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How to Build a Six Figure Self Publishing Business with Jonny Andrews

Are you ready to level up your self-publishing business? Would you like to learn how to turn your book into a six-figure business?

Then, you’re going to want to hear from publishing expert and business strategies consultant, Jonny Andrews. I brought today’s guest Jonny Andrews back to the show after doing a little more digging into who he was and how he serves the self-publishing community. Recently, I caught up with Jonny after catching his webinar “How to Turn Your Book into a Multi-Six-Figure Business in 90 Days” I scheduled a business consult with him and came to realize something I didn’t see before.

Jonny Andrews is the real deal and is much more than a self-publishing expert. He’s a bonafide rock star in the business consulting arena. That’s what brings him back to the show!

How to Build an Author Platform with Marc Guberti

So, you’ve written and published your book. You may have even started executing a killer marketing plan for your publications. But, you may be missing a few vital steps in building a long-term sustainable self-publishing business and today’s guest expert Marc Guberti will share some of his key insights on how to build a long-term sustainable business.

Today’s guest is an entrepreneur, author, and digital marketing expert, Marc Guberti. He hosts the Breakthrough Success Podcast where entrepreneurs learn how to achieve their breakthrough goals through keen insights from the best in the industry. On his weekly podcast, Marc interviewed notable guests like Seth Godin, Neil Patel, John Lee Dumas, Dan Lok, and many others. His latest book Content Marketing Secrets teaches people how they can create, promote, and optimize their content for growth and revenue.

When I did a little digging on Marc, I came to find out he’s been at the publishing game for longer than I have. He has scads of self-published books that include social media management, blog writing, and content marketing insights. It’s no wonder that Marc Guberti comes highly recommended by a friend of the channel and self-publishing expert, Rob Archangel of Archangel Ink. Marc has a never-say-die mentality and an open willingness to learn as much as he can to become better in all walks of entrepreneurship.

See more by Marc Guberti at Breakthrough Success Podcast

Building an Author Platform & Book Launching with Julie Broad

Do you want to know how to launch a book successfully? Would you like to learn just how one self-publisher hit the #1 overall on the Amazon platform? Then, you just may want to stay tuned to today’s interview with Book Launchers own, Julie Broad.

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Social Media Marketing for the Self-Published Author with Katyan Roach

We all know the quickest way from one point to the next is a straight line. Well, if that’s the case, then today’s guest Katyan Roach is going to share the straightest line between you and your ideal reading audience. Katyan will share her insights on best practices and social media marketing tips for writers and authors today.

Today’s guest is social media consultant Katyan Roach hails from the lovely twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago. When she’s not writing about the joys and pains of entrepreneurship, she’s chatting with business owners about relationship marketing and using social media to build awareness and increase sales. She’s also the co-author of the book titled “My Little Book of Mantras: 30 Days to a Healthier, Happier More Loving You.”

To get in touch with Katyan Roach, head over to

Are you an author looking for a way to create, print, and sell your books through all major retail channels? Or, are you an artist, educator or nonprofit organization looking for a way to easily publish content through a well-established and reputable company? Then today, you’ll want to hear from today’s guest expert Chelsea Bennett of

Today’s guest Chelsea Bennett is the public relations and events coordinator of, one of the leaders in print-on-demand services. I’ve been loosely following for the past year and more recently was drawn to their YouTube channel Lulu Press hosted by Chelsea. It only takes a few minutes before you’ll discover Chelsea is the perfect mouthpiece for this company. Her open enthusiasm and clear knowledge of the business keep me tuned in every week. It’s Chelsea’s infectious energy and insights that bring her to the channel today.

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5 Reasons to Publish with Lulu

Fiction Writing Tips with Kim Here

Are you a fiction writer or looking to start writing fiction books? Would you like actionable and realistic steps to write your own fiction book today? Then, today’s return guest Kim Here is going to shed a little bit of light on how she writes fiction books.

Today’s guest Kim Here returns to the show, so I can get a little help on etching out what it takes to write and publish fiction books. Kim Here describes herself as a creative professional sharing life as an entertainer, writer, and motivator. She shares interesting bits of her life and shows you the inspiration she discovers through her YouTube channel.

Interestingly enough, Kim Here has built a devoted following on YouTube and through her fiction brand under her pen name KD Reed. It’s her experience in publishing fiction work that brings her back to the show so we can get you inspired to write your next fiction book in no time.

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Building Your Brand through Self-Publishing Books with Rob Archangel

Imagine having the power to build and grow a business through one distinct marketing tool.

And, think about how great it’d be if it didn’t require much time, money or energy to produce it.

Well, that’s why today’s return guest, Rob Archangel is going to share a bit about building your brand through self-publishing books.

Today’s guest Rob Archangel returns to the channel hot off his latest release The Published Professional: How Self-Publishing Can Help Build Your Brand, Attract More Clients, And Increase Sales. As you may remember, Rob Archangel is the founder and CEO of the self-publishing service provider, Archangel Ink. His mission is to help authors and entrepreneurs easily navigate the self-publishing landscape so they can share their story and build their brand.

Several years ago, he worked as an assistant to the publisher of the longest running permaculture journal in North America where he came to appreciate the power of the published word. In 2012, Rob partnered with Matt Stone to spearhead their entry into the self-publishing community. Realizing the value of this experience for others, they founded Archangel Ink as a self-publishing hub. From cover design and editing to ghostwriting and audiobook production, Archangel Ink lets authors and professionals focus on what they do best while adding efficiency and professionalism to the rest of the process.

Today, we’re going to talk to Rob about his latest release entitled “The Published Professional” and how self-publishing books can help build your brand, attract more clients, and increase sales.

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Harnessing the Power of Creativity in Self-Publishing w/ Adam Wilber

Have you hit a bit of a dry spell in your writing? Not sure, where or how to move your business forward without the know-how? Then, you’ll want to hear more from today’s expert guest, Adam Wilber.

Inventor, innovator, and illusionist are just a few hats worn by today’s guest expert Adam Wilber. He believes creativity is a skill everyone can master with the right mindset. As a keynote speaker and creative thinking workshop leader, Adam engages, challenges, and inspires audiences with the promise that everyone can learn how to be creative. The impacts of innovation range from success in business to personal fulfillment and happiness.

Through every invention, revolutionary business decision, and real-time improvisational quips on stage, Adam Wilber cemented his position as the authority on creativity and innovation. Now, he’s on a mission to teach others and spark creativity in everyone.

Catch more info about Adam Wilber at

How to Publish Books that Last with KS Brooks

Would you like to see what it takes to run a self-publishing business for the long haul? Imagine if you could get the inside scoop on from someone who’s been at it for three decades. Well, it’s not out of the realm of possibilities as I have indie publishing mainstay and award-winning novelist KS Brooks in today’s interview.

K.S. Brooks is an award-winning novelist and author of over 30 titles and is currently the administrator of the super-blog Indies Brooks’ feature articles, poetry, and photography have appeared in magazines, newspapers, books, and other publications both in the U.S. and abroad.

In addition to her writing, Ms. Brooks is an award-winning photographer and poet. Her articles, photographs, poetry, and blogs can be found in books, magazines, newspapers, galleries, and web sites worldwide. In December of 2011, Ms. Brooks was recruited to assist in the start-up of Indies Unlimited, a website dedicated to the independent publishing community. She now serves as administrator to the multi-author, multi-national, and award-winning site.

To see more by KS Brooks, head over to Indies Unlimited at

Video Marketing for Self Published Authors with Gord Isman

Are you an author looking to make online video a staple in your content marketing strategy? Do you know the power that lies in video content creation these days and how much it can massively elevate your brand? Then, you’ll want to hear more from the special guest expert Gord Isman in today’s interview.

Gord Isman is a Video and YouTube Consultant who specializes in helping people grow their businesses with video. After a career in IT, he pivoted and took up the more creative and fun process of making, producing and distributing video content. After several years working in the video arena, he has developed a wide variety of video skills in order to be able to help entrepreneurs, small business owners and YouTubers achieve their video creation goals and solve their content marketing challenges.

Whether you want to figure out what gear you need for creating video, how to setup and grow your YouTube channel, or how to leverage video content marketing and distribute your message, Gord has you covered! In fact, if you follow me closely on YouTube and social media, then you’ll recognize Gord from my numerous appearances on his channel.

Quite a bit of my success can be attributed to Gord, so I thought it would be of interest to other self-publishers to bring him on the channel.

Catch Gord Isman on YouTube at

And, see our full video series together about YouTube and Video Production


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Social Media Marketing for Authors with Stephanie Hopkins

Do you want to know blogging works for your book business? Would you like to get key insights on marketing for your self-publishing business? Then, you’ll want to hear what today’s expert guest, Stephanie Hopkins has to say.

Today’s guest is experienced blogger and marketer, Stephanie Hopkins. Since 2012, Stephanie has helped authors, artists, and book bloggers carve out a presence online and successfully launch their brands. Formally on the indieBRAG Team for 5 years, Stephanie was their social media director and a co-short-list judge for the 2016 Historical Novel Society indie award. Stephanie has reviewed books for the Historical Novel Society, and is currently reviewing for various Publishing Houses, NetGalley, and indie Authors.

Stephanie is working on a couple of projects including a start-up company that promotes Historical Fiction and conducts specialized Book Blog tours called, “Novel Expressions”. Her knack for marketing, branding and creativity in promoting different professional’s products and her passion for literature, art and photography is the inspiration for L.A.P. it Marketing.

And, that’s what brings her to the channel today.

For more details about LAP It Marketing, head to

Character Development in Fiction Writing with Tim Knox

Are you looking for ways to breathe life into your fiction writing? Would you like to know the easiest way to suspend your reader’s disbelief? Then, you’ll want to hear what my guest Tim Knox has to say today about character development in fiction writing.

Today, I’m welcoming back an experienced writer and close friend in Tim Knox. As you may remember from my previous interview about ghost writing with Tim, he has a wealth of experience in both nonfiction and fiction writing.

After reading through the first few chapters of Tim’s book “Angel of Mercy”, you’d agree with me in that he has a knack for creating believable and compelling characters. Naturally, I reached out to Tim to see what his process is for character development in fiction and if he could provide some writing tips for beginners like me.

How to Build a Profitable Kindle Publishing Business with Nigel Wingate

I make it my job to scour the internet and YouTube for as much information as I can on self-publishing. A few months ago, I stumbled over a diamond in the rough – Power Pack Success. While host Nigel Wingate primarily focuses on Kindle publishing, he still takes time to touch on product reviews, affiliate marketing, mindset and so much more. That’s what brings him to the show today so he can share his enthusiastic message and insights on Kindle publishing.

Today’s featured guest Nigel Wingate is a fellow YouTuber from the channel Power Pack Success. After spending a half hour with Nigel on his channel in a recent interview, he and I got to talking business. One thing that jumped out at me about him is his enthusiasm and willingness to learn in the self-publishing business.

Nigel is a family man with a strong Christian faith who believes in doing positive things for the world and people around him. His mission is to enlighten and motivate people by showing them how they can be successful in any respective field, profession, or career they chose by implementing proven systems and steps. The focus of his content is not about money, more so, to motivate people to become the best version of themselves so they too can help others become better.

With countless blog posts, videos, and products, Nigel feels Power Pack Success can give you the motivation and the knowledge you need to unlock your full potential.

Catch Nigel Wingate on Power Pack Success at