How to Think Outside the Box with Self-Publishing & What Happened When I Did with Adam Wilber

Are you like millions of other people and believe that creativity is something that only some people are born with? I would challenge that idea.

I believe that creativity is a skill that we can all develop. And if you’re an author interested in self-publishing, I’m here to tell you it will pay off.

In fact, that’s what I did with my first self-published book.

Here are my recommendations for how to use creativity to improve the design, content, and marketing strategies for your first self-published book.

Turn Heads with a Creative Design

With my own book, I took an out-of-the-box approach. I wanted something that represented the true essence of my topic. Something that was both interesting to look at and engaging.

In publishing your own book, I highly recommend thinking carefully about the colors, format, and lines of your book’s design.

People really will judge your book by its cover, so don’t leave the design to chance. Think about what your audience wants to see.

Research your buyer persona to see exactly what colors and designs resonate with them. Then put it all into practice with an eye-catching and page-turning design that makes your story jump right off the creative

Whether you go with a black and white page layout or something more colorful, invest at least 25% of the time you spend creating your book on the design work.

Bring Your Story to Life with Creativity

I’m a firm believer in the power of creativity.

Often, if we think a bit longer and harder about our story we can turn it into a truly amazing experience for readers.

But, of course, as author Henri Matisse said, “Creativity takes courage.”

I say dive into the world of the infinite. Explore the colors, scents, sights and experiences of other dimensions that exist within you.

Mankind’s greatest gift is creativity. It’s up to you to make your book a big hit with readers.

Get Creative With Your Marketing Strategy

After you’ve designed, formatted, and written your book, there is one final challenge left.

As a self-publishing author, you’ll be responsible for marketing your own book.

One way to think outside of the box and put your creativity to good use is to start a blog and build an audience pre-launch. Lay the groundwork for your book, tease some of the most important highlights, and send out emails leading up to the launch day to whet your audience’s appetite.

Another option is to set up your own affiliate campaign and let other bloggers in on your book launch. This campaign can go way past the launch day and churn up tons of interest and commissions for your book—if you do it correctly.

I also highly recommend getting involved with social media and promoting your book through those channels. For example, why not create a book trailer and advertise it on YouTube? Or perhaps reach out to podcasters in your niche and ask if you can come on their show to chat about your book.

Get creative. Think beyond traditional publishing outlets. If you do, your book has a far better chance of succeeding.

Embrace Your Creativity!

Be the best author you can be and use your imagination to fuel your marketing, design, and writing efforts. You’ll be amazed at how far it will take you.

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