Amazon Author Central | Self Publishing on Amazon 2021

self publishing on amazon 2021Want readers to find your books easily and in one place?

Then, you need Amazon Author Central. It’s a huge part of self publishing on Amazon 2021.

Amazon Author Central is a new hub for Amazon self-publishing authors to access the tools they need to reach their goals, and it helps give your audience easier access to your books.

It’s available in many regions around the world; check its availability in your region at

Amazon Author Central is a one-stop shop not just for your readers but for authors, with self-publisher resources and information about your author brand.

This is an excellent resource for customers to learn more about you as an author, what’s coming up next with you as an author, and they can even follow you.

So here it goes. Here are the eight features available to authors in Amazon Author Central:

8 Features Available at Amazon Author Central

1. Add your books to an author page

Add your book(s) using the Books tab and click on addi it now in the first paragraph.

You can type in the title, ISBN, ASIN, or the author name. Either of them will work. Hint: You can never go wrong with ASIN.

Select your title, confirm you’re the author and you will see it appear in two to three days.

2. Add your bio

From the Profile tab, select the region-appropriate language. Just so that you know, this is available in different languages in different regions, which is really cool.

Type your bio, edit it, preview it, and publish from there.

3. Add photos and videos

Again, from your Profile tab, click the pencil icon right below the square for the photo.

Browse to upload your photo. Another hint: Make sure your photo is at least 300 pixels in width and height. It should be a jpeg, png, or gif file. You can also upload videos in either of the following formats: AVI, FLV, MOV, MPG, WMV, MP4.

Keep the video under 500 MB.

4. Check your Amazon best seller rank

This option is not available everywhere Amazon Author Central is. Only five of the 13 regions offer this option.

From your Dashboard, click View Sales.

Select your name and the book you want to check. You can expand that search by selecting the formats and editions, and you can view the historical sales rank in different time frequencies.

5. Check customer reviews

Nine of the 13 regions allow you to do this.

From your Dashboard, select View Customer Reviews.

Sort by regions and filters. Select the book you want, click the link and there are the reviews.

6. Add editorial reviews

Wouldn’t it be great to have third-party credibility for your book?

Well, you can with Add Editorial Reviews. This feature is only available in the U.S., and it does not apply to audiobooks. It’s found right below your book description and above your product details.

To add a review, select the Books tab; the marketplace must be set at

Click the cover of the book you want to work with.

Select Kindle or Paperback version.

Click Edit book details.

Remember, this feature is available in the U.S. only, so your marketplace must be set to When posting the review, make sure to follow the guidelines so that it’s properly formatted. It can get a little complicated, but here’s a little help.

7. Share blog feeds

This is another feature that is only available in the U.S. This is awesome if you have a blog site!

If you have a blog site, those blogs can also be posted on your author page. Your fans would love to see this!

From Profile, you can add a blog, then add the blog feed.

8. Check bookscan sales info

Here’s another U.S.-only feature.

Bookscan tracks points of sales for your book. You’re able to see where in the U.S. your book is selling.

This is great for Facebook ads or book touring! Know your book’s worth all over the country.

Go to the Reports & Marketing tab and then View Report in the book scan box to see how well your book is doing. Again, narrow down the search by frequency and geography. Know your following.

Get the Most From Self Publishing on Amazon 2021

Leverage your self-publishing efforts on Amazon by utilizing Amazon Author Central. Using your KDP login or any Amazon-associated login, go to to get started!