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Startup Costs of Kindle Publishing

Are you considering the big jump into self publishing on the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing platform, but aren’t sure if you can afford it? 

Would you like the startup costs revealed for Kindle Publishing in 2017? 

I’m going to answer the questions:

  1. What are the start-up costs for kindle publishing?
  2. How much DOES Kindle Publishing cost? 

You’ll be somewhat relieved, yet troubled, by what I’ll share in today’s video, so don’t go away. 

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First off, have you published a book yet on any platform? If so, where? And, what were the rough costs for you to get it going? I’d love to hear from you, so leave your thoughts and questions in the comments below. 

In my previous post Can You Still Make Money with Kindle Publishing in 2017?, I discussed how Kindle Direct Publishing can be quite the lucrative opportunity, yet it comes with a slight asterisk next it. 


I cover the fine print in detail in that video, but what I don’t discuss is the actual startup costs for Kindle Publishing? 

What ARE the startup costs for kindle publishing in 2017 anyway? 

Drum roll please… 


No, seriously, I’ve made money off books costing a little time and not a single dime. But, I’ve been doing this long enough to know how to produce a book for little to no money.  

Producing zero cost books has come with its fair share of failures. In fact, the Pareto principle applies to this type of work. About two out of every ten books makes about two to three hundred dollars on a good month. The other eight…

The same could be said about books I’ve invested one hundred and fifty to three hundred dollars. About twenty percent of those books do about eighty percent of the heavy lifting in my KDP account. 

Tony Robbins once said,

Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers. 

The question you should be asking is how much does it cost to start a viable business publishing on Kindle, or even more specific, how much of an investment in time and money will it require for me to make X amount of dollars per month? That’s what you should be asking.   

I’m not going to make any ridiculous and unfounded claims that you can or can’t start a successful business with little to no money. I’ve fared well thus far; then again, you aren’t me and vice versa. 

It’s best if you are new to this business and you are publishing your first book, dip your toe into the water before you jump into the toe in the waterdeep end of the pool. 

Meaning that much like gambling at a casino, you should only invest as much time or money as you can afford to lose. However, make sure that you learn from any losses and never repeat those mistakes. 

Also, it never hurts to have an experienced professional in your corner who helps minimize your risks and increase your likelihood for success in the long run. 

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Now, get out there and publish your first book, you savvy self-publisher you. 

Till later, this has been Self Publishing with Dale and I’ll see you guys soon. 

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