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I’ve had this package of free childrens book templates available for a while now on Gumroad, but becausefree childrens book templates of multiple requests, I’m making them available to everyone completely free.

I’ve created a boatload of content about children’s books. They can be extremely profitable, not to mention fun to write and publish.

When you publish a children’s book, you have the opportunity to reach a broad audience:

  • Parents
  • Kids
  • Librarians
  • Teachers

Everyone is looking for books to encourage kids to read more.

If that’s the path you’ve chosen as an author, it’s a high calling. I definitely don’t want to be an obstacle. So, I’m offering these free childrens book templates to help you achieve your goals.

About These Free Childrens Book Templates

You may find it odd that these are PowerPoint templates. I get that. Here’s why…PowerPoint has a low learning curve.

Many people already know how to use PowerPoint and if they don’t, it’s not that hard to figure out, especially if you watch a couple of videos showing you the basics.

Another important thing about PowerPoint is that it allows you to save as a PDF which is the file you need to upload to KDP for print books.

In this video, you’ll also see me use another tool directly from Amazon called Kindle Kids’ Book Creator. You can grab that here –

What You Get

This package includes 16 (SIXTEEEN!!!) children’s book templates in standard trim sizes compatible with most publishing platforms. I created these with KDP in mind.

There are two of every template: one bleed and one no bleed, so you really are receiving the full resource. I’m not holding anything back.

Be sure to do your due diligence as far as what trim size is most appropriate for the age group and type of book you want to create.

You’ll receive a zip file containing all of the templates, and all I’m asking for in return is your best email address.

Some people might say, “Well, Dale, that’s not free then. You want an email so you can market a bunch of crap to us once you get us on your list.”

Hopefully, you know me better than that, but just in case you don’t. I send out a max of 2 emails per week.

One of them outlines all the content I’ve published recently, and the other is strictly tips, information, and exclusive offers (like free audiobook codes) that are only available to my subscribers.

I’m not repurposing blog content or anything like that with my email list. It’s straight-up fresh stuff. I want  you to be glad you subscribed.

There’s a chance you might receive 3 emails a week, because I have a series that runs out to new subscribers with past tips that are still relevant. I didn’t want you to miss out on those.

So, you get the free childrens book templates and a free subscription to some really great emails to help you further with your self-publishing goals. How’s that sound?

If you’re ready to grab those, you can do so here –

Children’s Book Publishing Content

As I said above, I have a ton of content on publishing children’s books. I’m a children’s book author myself, and so it’s only natural that I should have an extensive library of content on how I do it.

I have video content and podcasts (which I’ll also be linking the videos in case you don’t like podcasts) to share and I’m just going to share the titles. That way, you have a quick reference of the content I have available and you can skip around and choose what you want to check out.

Let’s do this!


Podcast Videos

If You Found This Helpful…

I’d really love to hear from you via the comments below. I’ve put in some effort here to offer these templates with the sole intention of helping you. I hope that’s worth something. By the way, if you didn’t download these before, you’re probably ready to grab them now –

I look forward to seeing you around the community!

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