Amazon Author Central Editorial Reviews: Proper Formatting?!

In one of his more beautiful songs Aaron Neville sings about love and says it’s “what writers have to feel like when they discover they’ve been read.”

There’s no question an author enjoys having an audience.  The only purpose of writing is communication, which itself implies an interaction.  Even an archivist wants some distant researcher to appreciate their meticulously written catalog.

All that being said, it’s understandable that an author should highlight the best reviews of their work. Enter Amazon Author Central Editorial reviews.

Third-party reviews, especially from reputable sources, are some of the most coveted.  With Amazon Author Central the author has a way to showcase those reviews.  The review feature also provides a way to display other promotional components of a book, including back cover information, product description, and inside flap information.

amazon author central editorial reviews

What Is Amazon Author Central?

Amazon Author Central is a one-stop single destination for managing your author brand.

It’s where you can list all your titles, add a bio, check your Amazon sales ranking, and check Amazon customer reviews.  You can also upload pictures and videos.

Amazon Author Central is free.  Not all features are available in every Amazon region.  Amazon Author Central can be accessed by going to

What Is The Editorial Review Section?amazon author central editorial reviews

The editorial review section is a feature of Amazon Author Central.  It’s where you highlight reviews from outside Amazon.

You shouldn’t place your Amazon reviews here, since that’s repetitive and unnecessary.  Instead, this is where an author can showcase their relationship with the world beyond Amazon’s ecosystem.

As we mentioned above, the review section has many other features.  One of them is the ability to place another author’s bio. That allows the author a version of their biography that may be more expansive or have a different slant than their general profile bio.

Why Should I Upload Editorial Reviews? 

Reviews always help you establish credibility.

You can toot your own horn, but nothing endorses you better than an outside voice.  If someone’s read your work and decided they liked it, nothing speaks more loudly than their words of praise about you in a review.

Amazon Author Central provides this review section to give those voices a platform.  It’s an added bonus that other promotional materials may be included in the section.  This makes Amazon Author Central a place where you can send customers, colleagues, and publishers.

Everyone gets a better sense of how you’re doing as an author.  It puts your best foot forward in a more intimate setting which you control.

How to Upload Amazon Author Central Editorial Reviews

To have so much going for it (not to mention being free) Amazon Author Central couldn’t let you go without providing some headache.

As it turns out uploading reviews is easy, but it’s not entirely simple.  Let’s start with the mechanics to get started:

First things first: the editorial review feature is only available in the Amazon United States region. If you’re not working from there, you can’t access those functions, so unfortunately this is where you have to stop.

Once you’re inside Amazon Author Central, you get to the review feature by clicking on the ‘Books’ tab at the top-left. Next, you select the book title you wish to edit. After that, select the version (Kindle, paperback, etc.  Note: Audiobook support currently doesn’t exist).  Click ‘Edit’ and you’re ready to upload your review.  [This is where the manageable headache begins.]

Amazon Author Central is extremely particular about how you upload the text of the review.  They make the following recommendations:

  • Reviews should come from reputable sources. The name of the source should be credited after the quotation.
  • Quotes should follow ‘fair use’ guidelines. Limit to 1-2 sentences.
  • Limit reviews to 3000 characters to keep them from being too long.
  • Plain text editors, such as Notepad, are recommended. More sophisticated programs can cause formatting problems.

These suggestions are well and fine, but the last one is off base.

Formatting often goes askew, even with the simple editor programs.  A workable solution seems to be HTML.

This can be a problem if HTML coding isn’t your specialty; however, a tool from Kindlepreneur can help you format your book description. You can find that at

Click the Amazon Editorial Review button.

Copy and paste your review information where indicated.

Use the tools provided to format it accordingly. (The interface is WYSIWYG [what you see is what you get]).

Once you’re done, click Generate My Code.

Click Copy Code.

Paste the code into the review section of Amazon Author Central.

Click Preview to make sure you’ve got the look you want.

Make changes if necessary.

Even though it’s a bit convoluted, this process will get the job done, allowing you to use the book review feature to reach a larger audience and generate more sales.

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