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Have you started an email list for your self-published book? Do you have a way to communicate with your reading audience beyond the publication world? If not, then you may want to hear why email marketing for authors is your solution. Read on!

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What is Email Marketing for Authors?

email marketing for authors

You may have heard this many times before or you’re an established self-publishing veteran: the power is in the list. Well, what exactly IS an email list? And, what kind of sorcery or witchcraft does it possess that it wields some kind of power over you audience?

An email list is insider terminology for a directory of your valued readers. You simply collect the names and email addresses of readers who want notifications on your latest publications, deals and author info.

I’ll cover how you collect in a future video, so for now, let’s talk about why the power is in the list.

How the Power is in the Email List

email marketing for writers

Here’s the short answer of it. Regardless of the online retailer you use to publish your work, your reader is not your customer. They are the online retailer’s customer.

If business were to ever go south for the online retailer or the business relationship you have with them, then you are sent up the creek without a paddle. As an example, if Amazon were to ever sever their business relationship with you, then YOU are at a loss, not them.

Because they’ll still have their customers, but then you are left without your readers.

Reason #4: Keep Your Customers

email list building for authors

What’s the best way for you to take your readers with you wherever you go. One excellent way to keep your readers as lifelong customers is an email list.

Of course, I already shared one primary reason to have an email list in that you retain your reading audience and loyal buyers. I’m going to share four additional reasons to start an email list TODAY.

Reason #3: Build Relationships

email marketing for authors

Readers don’t care what you know, till they know that you care. Sure, this old quote serves the nonfiction audience better than fiction, but at the end of the day, readers want to connect with a real person.

Reason #2: Build Value

email marketing for self-published authors

The fact is your email list isn’t solely based on sales, that’s just a by-product. Yes, you should sell something to your list. No, selling shouldn’t be the only thing you should be communicating to your audience.

Think of your email list as communicating with a friend. Sure, friends love to support you and help you out through product purchases.

However, it’s much like being in a direct sales company. If you continually hound your friend and family about your MLM’s latest designer energy drink, then they will probably stop answering your calls or reaching out to you for fear of you badgering them for more buys.

A great resource for understanding the balance of building value and sales, check out Gary Vaynerchuck’s book “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World.”

Reason #1: Build a Team

building an email list for authors

And lastly, the number one reason to start an email list is to build a team.

I know this seems rather contrary to what most experts would have you believe, but the fact is if you are new to email marketing and self publishing, then building a team is FAR greater than making sales. Here’s why.

Once you set up an email list, you can then get a better gauge on who your most valued readers are. It’s not enough your readers subscribe to your email list, they need to engage for this relationship to work.

After you fire off a few emails, look at your analytics to see who opens your emails and clicks on any relevant links. Once you can identify who opens, clicks AND buys suggested products, you’ve then found your loyal fanbase.

Contact that small segment of subscribers and offer them unique opportunities in advanced copies, beta reading teams and the biggie, a book review team.

Find out why having a book review team is so important and why reviews are so powerful in my video about how to get more reviews.

Final Word on Email Marketing for Authors

kdp account suspension

There is no perfect action when it comes to email marketing for self-published authors. Just get started. That’s it! No magic. No filler. Just real stuff!

That’s all the time we have for today. Hey, if you enjoyed this, then share it with someone you know who may like it too. Till later, this has been Self-Publishing with Dale and I’ll see you guys soon.

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