Pronoun – The Advantages of This Kindle Publishing Alternative

In my past video Kindle Publishing Alternatives: How Pronoun Publishing Favors the Self Publisher (Here’s the blog post.), I discussed how the Pronoun Publishing Company has the self publisher’s best interests at heart. 

But, what you didn’t know was you don’t even have to publish on their platform to reap the benefits of author promotion and sales tracking. 

Sound too good to be true? 

Then, ya better stay tuned!

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Two Pronoun Tools All Self-Publishers Are Rejoicing About

Outside of the easy manuscript upload and auto-formatting… 

And, besides the stellar seventy percent royalty payout for eBook sales… 

The Pronoun Publishing Company has two incredible tools for ALL self publishers to rejoice over. 

Once you setup an account at Pronoun dot com, you can then take advantage of a couple unique features to save time and effort. 

The first unique perk Pronoun publishing offers is the Track Any Book feature. 

Simply log into your Pronoun account and scroll to the bottom of the page. 

Select the Track Any Book hyperlink and then insert the link to your Amazon published book. 

track any book

Now, I know what you’re thinking and I can assure you that ice cream on pizza is nasty…. 

I’m talking to you, Mikye… 

Also, you probably know that if you already use Amazon Author Central then this feature may seem redundant. 

On the contrary! Rather than having to obsessively camp out on your book’s sales page, in Amazon Author Central or in your KDP account, Pronoun will send you a weekly report. 

In fact, they say this about the Track Any Book feature: 

Get your book more visibility in Amazon’s Top 100 Bestseller lists.  

Get notified when your rank changes dramatically, you get a new review, or you hit a Top 100 list.  

Pronoun is adding new notifications and marketing advice all the time, and we’re just getting started! 

For those of you with a HUGE selection of books, this option may prove to be tedious. 

For instance, I have scores of books and when I first set up tracking for them, I got bombarded with an email for every book. 

But, if you don’t want specific notifications for your book, merely click on the “Publishing for You” link in the top left of your account. 

Select Settings in the dropdown menu and adjust the notifications you want. 

pronoun notifications

I’ve found the weekly category suggestions for my books very helpful and have even seen a small uptick in sales with their recommendations. 

What does Pronoun publishing get from it? 

Zero, nothing, nada. 

I published all these books on the Kindle Direct Publishing platform, so all my sales come through there. 

Now the second perk of Pronoun I alluded to is pretty neat, but not quite at the top of everyone’s priority list. 

You can setup an author page. 

Scroll to the bottom of your Pronoun account and select the Create your author page option. 

pronoun author page

The process is fairly intuitive, so I’m sure you can take it from here. 

Be sure to add all publications associated with your author name.  

Once you’re set, use your author page as a reason to hassle your friends, family and followers to buy more of your books today! 

And, why exactly should you setup another author page? 

Well…why not? 

The finished product looks great and you offer another avenue of exposure on the internets! 

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Now, get out there and use Pronoun, you savvy self-publisher you. 

Till later, I’m Dale L. Roberts and I’ll see you guys soon.