Chris Fox: Building a Brand, Writing to Market

Are you having trouble getting any traction in your self-publishing business? Do you want to know how to reach your audience, but not sure where to start? Then, today’s featured self-publisher Chris Fox is going to share how to write a book custom made for your ideal audience.


Who is Chris Fox?

Today’s featured self-publisher is a prolific author and fellow YouTube personality, Chris Fox. He’s the best-selling author of 5,000 Words Per Hour, Write to Market, and numerous science fiction, fantasy, and thriller novels. Every week, he releases a video for authors on YouTube discussing a variety of aspects in the self-publishing business including writing, marketing, and motivation.

For the past few years, Chris has successfully etched his name into different niches under his own name. And, he documents his trials and tribulations in his Write Faster, Write Smarter book series. You don’t have to go far when doing your research in the business of self-publishing before you trip over an interview, podcast, or conference with Chris Fox. So, I consider myself fortunate to rope him in for a few words on self-publishing, writing, and beyond.

How I Found Out About Chris Fox

Chris Fox Write to Market

YouTube has treated me well since my first upload in early-2016. The primary reward I get from publishing videos on YouTube is the exposure. If it weren’t for a number of viewers and subscribers, I wouldn’t have learned as fast I have. So, I owe a lot of credit to one viewer for introducing me to who Chris Fox is. I immediately dug into his Write Faster, Write Smarter book series and found a treasure trove of content on self-publishing.

What resonates with me most about Chris Fox is his 100% transparent nature. He’s not afraid to have a little egg on his face and still push forward. The guy is straight as an arrow and talks about solid strategies and tips to running a successful self-publishing business. Though he leans heavily on fiction publishing when away from his self-publishing brand, the value he delivers is great for all niches.

What You’ll Learn from Chris Fox

Chris Fox Write Smarter

Hey, sit back, relax, and plug into my recent interview with him where we covered such questions as:

  • What does branding mean to you? And, can an author function without it?
  • You’ve managed to balance two brands in fiction and nonfiction, how have you done that? And, would either brand function without the other?
  • What do you recommend to self-publishing newbies when they want to get into this business and publish under multiple niches? Is it possible to do starting out?
  • What have been the key factors to the success of your brand?
  • In “Relaunch Your Novel,” you shared how you missed the mark with your ideal audience in the Deathless series and had to make adjustments later. When do you know when a book is a stud or dud?
  • How important are book covers? Can authors simply make a good living from using cover creator, five-dollar book covers, or free book templates?
  • What is the most common mistakes in self-publishing and writing that people can avoid?
  • Given the choice, would you choose passion or profit? And, why?

Watch the full interview at this link.

Thoughts on Writing to Market

write to market

I’ve long been preaching on the importance of building a solid brand, but what’s even more important is writing to the market. What do you think is more important? Establishing a brand first? Or writing to market?

Also, have you heard of Chris Fox? What do you think of his nonfiction work? Have you read any of his fiction books? Drop your thoughts in the comments!

Till later,

-Dale L. Roberts

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