exemplify what it means to be a savvy self-publisher.

No catchy closing lines today.

None of the normal calls to action.

I just want this garbage self-publishing tactic to stop…




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