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AMS Ads for Authors: Advertise Your KDP Print Books

Are you looking for a way to advertise your print book? Would you like to know how you can officially run ads to your print books on Amazon?  

Then, you’ll want to hear how Amazon quietly rolled out a new feature to the Kindle publishing community and how you can push forward massively in your book advertising. Stay tuned! 

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In my YouTube video series on How to Use Amazon Marketing Services in Under 15 Minutes, I discussed how you can advertise your Kindle ebooks for very little money and an excellent ROI. 

At the time I released the video, Amazon Marketing Services, also known as AMS, allowed Kindle Direct Publishing account holders to advertise their Kindle ebooks. 

The big hang up at the time was that was all Kindle Publishers could count on. Some people had to blindly hope sales made to their print books were an indirect result of the AMS ads for Kindle. 

Even more recently, Amazon began to include all relevant sales derived from the AMS ads.  

So, if a customer clicks on your AMS for Kindle ad and purchase your print book, then it’ll show in the estimated total sales in your AMS dashboard. 

That’s still a bit of an issue since ads are based on relevancy.  

After all, if AMS serves your ad to a Kindle buying audience and get a few buys of your print, then what would happen if they offer up an ad relevant to the print edition? 

Well, good news! KDP is officially offering the option to run AMS ads to your KDP print book. 

A good friend and long-time supporter of the channel, Darrin shared a recent Facebook ad post that said… 

Get your books in front of the right customers. You can now promote your KDP paperback books with Amazon Marketing Services. Learn more here… 

I’ll summarize what they shared in as a few words as possible. You can advertise your KDP print book just like you do your Kindle book.  

All the features you’ve come to expect in the AMS for Kindle ads work the same for KDP print. 

Now, you’ll notice I didn’t say AMS for CREATESPACE print books. Sadly, it doesn’t look like they have that feature available.  

And, outside of opening an Amazon sellers account and then an AMS account there, you won’t be able to run ads to your Createspace book through AMS for Kindle. 

I took the liberty of tracking down the URL with all the information about running ads for your KDP print book. You’ll get a brief explainer video and a few helpful hints. 

Outside of that, you can really start running ads to your KDP print books right away. And, starting out at a about a buck a day, you can get more traffic in front of your publication. 

Head over to to access the information by Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing and Amazon Marketing Service Ads. 

Till later, if you enjoyed today’s content, be sure to spread the love and share it with another Kindle print publisher too. This has been Self-Publishing with Dale and I’ll catch you soon! 

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