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Are you looking for how to translate your ebooks? 

Would you like to translate your ebooks without risking any money? 

Then today, you’re going to love what I have to share about Babelcube. I’ll give you my one hundred percent honest Babelcube Review and the pros and cons of this unique self publishing platform. 

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About a year ago, I stumbled over an interesting opportunity in Babelcube, a site that claims they are “taking books global.” Essentially, Babelcube is like the ACX of translating books. They function as a matchmaker for authors slash publishers and translators. More on that in a minute. 

Babelcube is another self-publishing platform with distribution channels to Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Google Play, Scribd, Overdrive,, Chegg, Baker & Taylor, 3M and Follett. And, the good news is that a few of these channels distribute to numerous other micro-sites and online retailers.  

Babelcube states they sell books through three hundred plus retailers and over twenty thousand libraries. The distribution is largelybabelcube translations dependent on the language and the available language translation services include: Afrikaans, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese and Spanish. 

You simply upload your original book, the metadata and a brief sample for potential translators to consider in working with you.  

Either a translator will approach you about the joint venture, or you reach out to tons of qualified candidates in ten different languages. And, this comes at no cost to you. This means that the translator assumes most of the risk.  

Rather than you investing the going rate of one cent per word which can cost about one hundred dollars or more, you simply part ways with the distribution rights to the translated content. However, don’t sweat it, you STILL own the copyright to the content, you just simply are NOT allowed to distribute the content. 

To me, it’s a good thing for you NOT to have to sweat uploading to twelve different online retailers. However, it’s bad in that you lose say over expanding your translated content onto audiobook. 

The Pro’s and Con’s of Babelcube

After five years, you are given the choice to either take your book and distribute it yourself or continue to use Babelcube’s distribution network. I’m sure by that time, you will have found out if it is worth your while to continue to pour time and attention into a book. 

So, here’s the catch…the royalty split. Much like Audiobook Creation Exchange when you use their distribution method of fifty-fifty royalty split in lieu of payment for a narrator, Babelcube functions much in the same way. 

When you agree to working with a translator, you part ways with a portion of the pie. Here’s a brief overview of their payment model. Babelcube always gets fifteen percent of a book’s gross income.  

A book that generates two thousand dollars in total sales, the translator receives fifty-five percent and you receive thiry percent. If total sales of one book is between two and five thousand dollars, then the translator receives forty percent and you receive forty-five percent. If a book generates from five to eight thousand dollars, then the translator gets only twenty percent and you get sixty-five percent. And, the best bracket for you is when a book’s total sales exceed eight thousand dollars. The translator gets ten percent and you get the hefty portion of seventy-five percent. 

Now this sounds fairly enticing and I must admit that I went all in last year, but I’ve had time to really see the pros and cons to Babelcube. I’m not endorsed nor do I know anyone who works for Babelcube, so my opinions are merely a reflection of how I feel right now. 

The pros include they distribute both ebook AND paperback; not having to pay for a translator; there’s no long search for a good translator; there’s no need to upload your content to a bunch of online retailers; payments are made through PayPal and they have a hefty incentive once your book earns more and more. And, I’m very happy with the customer support since they are quick to resolve any issues I’ve had and answer my emails in a timely fashion.  

The cons include that I’ve had some translators agree to a project only to simply disappear; there is no simple all-in-one graph to track sales of your entire catalog like Amazon KDP; they have no distribution to audiobook or ACX; the paydays are VERY delayed and occur on random days; you are responsible for covering costs of cover design and interior formatting; and though this is an advantage, having PayPal is a disadvantage too since PayPal takes a cut of your earnings when they are deposited.  

language dictionaries

I’m never one to kiss and tell income reports on this channel but I can confidently share that I will NOT be relying on Babelcube income any time soon. But, I believe that I’m largely to blame for the results. The fact is a book will not do good if it is not nurtured like other non-translated titles. Meaning, if I want a book to be successful, then I need to spend time marketing and promoting it. 

I believe Babelcube is a promising self publishing distribution platform that has room for growth. It offers a different avenue for every author and publisher, not to mention the translators looking for a way to create passive income. 

That’s all the time we have for today, and remember if you enjoyed this post, then please share it with your network! 

Now, get out there and give Babelcube a look, you savvy self-publisher you. Till later, this has been Self Publishing with Dale and I’ll see you guys soon. 

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