Amazon KDP Pre Order: 5 Reasons to Use It

Have you ever noticed the option to set up an Amazon KDP pre order?

Why would anyone want to set up a pre order? What is the point of waiting to release an already written book?

It seems counter-intuitive, but trust me, the Kindle presale option is quite possibly the most sound strategy for releasing your next publication.

And today, I’m going to share 5 reasons for setting up a book for preorder on Amazon.

My Experience with Amazon KDP Pre Order


I’ve used this option a handful of times with mixed results.

However, I had better results every time setting up a Kindle book for pre order on Amazon versus when I simply released a book immediately.

That’s why I thought I’d hard sell you on why setting up a book for pre order on Amazon is the next best thing to sliced bread…

Or, those trashy backwards robes you find in the Walmart clearance aisle.

1. Create Buzz

The primary reason for setting up a book for preorder is you can create a buzz around the release.

It’s no secret that writing and publishing ain’t easy.

When you add promoting to the mix, it becomes a mess and you’re scrambling to get every detail tied down just to make the immediate release a success.

If you run a pre-sale, you can wrap up the full production of the book and focus one-hundred percent on marketing and promotion.

2. Build an ARC Team

The next best reason for setting up a book for presale is to build a team of beta readers and potential reviewers.

Building an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) team is the best way to secure reviews for launch day. Amazon has certain criteria about what makes your book retail-ready. For example, they say you need a minimum of 15 reviews of 3.5 stars or better.

An ARC team is a great way to make sure that happens. For more insights on getting reviews, check out my book, Amazon Reviews for Books.

3. Advantage Over Immediate Releases

Another reason why the Kindle presale is so freakin’ awesome is you get an advantage over immediate book releases.

Amazon has a special category called Hot New Releases devoted to best-selling books released in the past thirty days.

Setting up a book for pre order on Amazon is the head start your book may need to rise to the top of the hot new release charts and eventually scale the bestseller lists.

In fact, it is possible for a book to become a number one bestseller while it’s still on pre order.

4. Create Urgency with a Countdown Timer

An additional reason for setting up a presale on Amazon is the countdown timer on your sales page.

A smart strategy is to offer a discount for pre orders.

If you normally sell your book at $2.99, you can kick it back to $0.99 for the presale.

Share in the book description that readers can save by getting your pre order.

Everyone loves to save a little money.

If they know they stand to lose out on a deal as indicated by the timer, then they are more likely to get a copy now.

5. Enjoy the Personal Satisfactionamazon kdp pre order

And another reason to set up a book pre order on Amazon is the personal satisfaction.

If you create enough buzz before the book’s release, then you should have substantial sales.

During the presale period, the actual sales do not appear in your sales dashboard.

Instead, you can access all purchases at the pre orders option in the Reports tab of your KDP dashboard.

The personal satisfaction will come on release day when all the presales figures drop into your sales report.

The paid units ordered on the sales graph will skyrocket in your reports…

and that’s when the wow factor kicks in.

Screenshot that puppy for posterity because you can use it for bragging rights later.

Tutorial: How to Set Up an Amazon KDP Pre Order

Do you know how to set up an Amazon KDP pre order?

I understand it can feel overwhelming with all the rules and regulations, so you may feel a bit gun shy about pulling the trigger on a presale.

Don’t sweat it, because I have you covered today!

I’m going to show you how to set up pre orders on Amazon and you’ll see it’s just as easy as immediate book releases.

Stumbling Over Amazon KDP Pre Orders

After a few years of running a successful self-publishing business, I realized I had yet to explore the pre order option in my KDP dashboard.

Feeling rather bold, I decided to test it out on a publication I had in the bag.

Though I could’ve released the book immediately, I decided to show a little restraint so I could finally utilize the pre-sale option.

I’m certainly glad I did so.

Kindle Direct Publishing makes the process simple for setting up a book for pre order on Amazon.

How to Set Up Amazon KDP Pre Orders

  1. Log into your KDP account and go to your bookshelf.
  2. Click the yellow +Create button at the top of the page.
  3. Follow the steps you normally would for publishing an eBook.
  4. In the first page under the Pre order header, select Make my book available for pre-order and enter the date you plan to release. I’d suggest setting a date about a month or more out so you have plenty of time to get all your tasks done before launching.

The Critical Final Step of a Kindle Publishing Pre-Sale

  1. Upload the final version or draft manuscript of the eBook for review and verification. The book doesn’t have to be perfect; however, you want to at least start with something close to the final draft.
  2. Continue through the process of listing your eBook.
  3. At least 3 days before publication, submit and republish the final version of your eBook.

This final step is critical and can make or break your ability to run a presale again.

Make sure you have the final draft uploaded 3 days before the release date.

In fact, KDP will lock you out from uploading another version in the 72-hour window.

Tips for a Successful Kindle Publishing Pre Order

Here are a few tips I’d like for you to consider before you set up a preorder on Amazon:

  • Reward the early buyers with deeply a discounted special for preordering your book. So, if you plan on setting the retail price after launch at $2.99, then kick the price back to $0.99. Sure, you’re not going to profit as much, but you’ll hotshot your book to the top of its categories.
  • Maximize exposure by slipping your book into 10 different categories relevant to your topic. If you’re not sure how to choose a category for your book on Amazon, then check out this post!
  • Take advantage of this extra time to gather some advance readers and reviewers.
  • Kick the price up to the full retail cost on launch day. If you’re going to increase the cost after release, then you have to follow through. Nobody likes that salesy crap of false scarcity, so don’t be that guy!

What Are Your Thoughts on the Amazon KDP Pre Order?

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Now, get out there and use your newfound know-how in setting up Amazon KDP pre orders, you savvy self-publisher, you.

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