AMS Ads Profit Formula Course Review

AMS Ads Profit Formula Course Review: How to Make Better Ads on AMS

Are you thinking about advertising with Amazon Marketing Services ads?  

Would you like to sell more books with Amazon Marketing Services, but not sure where to start?  

Then, you’ll want to check out my 100% honest review of The AMS Ads Profit Formula, a step-by-step course on how to make better ads on AMS.

AMS Ads Profit Formula

Not too long ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing Marco Moutinho in a live broadcast about Amazon Marketing Services Ads for Kindle Direct Publishing. 

We touched ever-so-briefly on Marco’s course, but never directly addressed it nor pointed it out by name. 

That’s why I thought I’d double back around and share my honest thoughts on Marco’s course, the AMS Ads Profit Formula. 

A couple months ago, Marco reached out to me for my candid thoughts on his upcoming course release and I’ll have to admit a sense of reservation.  

As some of you know, I’d already utilized Amazon Marketing Services for ebooks. 

I even shared a behind the dashboard view of the process in my video series on Amazon Marketing Services for Books. 

And, everyone knows I raved about the free 5-Day Amazon Marketing Services Course by the Kindlepreneur Dave Chesson. 

So, what exactly made this AMS ad course any different? And, would Marco deliver the goods in his AMS Ads Profit Formula. 

AMS Ads Profit Formula Course

In Marco’s own words, he states: 

Boost Your Book Sales on Amazon 

Discover the AMS profit system to skyrocket your book sales on Amazon.  

Find out how to get the best performing keywords that work for your books.  

Discover the best strategy to maximize performance for your AMS Ads and deliver results like never before! 

My Initial Thoughts about the AMS Ads Profit Formula

AMS Ads Profit Formula

Well, I wasn’t sold, and I was certainly skeptical. 

What caught my attention was his claim of how he went from $1,000 in sales to almost $4,000 in sales per month.

All without publishing any more books. 

On that note, I gave it a whirl and was pleasantly surprised by the content and additional downloadable resources. 

So, now here are the pros and cons of the AMS Ads Profit Formula Course. 

The Pros of the AMS Ads Profit Formula

Is the AMS Ads Profit Formula Course Worth It

The bite-sized lessons broken into six parts. Seriously, it was like Marco read my mind. 

I don’t want to spend all day learning how to run ads on Amazon Marketing Services, and he definitely delivered there. 

Each video is less than ten minutes a piece and also have the option to speed up or slow down.

I hit that 2x and blazed through the course in an afternoon while I ate lunch.  

Which brings me to the next perk – the high-quality videos placed in a sensible order so everyone from the newbie to expert in AMS ads can pick a spot to learn from and progress forward. 

And, here’s the part that was really the best – you can download simple spreadsheets to track the progress of your AMS ad campaigns. 

He doesn’t make it super hard to use the spreadsheets and even tells you exactly when to run an ad, pause it or terminate it altogether based on specific metrics anyone can understand. 

The Cons of the AMS Ads Profit Formula Course 

Is the AMS Ads Profit Formula Course Good

The ghost in the machine. I specifically told Marco I believe I would’ve loved to see his face every now and again in the course.  

But, that certainly doesn’t diminish the value of the content he provides.

And, if you simply want your content without a visible host, then this probably doesn’t qualify as a negative. 

Next, the content isn’t evergreen, so Marco’s got his work cut out for him in keeping the videos updated.  

But, Marco has a Facebook group and openly communicates any changes and relevant information when he hears it. 

Does It Deliver?

AMS Ads Profit Formula

I can’t argue with the results the course recommendations offer.

In the first week of implementing six ads, I averaged $1.84 in ad spend with an average net return of $5.68.  

Not bad!  

That’s over three times my ad investment, so I’d be happy to do this process all day long to drive sales and increase total net revenue.  

With all that said, I give the AMS Ads Profit Formula two thumbs up and my Self-Publishing with Dale Stamp of Approval. 

To get more details about the AMS Ads Profit Formula, head over to

Do you still want to know more? I had a long-ish conversation with Marco all about AMS ads.

You’re in luck because I also recorded it! Check out this video, get your notepad out, and gain more insight:

If you enjoyed today’s content, share it with someone who’d appreciate it too. In the meantime, this has been Self-Publishing with Dale and I’ll catch ya soon! 

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