I Bought the Amazon Fire HD 10 New Version | This is Why

The Amazon Fire HD 10 has to be the best bargain of large-screen mobile tablets.

When tablets first showed up years ago, one of their holy grails was to have a high-definition television experience on a device you could hold in your hand.

That goal was reached quickly, particularly with the Ipad.

The deluxe Nook and Kindle swiftly followed suit.

They were all outdone; however, as cell phones, and the generations raised using them, made mobiles the center of daily life.  Tablets soon settled comfortably into the role of specialty devices.

As the Amazon Fire HD 10 proves today that specialty is best represented with a feature-rich product.

The Fire HD 10 delivers not only that holy grail viewing experience but a varied list of functions that make it a versatile and durable entertainment device.

What’s Under The Hood Of The Amazon Fire HD 10?

The first thing you notice about the Amazon Fire HD 10 is that it’s really, really big.  This tablet is a two-hand job.  It has a 10.1-inch screen that displays 1080p, 224ppi full color.  The image is crisp.

The very latest release of the device has a reinforced screen of cutting-edge aluminosilicate glass.  This provides an image that can only be bested by 4K.

For a handheld device of its size and function, it delivers amazingly superior quality.

On the cosmetic side, the Fire HD comes in black, red, blue, or white.

A cover doesn’t come standard, but given the Fire HD 10’s size, it’s probably best to buy one for protection.

The tablet’s processor is fast.  Amazon boasts that the Fire HD’s 2.0 GHz octa-core processor makes it thirty percent fasteramazon fire hd 10 than previous models.

The latest model has up to three gigs of RAM.  This makes it boot up quickly and perform its functions with ease, including surfing the web and playing audio or video.

The tablet comes with either thirty-two or sixty-four gigabytes of storage space.  It can expand to hold up to one terabyte, using an after-purchase SD card.

The Amazon Fire HD 10 has both rear and front-facing 2mp cameras that shoot at a good-but-not-great 720p rate.  That image quality is fine for personal videos and documentation, but it’s not the kind that will produce the next surprise indie film.

The tablet has dual-band enhanced WiFi that keeps web activity moving, even for people with basic to moderate internet connections.

The unit comes with a USB cable and a power adapter.  Battery life is promised for up to twelve hours for reading, internet browsing, watching video clips, or listening to music.

What Can You Do With Your Fire HD 10?

The Amazon Fire HD 10 lets you do what the best e-reader would do and so much more.

You can log in to services like Netflix, Prime Video, Spotify, Kindle, Zoom, and Disney Plus.  With the Fire HD 10’s full-color display and connectivity, you get the full capability of these services with no limitations.

You can view full-color magazines and videos.  Also, with the Amazon Fire HD 10’s expanded storage space feature, you can keep more of your favorite clips without worrying about running out of room.

The device can go hands-free with Alexa as a built-in feature.  You can leave the AI running or shut it off completely.  Alexa controls the device’s functions for you and serves as an information repository or data retrieval helper.

If there are any limitations the Amazon Fire HD 10 shows, it’s in the audio.  The built-in speakers are substandard.  They’re tinny with limited range and average playback quality.

Why Buy The Amazon Fire HD 10?

On the Amazon Fire HD 10 you can play games, read books, watch movies and keep up with the world.

At a $149.99 retail price, the Amazon Fire HD 10 is an unqualified bargain.

To get a tablet that matches or rivals its features you’d have to look to the Ipad at double or triple the cost.

The Amazon Fire HD 10 has great storage space and expandability. It operates at lightning speed.  The unit is durable, with good battery life.

Despite its size, the Amazon Fire HD 10 only weighs about a pound. That makes it a versatile device you can take just about anywhere.  It’s like having an entertainment center tucked in a folder under your arm.

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