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fiverr sellersThere’s no doubt that as an aspiring author, you need a website. Why? Well, because if the likes of IngramSpark and Amazon suddenly pull the plug on you, you need a place to send your readers. Now, a website is great, but merely creating one isn’t enough on its own, as it needs to be indexed by Google for anyone looking online to be able to find it.

How is that done? I’m glad you asked. A great way to increase your online visibility as an author is by creating blog posts. Now, before you throw your hands up in the air and shout, “I have yet ANOTHER thing to do?!”, don’t worry. Publicizing yourself doesn’t necessarily have to take up any more of your precious time, as help is available in the form of article and blog post writers on Fiverr.

In this article, we look at what happened when I once again dipped into the talent pool that exists on Fiverr to hire five different blog post writers. At, I produce blogs and YouTube videos to help my readers and subscribers create books that really sell and SEO is a big part of that. So, without further ado, let’s dig into those Fiverr sellers and see what they came up with.

The Fundamentals of What I Set Out to Find

Ok, so before we get into the individual Fiverr sellers and the one that I liked the most, we need to look at what we’re trying to achieve. The task I set for each one of the five writers was to take one of my videos and turn it into a blog. What I wasn’t looking for, however, was for someone to merely take the video’s transcript and put it down on (virtual) paper – as I could have done that myself.

In terms of SEO, you need to be writing blogs that are between 1000-1500 words for Google to index you properly, so for this one, I asked each of the article and blog post writers to create a 1,000-word blog that was helpful, informative and with a minimum of what I call ‘fluff’ (a.k.a. Filler words).

So, here’s who I ordered from…Fiverr Sellers areesha_wSeller #1 – ‘Areesha_W – I Will Turn Video, Podcasts Into Catchy, Optimized Blogs’

Areesha was the first of the blog post writers I ordered from and her basic gig was for just $5 and it included up to 1,000 words from up to 20 minutes of video, topic research, and content development. An amazing price, for sure, so I was interested to see what she could produce. Check out areesha here.

Fiverr Sellers iraamm

Seller #2 – ‘Iraamm – I Will Be an SEO Article Writer or Blog Post Writer’

The next of my chosen article and blog post writers was Iraamm who charges $30 for 1,000 words, two focus keywords, and topic research. A little more than the first, but still a very reasonable price for what you’re getting. Again, intriguing to see what the end result would be. Check out iraamm here.

Fiverr Sellers corthoney

Seller #3 – ‘Corthoney – I Will Be Your Technical SEO Content Writer’

Our next Fiverr seller is Corthoney who at $80, is quite a step up from the previous two. Offering citations, in addition to 3 focus keywords and topic research, I was willing to pay this increased cost – which wasn’t nearly the most expensive one I tried – as Fiverr had recommended him to me previously. Check out corthoney here.

Fiverr Sellers forcontentworld

Seller #4 – ‘Forcontentworld – I Will Write a 1,000 Word Blog or Webpage, SEO Optimized, UK Native’

Our penultimate Fiverr seller is Forcontentworld who represents another step up in cost to $100 for a premium service that came up with 4 focus keywords, topic research, references, and citations. This Top Seller has hundreds of great reviews, so he was certainly worth a try. Check out forcontentworld here.

Fiverr Sellers apascar

Seller #5 – ‘Apascar – I Will Write a Stellar Article For Your Blog or Website’

Last on our list is Apascar who came highly recommended by the guys at Fiverr. At $165, he was clear and away the most expensive with a gig that included 1200 words, 3 focus keywords, topic research, references, and citations. So, I was keen to see what article and blog post writers at the top end of the spectrum could produce. Check out apascar here.

Drumroll…It’s Time to Look at Those Results!

Ok, so I sat back and waited for each seller to come back to me. Some were quicker than others, but here’s what each one was able to come up with.

Seller #1 – Areesha_W

Ok, so this was the $5 option from Areesha. She loosely followed the brief I gave and it was obvious that she’d downloaded the script and then tried to add value to it. It was ok, but there were a few typos, a bit too much in the way of unnecessary font and color changes for my liking and I wasn’t sure about the licensing for the included images.

A big no-no was the ‘BYEEE’ sign-off at the end that was a bit too informal for me. All in all, not bad for $5 though.

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Seller #2 – Iraamm

Next, we look at what the next of our article and blog post writers  – Iraamm – came up with. At $30, the results were pretty good. She again stuck quite rigidly to the transcript but did paint outside the lines a little. She included some inbound and outbound links (without me asking) – which is great for SEO by the way – and she provided an extra 300 words at no extra cost, so another plus point there.

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Seller #3 – Corthoney

As you’ll remember, Corthoney was mid-range in terms of price at $80 and I immediately saw where those extra dollars went. He had a keen eye for detail and everything was well written, however, there were a couple of places where the text could have been a little more personal and friendly. In the main, however, a good response that represented good value.

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Seller #4 – Forcontentworld

Our next Fiverr seller is Forcontentworld who at $100 was the second most expensive. He took a while to deliver, but boy was it worth it! I can only say that what I received was magnificent and it was obvious that this guy was an experienced blog writer. He highlighted every keyword – showing he was conscious of the SEO aspect – and he wrote a meta description which no one else did. Check out forcontentworld here.

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Seller #5 – Apascar

Lastly, we look at the very top end of the price scale with Apascar who had been highly recommended to me by the guys over at Fiverr. Again, another magnificent piece that tapped into the emotion I was looking for, and whilst $165 is a lot of money, it was money well spent, as it was well written, included inbound and outbound links, and was highly professional.

What’s more, he built a story into the piece that made it very easy to read. Certainly a blog writer I’d go again to if I needed some high-quality blogs created.

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So, Who Gets the Self-Publishing with Dale Seal of Approval?

There was some great work produced from the article and blog post writers that I tried, but the honor of top dog can only be given to one of them. In my humble opinion, it was Forcontentworld for a number of reasons. He was highly professional, reasonably priced and the tone of voice was spot on.

His focus on SEO aspects was key, as you’re having blogs written to attract visitors to your site, right? Experience counts too and his shone through in the style, the formatting, and the clear and concise wording. Really well done to this top Fiverr seller, as he really delivered!

Fiverr Article and Blog Post Writers  – Spend a Little, Gain a Lot!

So, as we can see, there’s a lot of well-priced talent out there on Fiverr that you can tap into to help you promote yourself as an author and get yourself seen online. There’s no getting around the fact that you do get what you pay for with most things and blog writing is no different. The lower-cost sellers are good for what they do, but if you want content that works, it’s worth spending a bit more.

I really appreciate you reading MY blog – which incidentally was written by my winner, Forcontentworld (A blog writer, writing a blog about a video about a blog…messes with your head, right?) – and I hope that doing so has shown you that help is out there that will let you focus on more important things.

When approaching Fiverr, go into it with your eyes open and an understanding the work you get can vary a lot, but there’s a wealth of value out there if you look closely enough. All that said, if you’d like to read more of my blogs that offer more advice on self-publishing, take a look around my website or take a look at my blog section and see for yourself.

Also, feel free to check out other Fiverr sellers who are article and blog post writers below:

This post was written in coordination with forcontentworld on Fiverr and featured on the video for I Hired 5 Article and Blog Post Writers on Fiverr.


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