Audible Review: Is Audible Worth It?

Are you thinking about getting an Audible Membership to listen to your favorite audiobooks? Would you like to know if an Audible subscription is right for you? Then, get a detailed overview of the services in this Audible Review. Is Audible worth it? Find out my candid thoughts in this post.

The Rise of Downloadable Audiobooks

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I am a voracious reader and love to read books. It’s one of my favorite things. I’ve probably read tens of thousands of books by now.

Audiobooks happen to be a guilty pleasure of mine.

Remember back in the day when books used to be on CD? Or, let’s even go back further. Remember when books were on tape?

Now, if you’re kind of thinking, “I don’t know what the heck this is,” sorry. Stay with me.

What about when there were books on vinyl records?

Now you can actually listen to audiobooks in downloadable format through your mobile device or on your computer.

What’s coming to the forefront are downloadable audiobooks. Leading the charge is Audible, an Amazon-owned company.

How Audible Works

audible review

How does Audible work anyway?

According to Audible, they boast over 227,000 titles to date.

Audible is a subscription-based service and works with any mobile or desktop device.

If you have internet access and the capacity to download their audiobooks, you can listen to them.

You can get up to one to two titles per month, depending on your subscription plan.

Also, all subscription plans come with up to two free Audible originals downloads. Audible originals are audiobooks exclusively produced for the platform. Celebrities like John Cena, Kevin Hart, and a number of big stars actually put out Audible originals. Something worth looking into, because obviously, you won’t get these exclusive audiobooks anywhere else outside the Audible membership.

Also, you get a 30% discount on specific titles and purchases as well as some special daily deals that they give to you as an Audible member.

Audible Memberships Come with a Catch

So far you know it’s a membership where you can get upwards of one to two downloads per month and a 30% discount on all titles.

Can you have more titles with the Audible membership? No, it doesn’t work that way.

Some audiobooks are short. Some of them are long. Some are priced very low, some are priced very high.

That’s why they limit your monthly credits.

If you burn through those credits, you can still utilize the 30% discount to buy another one.

Remember, it is an Amazon-owned company. Their return policy is ridiculously good. If for some reason you don’t like an audiobook, you can actually get your credit back and order a different book.

I don’t know what their limitations are on this policy, so don’t treat Audible like it’s a library system.

Honestly, anytime I pick up an audiobook, I typically just hang on to it.

Rest assured, if you don’t use all your credits through the Audible membership, it’s actually good for one year at a time.

For instance, if you have some credits from January, they’ll roll over to December. After that, the credits expire.

Each one of the credits is good for up to about a year before you have to use them or lose them.

The Cost of an Audible Membership

Amazon Audible membership cost

Audible currently has two specific plans:

      • Gold – $14.95 per month – Only one download per month
      • Platinum – $22.95 – two downloads per month

If you go with an annual plan, Audible gives you almost two months for free the way it breaks down.

      • Gold Annual Plan – $149
      • Platinum Annual Plan – $229

Is Audible Worth it?

Is Audible worth investing $14.95 or $22.95 per month?

This depends largely on you.

I am a voracious listener. Of course, it makes sense for me to invest in something like an Audible membership.

Suppose you download a title costing more than $14.95, then you more than made up for your membership cost.

For example, Tony Robbins has some very long books. His audiobooks are going to cost far more than $14.95.  With the Audible membership, you can swing it at a lower cost. You’re essentially getting it at a huge discount.

When you get this membership, make sure you look for books that are a bit more costly. Think of each credit as being worth $11.48 to $14.95 (depending on your membership tier). Otherwise, if it’s a cheap audiobook, use your 30% discount.

For example, for any audiobook costing less than $14.95, use the discount.

Is Audible for You?

Audible audiobook review

Of course, if you are a voracious listener, you just might enjoy the bonus content available through the Audible original series. I think that is pretty freaking cool.

Now, if you’re a dabbler, maybe Audible is not quite for you. Maybe $14.95 or $22.95 isn’t going to be a good investment.

BUT I am going to hook you up here.

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