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PublishDrive Update – What Happened to Google Play Books?

If you’re using PublishDrive to fulfill distribution to numerous platforms, then you probably heard about Google Play Books removing the middle man.

I’m going to tell you more about what happened that Google Play Books is changing their agreement with aggregate publisher PublishDrive.

Google Play Books Publishing Issues

If you’re looking for alternatives to Amazon KDP, then look no further than Google Play Books.

In fact, here’s a full video about Google Play Books (click here).

Better yet, consider the aggregate publisher PublishDrive since they handle distribution to various platforms.

All from one dashboard!

If you’re distributing your book through PublishDrive, then you should know about what Google Play Books recent changes.

Recently, Google Play Books changed a policy affecting all aggregate distributors.

PublishDrive’s Statement about Google Play Books


PublishDrive sent out an email stating:

Google has remained an important partner throughout PublishDrive’s journey. Together, we’ve helped provide better value for indie authors and publishers. We’ve also fought hard for our users to have easy access to Google’s robust publishing platform. But as Google evolves, it’s important that we make adjustments to ensure we’re compliant with their changing policies, as with all of our partners in publishing. Recent changes in Google Play’s policies require that they must be in direct legal relationship with the copyright holder.

In simpler terms, Google Play changed its policies, and PublishDrive had to oblige or stand to lose a lot of business.

It’s no fault of theirs.

In order to maintain a good relationship with Google Play Books, PublishDrive has to do one thing first.

What Google Play Books wants is a direct relationship with the authors who are publishing books onto their platform.

And, they want this all done by April 12, 2019.

Yes, that soon with that little notice.

The books listed through PublishDrive to Google Play Books will be delisted after the deadline.

What Went Wrong?

Google PLay Books changes deal with PUblishDrive

Originally, PublishDrive managed the direct relationship with Google Play Books.

Google Play wants the middle-man removed.

However, Google Play isn’t telling you to get rid of PublishDrive.

They simply want you to directly upload to their platform.

You can technically upload to Google Play Books without PublishDrive.

But, if you’re like me, I’d rather have one single dashboard managing numerous platform distribution.

And, I’d prefer having them handle all the distribution and royalty collection.

Enter PublishDrive.

PublishDrive agreement

To make it super simple, Google Play Books really wants you to set up an account.

Then, you can give permission to PublishDrive to post on your behalf.

And, PublishDrive will track earnings, uploads, and updates.

Using PublishDrive, you won’t need to mess with anything behind your Google Play Books dashboard.

How to Set Up Access to the Google Play Books Account

Google Play Books publishing

Go into the email PublishDrive sent out about the changes.

Click on the “step-by-step guide” hyperlink.

Or, simply log into your PublishDrive account for the same prompt.

It’ll show just a little bit about the Google Play signup process.

If you don’t have a Google Play Books account, they’ll show you exactly where you need to go.

At the time I recorded the embedded video above, I already had a Google Play Books account.

If you have not set up a Google Play Books account yet, you’re going to have to get that set first.

Setting up an account is fairly intuitive

Once you have your account, go back to PublishDrive, scroll up and click on “this form” link on step number four (see video here).

And it’ll take you on over into another form where you’ll need to agree to the client services PublishDrive provides.

I selected all the services, so I can continue to use PublishDrive’s services to Google Play Books.

Fill in your company name, your personal name related to the account, and then you need to enter your Google collection code.

Finding the Google Collection Code

  1. Go into the Google Play Books account after we’ve had it set up.
  2. Select the Book Catalog tab on the left.
  3. Click the drop-down for Advanced, and then select Manage Templates.
  4. Look for the default settings, and you’ll copy the collection code.
  5. Insert it into the Google collection code area.

Establishing PublishDrive as the Client Services Provider

PublishDrive features

I just skipped Google Account Manager Email since it wasn’t applicable to me.

  1. Insert PublishDrive in the Client Services Provider.
  2. Use their contact email of
  3. Click the box, and then hit submit.

PublishDrive Managing Your Google Play Books Account

publishing through Google Play Books

Well, that was super simple, right?

I mean it just took a few steps, and you’re done.

And, I’m just pretty happy with it.

Actually, after I was done, I immediately got an email from Google Play essentially saying this:

Thanks for submitting this request. Per your request, I’ve added PublishDrive as the manager for your Google Play Books Partner Center account. PublishDrive now has access to the following. Manage settings and files. Manage payments and reports.

Why Publish Your Books through PublishDrive?

But, why use PublishDrive anyways, and in fact what is PublishDrive?

If you’re new to this business, you’re probably saying, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

I’ve already got you covered!

Check the video below for more details about this aggregate publisher!

See you there.

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