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Are you trying to become a best-selling author on Amazon? Would you like to know someone who’s had the same struggles as you, but made his big breakthrough? Then, you’ll want to catch my interview with Amazon Top 100 Best-Selling Author Paul Rega. Read on!

How I Met Paul Rega

self publishing interview with Paul Rega

About two or three years ago, I was joining every Facebook group related to self-publishing books. From free promotions to niche-specific to Kindle Unlimited exclusive books to follow-for-follow groups, I joined them. The issue with these groups was that it was like shouting about my books in a crowded city transit bus.

But, once I stopped and actually got to know people is when I saw these groups pay off. I joined a group called Advertise Your Books. Unlike the other groups that were micromanaged by an anal retentive few, Advertise Your Books had no rules. Seriously, none.

The guy running the group? Paul Rega. And, here’s the cool thing. Unlike any of the other groups, Paul directly messaged me and chatted about books, Twitter, and what I was into. I did a little digging and came to find out, Paul Rega was (and still is) the REAL DEAL. It was like a rockstar just called me and wanted to chew the fat about the business.

I tripped over backward to chat with Paul at every opportunity I could get. He even felt comfortable enough with me to bring me into an exclusive mastermind group with him and a who’s who of people killing it in the self-publishing industry. Though I’ve since moved on, I hold a special place for each of them and more specifically Paul.

And that’s why I felt it was high-time I got the goods and shared how awesome Paul is with the world. The dude is articulate, cerebral, and a brilliant writer just to name a few. But, who really is Paul Rega? And, what’s his story anyway?

Who is Paul Rega?

Paul Rega

Paul Rega is an Amazon Top 100 bestselling author who began his writing career in 1980 while attending Western Illinois University as a staff reporter for the Western Courier.

After graduating with a degree in biology and journalism, Paul spent the next 30 years in business having started an executive search firm in 1984. His passion for writing stayed with him throughout his business life, and he started writing his first book in 1993.

Paul published How To Find A Job: When There Are No Jobs in December 2011. The book was an instant success and hit #1 on Amazon’s bestseller list for career and job hunting books in March 2012. He published 12 Steps To Freedom in August 2013, Trail of 32, a true coming of age story in September 2013, and A Two Pedal World: The Beginning and A Two Pedal World: The Journey series in May 2014.

Paul Rega currently lives in a small town along the Gulf Coast of Florida, where he is writing a young adult mystery series expected to be released in December 2017.

More by Paul Rega

Bestselling Author Paul Rega

Books By Paul Rega on Amazon:

GET PAUL REGA’S A Two Pedal World-The Journey FREE on Dec. 4th & 5th, 2017 at THIS LINK

  • A Two Pedal World-The Beginning
  • A Two Pedal World-The Journey
  • Trail of 32
  • 12 Steps To Freedom
  • How To Find A Job: When There Are No Jobs
  • The Syndrome
  • A Billy Logan Mystery Series (Coming Soon)


Browse Paul’s catalog and grab a copy at this link.

Connect with Paul Rega

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