Facebook Groups: How to Grow a Facebook Group

Do you want to know how to grow a Facebook group quickly? Imagine learning how to grow engaged Facebook Groups from an expert.

In today’s post, Scott Jay Marshall II will share how he grew a 15,000-member Facebook group in less than a year.

For more details, watch the full video below.

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Recently, I was fortunate to have my close friend, Scott Jay Marshall II pop by and share a little 4-1-1 on how to grow a Facebook group organically.

Facebook Groups & Dog Dad Official

facebook groups

About a year ago, Scott saw the demand growing for building a community around his niche of specialized feeding for dogs.

With a little elbow grease, video marketing, and well-placed interviews, Scott grew his Facebook group to over 15,000 members.

That’s what brings Scott back to my YouTube channel, so we could learn a bit more about building an engaged Facebook Group and a sense of community.

How to Grow Facebook Groups at a Glance

growing facebook groups

For ease of navigation, here are the time stamps and relevant questions in the video. Simply click the time stamp hyperlink to be whisked over to YouTube and shown the answer.

0:15 Introduction on How to Grow Your Facebook Group Fast
1:41 Interview with Scott Jay Marshall II
4:22 What was your goal in starting a Facebook Group?
7:32 When you started your Facebook Group, did you have a massive following?
9:14 How did you get more Facebook Group members?
11:45 What’s the secret to increasing engagement in a Facebook group?
14:15 How frequent should you post in a Facebook Group?
15:40 How do you manage a Facebook group page when it gets huge?
18:55 If you had to do it all over again, what would you’ve done differently when growing your Facebook group quickly?
22:02 Personal brand page + private Facebook group?
23:11 What’s the best way for beginners to start growing?
25:30 Any special tips for growing Facebook group fast for your author pen name profiles, and how to really attract the right kind of buyers and raving fans for your books?
28:47 Don’t you feel to be followed, we need to follow someone first?
30:35 Intermission
32:00 Step-by-step tutorial on how to set up a Facebook group page

Facebook Groups In Practice

self publishing books facebook group

I have many Facebook Groups I enjoy being part of, but admittedly, I feel like each one of them were lacking something or another.

That’s why I plan to make the Facebook group we created in the video, Self Publishing Books, a community where indie authors and self-publishers can go to learn and grow together.

Simply head over to https://www.facebook.com/groups/selfpublishingbooks/ to join our community today!

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