Naomi VanDoren: The Art of Self Publishing

Are you an artist looking for a way to share your work through the world of self-publishing? Then, you’ll want to check out today’s interview with artist and self-published author, Naomi VanDoren. Read on!

Can you actually create art and publish it? Well, today’s featured self-publisher Naomi VanDoren is here to share her experience.

Self-Published Without Major Online Retailer Support

I ran into Naomi more recently at the 2017 VidSummit in Los Angeles. The event served as a great place for networking and I wasn’t disappointed when bumping into Naomi. We immediately hit it off and I came to find out our common ground of self-publishing books.

Here’s what’s significantly different about Naomi that I found worth sharing. Not only is she an accomplished and world-traveled artist, but she’s also quite the self-published author. But, Naomi hasn’t had to rely on Amazon, Barnes & Noble nor any other mainstream online retail platform. She funds her own print runs and is never stuck with a garage full of books.

How does Naomi do it? And, what unique way will she tap into this coming year that’ll have her fans fund her next book? You’ll find out in the interview in the video link above or click here.

Who is Naomi VanDoren?

Artist, illustrator, and storyteller are just a few words describing today’s self-publishing interview guest. Naomi VanDoren describes herself as a fantasy artist and nomad.

She creates whimsical fantasy paintings in watercolor & pen that reflect her love for adventure.

This prolific artist is passionate about the creative process, travel, nature, and exploration.

Naomi spent most of her life abroad and even growing up in the Spice Islands of Indonesia. Most of her inspiration comes from her childhood of travel and immersion into a variety of cultures at a young age.

She currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, Anson, and Siamese cat, Zara.

For More Details about Naomi VanDoren

You can find Naomi on just about every imaginable social media platform and traveling to various conferences and art trade shows. Outside of that, here are her main contacts.

For more details about Naomi VanDoren, head to:

Catch Naomi VanDoren on YouTube at

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