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How To Make a Back Book Cover with GIMP – Createspace

In my video on How to Make a Book Cover with GIMP, I rushed through the process skipping over two vital steps in making a decent paperback book cover. 

Thankfully, I’m going to show you how to make a back book cover with GIMP today. Don’t go anywhere! 

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In my previous video on How to Make Book Cover Spine with GIMP, I added one step previously missing from the first video. 

Naturally, I felt it was high time to put a pin in this How to Make a Book Cover with GIMP series with this last step: creating a back book cover. 

Now, can you go without the back matter? Sure. But should you? Well, that’s certainly debatable.  

Before I go even further, I think it’s best if you are considering a blank back cover, then visit my buddy Emeka Ossai. He passionately states a good case and it should be noted that Emeka is NO slouch in the self-publishing industry. 


Make a Back Book Cover Using GIMP

Now, let’s get to how to make a back book cover with GIMP! 

  1. To help with good formatting, I search for a top selling paperback on Amazon 
  2. Click on the “See all images” hyperlink below the book cover 
  3. Select the back cover then right click on the image 
  4. Select “Save Image As” then save it where you can access it easily in your computer 
  5. Go to your cover in GIMP. If you need help in setup, be sure to review my first video on How to Make a Book Cover with GIMP. 
  6. Drag and drop the back cover you got on Amazon 
  7. Select your resize tool and click the sample back cover 
  8. Resize your sample back cover to fit the dimensions of your book. In this case, it’s a five by eight cover  
  9. Select your alignment tool and click on the sample back cover 
  10. In the align menu, click the top and bottom centering button then the left alignment button 
  11. Now use your move tool, click on the sample cover then repeatedly tap your right arrow key until it lines up with the left side of the spine 
  12. Get the text tool and setup text boxes over the areas where you plan to enter text. It doesn’t have to look exactly like the sample cover, merely match it up as best you can.  

From time to time, you may have to shut off the sample cover to see how your text blends with the cover. Simply click the eye-icon next to the sample cover layer.  

Remember to avoid putting any relevant text or matter in the pink bleed areas or over the barcode. Createspace will reject your cover if you don’t honor those rules. 


Once you are set with the back cover layout, follow the instructions after step twenty-eight in the How to Make a Book Cover with GIMP tutorial.  

Of course, shut off the sample cover layer BEFORE you export your finished paperback book cover to PDF.

Now you can finally put together a decent paperback book cover, you savvy self-publisher you.  

But wait, what exactly should you be putting on the back cover anyway? 

Well, that’s going to have to wait for another day. 

Till later, this has been Self Publishing with Dale and I’ll see you guys soon. 

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