6 Facts About Createspace Expanded Distribution

In my previous video about expanded distribution on Createspace, I shared an overview of what Createspace publishing offers besides their print-on-demand and Amazon marketplaces. 

However, it’s not enough to know what expanded distribution is; you need to know what to expect so you can make an informed decision on IF you should use these additional distribution channels for your Createspace paperback book. 

Today, I’m going to share six interesting facts about expanded distribution on Createspace you may have missed in the fine print. This video may help you more than you know, so stick around! 

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What do you think is the biggest thing holding you back from using expanded distribution on Createspace? Leave your open thoughts and questions in the comments below and I’ll do my best to address all of you. 

6 Need-To-Know Facts on Createspace Expanded Distribution

1. Limitations on ISBNs  isbn

Also known as the International Standard Book Number, the ISBN is the number identity or tracking number of your book. 

According to Createspace, you can’t have the expanded distribution options of “bookstores and online retailers” if your book’s ISBN has been submitted for distribution through another service. 

Furthermore, you MUST use a Createspace-assigned ISBN to use the expanded distribution option of and “libraries and academic institutions.” The good news is their ISBNs come at no-cost. The catch is the listed publisher is Createspace and not you. 

Not a big deal to me, but it’s entirely up to you on how YOU want your brand represented and the reach your book has. 

2. Sales Channel Percentage Deficiency 

Yep, that’s nerd terms for, “You’re going to collect a LOT less through expanded distribution.” Look, everyone wants their piece of the pie. Don’t be surprised when you add a middle man between you and Createspace that you stand to lose out on more profits. 

Think to yourself – is the additional sales channel and brand exposure worth the sacrifice.  

3. Delayed Sales Reports sales report

All purchases made through the expanded distribution channels can take upwards of six weeks from when the sale is made to appear in your reports. In most cases, you won’t see expanded distribution sales until the end of the month. 

Don’t be alarmed or become to big-headed when you see multiple books purchased through expanded distribution. It’s merely that Createspace is catching up with reporting the expanded distribution sales. 

4. Delayed Book Information Posting 

Much like the sales reports, it can take up to six weeks for pertinent book information to populate the various expanded distribution channels.  

The same can be said about any changes made to your book including pricing, book description, keywords, interior content or book cover. Createspace clarifies that the Expanded Distribution channels don’t update simultaneously.  

Old versions of your book will stay up until the change propagates throughout the channels. Your book will still be available with the previous list price, selling information, and file information until the new changes take effect. 

5. Pinch Hitter 

Some books sold through expanded distribution may be manufactured by third party companies. Yep, this means that Createspace willingly hands your book files to another company to fulfill the printing. 

The company cites minor differences in manufacturing such as paper thickness and color shade, but it really makes you wonder – do you really want to have another company handle your book? Hmmmm… 

6. Industry Standard Trim Sizes or Bust 

If your book is an odd size or cut, then you can’t use the larger expanded distribution option of bookstores and online retailers. For a trim sizefull list of book sizes on Createspace, go to SelfPublishingWithDale.com/TRIM (point down from chest level). 

I’ll revisit the best book sizes to choose in another video soon. For now, you have enough information to make a better choice of whether expanded distribution is for you or not. 

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