Jonny Andrews of Author Platform Rocket

Are you tired of struggling in your self-publishing business? Would you like to focus on writing and let the pros handle the email list building and marketing? Then, I just may have the solution for you in today’s self-publishing expert guest, Jonny Andrews.

Who is Jonny Andrews Anyway?

Jonny Andrews

Jonny Andrews is a best-selling author, publishing expert, international speaker and business strategies consultant. He is known as the go-to guy for authors and indie publishers when it comes to launching books by leveraging the power of audience and Amazon. His techniques for using leveraged publishing systems has propelled clients works to massive success on Amazon, the Wall Street Journal and beyond. A huge part of this success can be attributed to Jonny’s Author Platform Rocket.

Author Platform Rocket is a done-for-you email newsletter building program for fiction authors with nonfiction services coming soon. They grow lists of subscribers which are then given the opportunity to be introduced to new, hot authors based on the genres they prefer. And, that’s what brings Jonny to the show today.

Catch the Full Interview with Jonny Andrews

Watch the full interview below or at this link.

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Jonny Andrews of Author Platform Rocket

Hey, I hope you enjoyed Jonny’s energy and knowledge as much as I did. He was a joy to have on my YouTube channel and I hope to bring him back soon to drop some serious 4-1-1 on self-publishing books.

Of course, if you found as much value as I did in the conversation with Jonny, then you may want to look into his incredible services at Author Platform Rocket or subscribe to his podcast for Author Platform Rocket.

Visit the links below and do us all a favor, share this post with someone else into self-publishing too. Till later, this has been Self-Publishing with Dale and I’ll catch you again soon.

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  1. Boy, am I glad I opened your email that led me here. I like Jonny–I like the way he thinks, and I’m very much in agreement with most of the things he said here.

    1. Hey, thanks for the kind words, DK! Jonny is a freakin’ spark plug and my energy pales in comparison (which is saying something there). Just wait, Jonny and I have some stuff in the works that’ll light the self-publishing world on fire. Again, I appreciate the nice comment.

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