Martin McConnell: How to Finish Your Book

Are you forever stuck in your first draft and don’t know where to go? Would you like to go from idea to published in as straight a line as possible? Then, you’ll want to hear what my self-publishing interview guest Martin McConnell has to say today to get you quickly cranking out your first draft to final draft.

Who Is Martin McConnell?

Today’s guest is Martin McConnell, a full-time author, content creator, and self-professed wannabe farmer. He’s published over half a dozen books and written scores of others just waiting to be published. When Martin isn’t writing speculative fiction, he’s motivating other authors, stargazing, reading, or playing Kerbal Space Program.

Martin avidly encourages everyone he meets to seize control of their dreams by driving their own plot. And, that’s what brings him to the show today. He has a unique backstory and an exceptional mindset in the process of writing and publishing.

Martin McConnell

What’s So Important About Martin McConnell?

Martin would be quick to tell you he isn’t living high on the hog nor is he cranking out one smash hit after another. It’s Martin’s transparency and relentless candor I find most refreshing. You’ll agree with me once you have a look at his website and blog on He chronicles his trials and tribulations and deeper insights into how he’s able to crank out one book after the other.

Let’s face it, finishing books can be tough and Martin doesn’t make any of it much simpler. He simply gives you the kick in the rear you need to get your content onto the market. Further proof of how awesome Martin is at motivating the author can be found in the pages of his aptly titled book Finish the Damn Book: An Inspirational Guide to Writing. The best part is you don’t have to read the whole book! Anytime you need a little motivational inspiration, just pick up his book and read a chapter to jumpstart your writing process!

Martin McConnell


Martin McConnell’s Inspiration

Life has a strange way of working out. As I ironed out details for an interview with Martin, I was just breaking ground with prolific author and YouTube personality, Chris Fox. Oddly enough, Martin is a fan of Chris Fox’s work and we even discussed the concept of the writing sprint. It’s what Martin credits for getting him pumping out thousands of words per day!

Yep, not hundreds of words, thousands.

If you’d like a little more info on Chris Fox, be sure to check out my full interview and post at this link. You’ll get a little more insight on who Chris Fox is and how his books tie in so closely to the message Martin shares in Finish the Damn Book.

Your Thoughts on Finishing the Book

Have you checked out Finish the Damn Book by Martin McConnell? If so, what are your thoughts?

Also, how do you finish your book in a timely fashion? What inspires you to go from rough draft to polished manuscript as quickly as possible? Drop your thoughts in the comments below; I’d love to hear from you.

Till later,

-Dale L. Roberts

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