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KDP Print: 4 Reasons to Use KDP Paperback

Have you been thinking about moving your paperback book from CreateSpace to KDP Print? Do you want to know the benefits of publishing your print book on KDP print versus CreateSpace?  

Then, you’ll want to tune in today as I give you four reasons to move your CreateSpace book to KDP Print. Read on.

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Have you published a paperback book on the Amazon-owned CreateSpace Publishing platform? Are you beginning to wonder if CreateSpace is shutting its doors?  Drop me your thoughts, I’d love to hear from you. 

KDP Print: The New CreateSpace?

Kindle Direct Publishing

Not too long ago, we published a video on YouTube about the potential Death of CreateSpace. Many industry insiders worry over the potential closing of the Amazon subsidiary of CreateSpace. 

Understandably so, considering the recent addition of print to the Kindle Direct Publishing platform. Sure, people were sweating the demise of CreateSpace out the gate. 

But, now that KDP Print is slowly implementing changes and benefits CreateSpace doesn’t offer, it has many indie authors wondering, should I move my CreateSpace book to KDP print? 

 That’s why I thought I’d kick you a handful of reasons to move your CreateSpace book to KDP Print. 

4 Reasons to Publish on KDP Print versus CreateSpace

Reason #1: No Expanded Distribution Sales 

expanded distribution through kdp print

In my previous posts about How Does Expanded Distribution Work on Createspace? and Is Expanded Distribution on Createspace Worth It?, I covered the pros and cons of using this option on CreateSpace. 

Currently, KDP Print doesn’t offer expanded distribution. According to the feature comparison checklist of KDP Print to CreateSpace, they plan to eventually add this feature to the KDP platform. 

Let’s face the facts, expanded distribution has two factors working against it:

  1. Loss of profits due to the middle man collecting their cut
  2. No control in advertising – you’re left to either driving traffic to the various expanded distribution platforms or hope marketing

Sadly, relying on hope for marketing or organic traffic doesn’t quite get the book sales for most indie publishers.  So, if you aren’t drawing a dime on expanded distribution or even use that option, why not consider moving your book from CreateSpace to KDP? 

Reason #2: Advertising through KDP Print

Amazon Marketing Services

Outside of opening an Amazon seller account like Amazon Advantage, there’s really no way to internally drive traffic to your CreateSpace book. 

Technically, Amazon reps state Amazon Advantage is not for advertising your print books. At least, they informed me and others time and again.

Recently, in my post about AMS Ads for Authors: Advertise Your KDP Print Books, I shared how KDP is officially allowing you to advertise your book through your AMS for Kindle dashboard. 

I’ve covered how AMS ads are dead simple in my YouTube video series How to Use Amazon Marketing Services in Under 15 Minutes. 

Now take the knowledge on driving traffic to your eBooks and apply it to advertising your KDP paperbacks today. 

Reason #3: One Less Item 

kdp print

Ling-chi, also known as, death by a thousand cuts. Every time you have to open a different dashboard or check the latest report, you slowly remove tiny chunks out of your day.  

And, that’s time that’d be better spent on producing more high-quality work or marketing your latest book. 

Having your ebooks and print books in one spot, for the lack of better words, cuts down on the number of distractions.  

Is Publishing on KDP Print Safe?

is kdp print safe?

I understand how some indie authors feel about putting all their eggs into one basket when publishing ebooks and paperback books in one account. 

The truth is, you shouldn’t hedge your bets on any one avenue. That’s why you should diversify your self-publishing portfolio and build a business that reaches beyond just the Amazon marketplace. 

You have the choice of building a brand through video, audio or even your own website. Relying solely on Amazon KDP or CreateSpace for your income is a disaster waiting to happen.  

If you’re balking at moving to KDP Print because of worry over losing it all at one false step, then you haven’t taken the proper steps to protect your business anyway. 

Focus on how to protect your business first. Then, look at how you can optimize your workflow by only having to open one dashboard instead of two. 

Reason #4: KDP Print Future Expectations 

kdp print predictions

Though KDP print is still in beta, they’ve already publicly stated their intent to acquire the same features and perks you’ve come to expect in publishing books on CreateSpace. 

In August 2017, I published the YouTube video about KDP Paperback vs Createspace Book Publishing. At the time, CreateSpace had only one factor working against them – distribution to Amazon Japan. 

KDP print didn’t have much working in their favor including no proof or wholesale copies, no distribution to Amazon Mexico and Canada, and no expanded distribution. 

Numerous changes happened at KDP Print. And though they haven’t picked up distribution to the previously mentioned regions, they had opened proof and wholesale copies. 

Admittedly, their idea of ordering proof copies is kind of wonky at the time of this release. You can order a proof but only after it’s live in the Amazon Book store.  

If enough of us complain about that misguided option, I’m sure KDP will fix it to where we can order proofs before our book goes live. 

Essentially, KDP states in their article Move Your CreateSpace Paperback to KDP (Beta) they have intent to get expanded distribution and distribution to Mexico and Canada. 

And, if I were a betting man, then I’d say it’ll be sooner than later. 

What Do You Think about KDP Print?

kindle publishing alternatives

With more reasons stacking in favor of KDP print, you’ll eventually have to wonder when it’s finally time to take the dive. 

I know it can be scary especially if you’re used to the comforts of the familiar CreateSpace platform. I can assure you, I share the same reservations.  

I’ll remain cautiously optimistic and will share with you soon how simple it is to migrate your Createspace paperback book to KDP print.  

Till then, if you enjoyed today’s content, then help a friend out and share it with them too. This has been Self-Publishing with Dale, and I’ll catch you soon! 


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5 thoughts on “KDP Print: 4 Reasons to Use KDP Paperback”

  1. Hey there,

    Thanks for the good input.

    One reason to might leave it on Createspace is diversification of platforms. Putting all eggs in one basket, in this case, KDP, also increases the dependency on it. Having an additional CS account is like having an additional income stream.

    May I know your thoughts?


    1. I agree, but if you were to really diversify your distribution, then you’d focus on non-Amazon owned companies like Lulu, IngramSpark, or Barnes & Noble Press. Quite a few publishers have lost the CreateSpace distribution due to their associated and terminated KDP account. I can assure you, I plan to expand beyond Amazon’s world this year and have already started playing around with Lulu.

      Just a small plug, and one that doesn’t benefit me financially: Use Dale20 when ordering proofs through Lulu. They’ll kick you an additional 20% off. Boom! Hope it helps.

  2. Any idea of when it will be available in Canada? Are we talking months? Years? Ever? Thanks.

    1. Sadly, I don’t honestly know and they aren’t fully disclosing it. If I were to guess, then I’d say within the next year or so. They worked quick to get the proofing issue resolved. You can now order copies BEFORE going live. Go figure, as soon as I post that you can’t order proof copies before going live. haha I guess that’s job security for me, meaning that I will always have things to report. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

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