Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Review 2021: Is It Worth $130?

The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is one of the company’s bestsellers. I’ll attempt to touch on its pros and cons in this Amazon Kindle Paperwhite review.

A quick look at its ergonomics and software features and it’s easy to see why.  The Kindle Paperwhite delivers when it comes to combining a good feature-set with a light, durable frame.

In that way, the Kindle is a little ahead of its competitors from both the Nook and Kobo lines.

The Kindle Paperwhite comes with options for ebook storage space. It allows you to customize your e-reading experience. You can change how you read and what you read, with simple controls on a glare-free screen.

The choice of reading material is expansive and easy to access.  For the Kindle Paperwhite’s price, it’s a great bargain, built for the avid reader who finds themselves on the go.

What Do You Get When You Buy The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite?

The Kindle Paperwhite retails for around one hundred thirty dollars ($130).amazon kindle paperwhite review

Amazon often has specials, particularly near seasonal holidays, so sometimes it’s possible to buy the Kindle Paperwhite at a discount.

The Paperwhite is the thinnest, lightest e-reader in its class.  The standard model weighs only 6.4 ounces.  The deluxe version comes in at 6.8 ounces, which is nearly a full ounce lighter than a deluxe iPhone.

Like its lesser cousins, the Kindle Paperwhite has a glare-free view screen.  This makes reading in broad daylight possible, with only direct sunlight posing a problem.

The e-reader plays audiobooks as well.  It even integrates with Bluetooth, allowing you to listen to your books with headphones and speakers. If you don’t have Bluetooth, you have the option of using the 3.5-inch earphone jack on the device’s edge.

The Kindle Paperwhite gives you a storage option for either eight or thirty-two gigabytes of data.

With eight gigs that’s an estimated seven thousand ebook storage capacity. Thirty-two gigs brings your storage to a whopping twenty-eight to thirty thousand ebooks.

The Kindle Paperwhite is waterproof.  The specs say the device can stay submerged in two meters of water for up to an hour.  Unless it is exposed to a corrosive liquid, this protects the Kindle from spills, or from tumbling into the water.

A final added bonus is increased connectivity.  The Kindle Paperwhite can log in and download without the benefit of WiFi.  Both the Paperwhite and the Kindle Oasis give you free cellular connectivity.  This doesn’t mean your Kindle can make calls or surf the web, but it does give it a link to the online store, even if you lose your WiFi connection.

Does The Reading Experience Make The Kindle Paperwhite Worth It?

There are millions of books available for free on the Kindle Paperwhite. Just go to the Amazon marketplace and search for “free ebooks” and you’ll see how true that is. For the avid reader, this is a gold mine, a near-endless variety of books, covering countless titles and subjects.

The Kindle Paperwhite’s screen has E-ink display. The image is entirely black and white, with no blue-spectrum light, and thus easier on the eyes.  The screen has amazing full-range brightness adjustment.  It can be as bright or as dim as your environment requires.

This Kindle also has a Dark Mode feature; it inverts to white text over a black screen making it ideal for true night reading.   The monochrome display extends battery life.  With moderate use, the unit can stay charged for weeks on end.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Review: Is It Worth That $130 Price?

Amazon’s advertising says the Kindle Paperwhite is the thinnest Kindle ever produced. The e-reader can handle over nine ebook formats, and it gives you access to millions of books.

The device plays audiobooks, and even has a direct connection to Amazon’s Audible service.

The display is versatile and comfortable for the eyes. The unit is rugged and waterproof without being bulky or complicated.

When compared to similarly priced e-readers on the market the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite contrasts favorably with e-readers such as the Kobo Libra, Kobo Clara, or Nook Glowlight. If you’re an avid reader and find yourself constantly on the go, you want a low-profile device that’s this adaptable and reliable.