Amazon Marketing Services Ads for Books

Have you been using Amazon Marketing Services ads only to discover you didn’t improve your book sales?

Or, are you thinking about advertising with Amazon to improve Amazon Kindle books sales?

Then, you’ll want to catch the recent interview about Amazon Marketing Services Ads for Books with expert Marco Moutinho.

And, you’ll finally get the answer to the burning question – Are AMS ads worth it?

Last year, I shared my initial thoughts and experiences with Amazon Marketing Services Ads for Kindle (see here).

But, AMS for books has since expanded and many experts have stepped to the forefront to share their insights.

Enter the recent guest expert interview with Marco Moutinho.

Quadrupled Profits with Amazon Marketing Services Ads

sales report

I’m always on the lookout for cutting-edge information in self-publishing, so you can imagine how elated I was when Marco reached out to me about a month ago.

Marco contacted prior to the release of his course The AMS Ads Profit Formula a thorough yet succinct coverage of how to use Amazon Marketing Services for your books.

After completing his course, I had to discuss insights on how he quadrupled his profits between January and March this year.

And, here’s the kicker – Marco used to think AMS was a tool that didn’t work and considered it a waste of time.

Now, he finds it to be a must-use tool and admits if you aren’t using it, you are losing money.

With a bold statement like that, you need to hear more by this self-publishing dynamo. Catch the live interview in the video window above.

AMS Ads Q & A with Marco

Amazon Marketing Services Ads

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  • 0:18 Introduction to Amazon Marketing Services Ads for Kindle Direct Publishing
  • 1:51 Live interview with Marco Moutinho
  • 4:00 How long has Marco self-publishing books?
  • 5:08 How many published books does Marco have?
  • 5:17 What happened when Marco initially tried Amazon Marketing Services for his books?
  • 6:00 What caused the shift in Marco’s opinion of AMS ads for books?
  • 7:25 Has Marco tried other forms of advertising for books? If so, how does it measure up to AMS?
  • 8:40 What does Marco feel is the biggest misunderstanding or mistake when using AMS ads?
  • 10:20 What does Marco recommend if an author can’t afford to use Amazon Marketing Services ads?
  • 11:18 What is a good minimum amount to invest in AMS ads for books?

How to Set Up an Amazon Marketing Services Sponsored Product Ad

  • 14:00 The full Amazon Sponsored Ads Tutorial – find out step-by-step how and why Marco sets up AMS ads for his books whether fiction or nonfiction

Audience Question & Answer Session about AMS Ads

Amazon Marketing Services Ads

  • 25:30 How long does it take for Amazon to process an AMS ad?
  • 27:04 How to set up an Amazon Marketing Services account in the UK
  • 28:24 How are my stats for my AMS ad? What is a good ACoS or the average cost of sale?
  • 30:22 For keywords, using the “string method”, how many is too much? The number of words as keyword and amount of keywords for the ads.
  • 31:49 At what percentage ACoS should I rework or scrap an AMS ad?
  • 32:50 What is the best keyword strategy in AMS PPC ads?
  • 34:20 How much time do you give an AMS ad to see if it’s working?
  • 35:33 What keywords are you using? Are you really getting down to a specific niche?
  • 37:33 Can you use AMS ads for CreateSpace books too?
  • 38:09 How should you market a series of books through Amazon Marketing Services?
  • 40:23 Can you add more words later in an AMS ad campaign?

For More Information about Marco

Amazon Marketing Services Ads with Marco Moutinho

  • 41:30 Information about Marco’s The AMS Ads Profit Formula
  • 43:22 How to find Marco Moutinho

For more information on Marco Moutinho’s The AMS Ads Profit Formula, head over to our affiliate link at

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Catch Marco’s recent post about AMS Ads: 5 Ways You’re Using Them Wrong here.

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