Making Money With Kindle Publishing 2017


Big question here and one that I’ve heard for the past three to four years I’ve been deeply entrenched in the self publishing business: 

Can you still make money with Kindle Publishing in 2017? 

Well you’ll be surprised at what I have to share with you today and you definitely want to get the inside scoop now, so I save you less heartache later. 

You won’t want to miss my thoughts on making money with Kindle in 2017, so stick around! 

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Around 2013, I threw my hat into the self publishing industry just to give it a whirl. I never imagined the amount of success I’d realize, then again I couldn’t even fathom the amount of time, energy and efforts I had to put into making it work. 

Sure, I can support my family on my earnings and still have money to spare. Yes, I’m afforded a little more attention now than if I would’ve stayed at my nine to five job. But, was it all worth it? 

Absolutely! And, are my results typical? 


Not too long ago, I was on a webinar hosted by the illustrious internet marketer, Frank Kern. There’s no doubt, Frank knows what he’s talking about and appears to be ridiculously wealthy from it.  

Not even five minutes into the training, he shattered my perceptions instantaneously. Paraphrasing him, he stated that his results were far from typical and in fact, most all of the people watching his training would not be successful. 

no easy button

The truth of the matter, he shared, was that most people wouldn’t put in the time it takes to become good at internet marketing. Furthermore, there is no magic bullet or surefire hack to an overnight victory. 

This leads me to what the vast majority of people achieve when they commit to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

Quite a few of you will make a few bucks and heck, you may even realize a pretty big payday. But, within the next year or so, you may not even be around to realize that this business is a slow burn.  

You can’t become an overnight success and the few who do are simply the unicorns of this business, lightning in a bottle if you will.  

Now I am FAR from being an overnight success nor will I make outrageous income claims saying I’m the second coming of EL James. I’m simply sticking and staying to true to who I am and why I got into this business in the first place. 

That’s what is keeping my head above the water, paying bills and living life on my own terms. 

Kindle Publishing 2017

Self Publishing 2017

Making money with Kindle ebooks is one hundred percent possible, but a deeper question bears worth in visiting. 

How much money do you WANT to make in Kindle Publishing? Because I can almost guarantee you it’s possible to pump out a book today and make a few bucks. 

If you want to make more than a few bucks, then it’s going to require a lot more time, energy and attention…can you afford that?

If not, then I suggest you jump into Kindle Publishing simply as a hobby at first. When you get a little success, then excellent! However, if you don’t draw a single dime, then at least you didn’t quit your day job in hopes of caviar dreams and champagne wishes lying in the Amazon self publishing platform. 

That’s all the time we have for today, and remember if you liked this post, then share it with your network! 

So, can you still make money on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing in 2017? Yes! Now, get out there and make money on KDP, you savvy self-publisher you. 

Till later, this has been Self Publishing with Dale and I’ll see you guys soon.