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Amazon Reviews – How To Respond

Now that you set up an Amazon Author Profile, what can you do with the reviews tab? 

More importantly, do you know HOW to respond to Amazon reviews, even when they may not be so nice? 

Today, I’m gonna give you more insights on your Amazon Author Central Page and my thoughts on how to respond to reviews on Amazon. 

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Before we jump into things, I’d love to know how you track and respond to your reviews? 

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amazon author central page

In my previous videos on the Amazon Author Central Page, I showed you how to setup an Amazon Author Profile, create multiple pen names on Amazon, and even how to find your Amazon Author Rank & Nielsen Bookscan.  

But, what are you supposed to do with the reviews tab in your author profile? 

It’s simple! Assuming you added your publications to your profile you can now track all your reviews. 

Though your Amazon Author Central Page is slightly delayed in reporting reviews, you can be assured that all your Amazon book reviews will appear here. 

Simply log into your Amazon Author Profile. 

Select the Reviews tab and you’ll get to see all your latest reviews. 

It’s nice because now you don’t have to obsessively camp out at your book page hitting refresh every two minutes hoping to get a glimpse at your latest reviews. 

Amazon Author Central handles all the heavy lifting for review tracking. 

You’ll get to see the review in its entirety, including how many people found the review helpful, where to find it on Amazon and my favorite spot, the add a comment hyperlink. 

Responding to Amazon Reviews

So, if you found a review worth responding to, then all you need to do is click the hyperlink and you’ll be whisked directly to the book reviewsresponse box. 

But, what reviews merit a response? 

And, will it do your book any good by responding? 

This is going to depend largely on how you want to represent your brand. 

Remember this little tip when it comes to doing business: 

Never do something once you won’t be willing to do for the rest of your self-publishing career. 

Meaning, if you’re going to shower your reviewers with praise, then keep it uniform across the board. 

Conversely speaking, you WILL have people who won’t like your books. 

It’s a fact and one that is tough to handle at first. 

Thankfully, I’ve been doing this business long enough to know I’m not making any real impact or reaching enough people if I’m NOT getting a variety of opinions. 

The keyword is OPINIONS. 

Before I fly off at the handle and lash out at a negative reviewer, remember they DID spend their hard-earned money or at the very least a little bit of their time to leave a review. 

Let’s give credit where it’s due. 

And, there are some real trolls out there.  

No amount of hemming and hawing, justifying or reasoning is going to please them. 

It’s like those dicks who can’t hardly wait for my latest YouTube video to be released just so they can give me a thumbs down and some kinda smarmy remark. youtube comments

Guess what though? 

Some attention is better than no attention. 

Aside from the occasional troll review, there are some low star reviews that will help you refine your product. 

Try to look at your self publishing business from a third person perspective and tweak your publications to better suit the vast majority of your audience. 

I’ve had quite a few low reviews that have helped me produce better books over these past few years. 

One final note is that if you really want to highlight or share a review, simply click the View on hyperlink of the review. 

Highlight the URL in your browser and then share it on your preferred social media avenue. 

Here’s the key, and I wouldn’t encourage you tell anyone this… 

If enough people answer YES to the Was this review helpful to you?, then Amazon pushes that review to the top of your book’s reviews. 

However, if enough people answer NO, then Amazon pushes that review to the bottom of the review pile. 

Where it belongs…  

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Now, get out there and check out your reviews through your Amazon Author Central Page, you savvy self-publisher you. 

Till later, this have been Self Publishing with Dale and I’ll see you guys soon. 

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