Self-Publishing Success Story – Rob Archangel


Do you know the quickest path to Kindle publishing success? 

Would you like to know more about an innovative fusion of the traditional publishing model with the ease, speed, and adaptability of self-publishing? 

Today, I’m talking to the man behind the brand that could very well deliver your best year ever in self-publishing. 

Do you want to be one of the next self publishing success stories? Then, you may want to hear today’s interview. Stick around! 

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Today’s video is going to be a barn-burner of an episode and only the first of a two-part series. However, the second part comes with a bit of a catch and I’ll give you further details toward the end of this video. 

As part of my self-publishing success stories series, I’m interviewing Rob Archangel. He’s one of the founders and masterminds behind Archangel Ink, a full-service self-publishing company devoted to optimizing and enhancing the self-publishing experience for independent authors. is a one stop shop for all your self-publishing needs – everything from editing and proofreading to high quality graphic design for your covers to marketing and promotion.  

Rather than go any further, let’s jump right into the first part of this two-part interview…

That’s all the time we have for today, but if you want to catch the second and best part of the interview, then head over to the Archangel Ink YouTube channel to subscribe and get the second half.

Now get out there and create your own self-publishing success story, you savvy self-publisher you. Till later, this has been Self-Publishing with Dale and I’ll see you guys soon. 

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