Storiad Review - Book Marketing for Self-Published Authors

Storiad: Book Marketing for Self-Published Authors

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Storiad ReviewAre you self-publishing a book on Amazon or other online retailers? Would you like to reach more readers, get more book reviews, sell more books, track all your book expenses and earning while building a massive author brand? Then, it’s not out of the realm of possibilities with the help of an author marketing tool called Storiad.

Storiad is a platform that helps writers with various aspects of the book marketing and publishing process. It offers features such as book project management, author branding, and book marketing tools.

According to an interview with Publisher’s Weekly, the CEO and founder of Storiad, Ramzi Hajj said this:

The challenge for marketers is to find and communicate with those people most likely to want to read, review, recommend, and buy each book. We offer the opportunity to build and manage comprehensive, tailor-made book marketing campaigns conveniently, affordably, and for a sustained period of time.

While I’m going to show all the relevant features of Storiad, I’m also going to share how to increase book sales even more with ONE simple tip. It’s a game-changer and I don’t even think Storiad knows about this sweet little option. Let’s put a pin in it for right now.

What Are Storiad’s Features?

Storiad has five relevant features that include the author profile, customizable website, marketing wizard, outreach tools, and profit & loss calculator. Let’s take these elements one at a time, then I’ll break down how much Storiad costs and why you should get it right away.

As soon as you log into Storiad for the first time, you’ll see a clean user interface that’s super intuitive. Not tech-savvy? That’s okay, because they’ve made everything dead simple to find and understand. Should you ever get lost or need help, simply click on their Support bubble in the bottom right of the dashboard. In a lot of instances, they have video tutorial links on each page to help navigate the dashboard.

Storiad Feature #1: The Author Profile

Storiad Author Profile

Setting up the author profile takes a little time, but the final result is worth it. You upload an author picture, enter your name, include a fun quote about yourself as a tag line, and include all relevant social media links.

Next, Storiad offers an author interview comprised three sections:

  1. The Person Behind the Words
  2. The Philosophy Behind the Words
  3. Get the Words to Readers

Each subsection holds up to 255 characters, so it shouldn’t take too long to fill out the questionnaire. Once you’re set with each of the three sections, hit save and you’re good to go.

But, you’re done quite yet, because what’s an author profile without books? On the left side panel, access the Books section. Then, select Add Book. You’ll need to upload the cover, book title, and short description. Each book has four unique sections.

The Book Information section is where your title and book description populate. You can also upload an audio sample of up to 5MB and a PDF sample of up to 10MB. It isn’t mandatory for you to use this section, but it certainly goes a long way in providing value to potential readers. I recommend no more than a few minutes of your audiobook and about 10% of your book. Once you’re set, hit Save.

In the next section for Author Information, you’ll enter your author name and a short bio. Hit Save again.

In the Book Links section, you’ll enter a link to YouTube if you have a book trailer or sample chapter. The most important link is your Buy Now Link. Enter a universal book link here so readers can access your book regardless of where they are in the world.

Side note: If you want to get more book sales beyond your native marketplace, I highly recommend using a universal book link. Go to to get a free universal book link. Simply enter the link to your book on Amazon, then Books2Read will generate a link that allows visitors to choose their preferred online retailer and will send them to the region-appropriate website.

For authors submitting press releases, insert the link in the next subsection.

The next line is for distributing review copies. I can set up access to a review copy through StoryOrigin or BookFunnel, then place the link in this box. Any time a reader visits my author profile, they’ll have the opportunity to apply for a review copy. This makes building an advanced reader copy team so much easier if you’re already sending traffic to your author profile.

Lastly, put a link to your book on Goodreads—the social media platform for hardcore book readers and reviewers.

Hit Save when you’re done.

In the event you don’t have a link for a spot, leave it blank.

In the last section, fill out the Publishing Details, including the publisher (imprint name), publish date, book type, dimensions, number of pages, price, ebook price, the two ISBN types, language, available rights, and selling territory.

Again, if you don’t have the information, leave the spot blank. Should you get stuck and don’t know what to fill in, hit the Support bubble in the bottom right. If I haven’t said it already, Storiad Support is incredible—fast, patient, and super helpful!

Once you’re set, hit Save again. You can access your author profile from the dashboard.

Storiad Feature #2: The Author Website

Storiad Author Website

Setting up an author website has never been easier with Storiad. They use three unique templates that are fully customizable after you select them. The best part is your site is hosted by WordPress. To make matters even better, Storiad equips you with Elementor, a user-friendly WordPress page builder that designs and customizes websites using a drag-and-drop interface.

Storiad sets up a majority of the website for you based on the details filled out in the author profile. Some things will need modifying. For example, the reviews section for this template came with placeholder text and images. Simply click on the text, then replace it.  Left click on the image, drop in the image you want, and hit update when you’re done.

For authors on a tight budget, paying for webhosting services can really burn a whole in their pockets. Most webhosting services cost anywhere from $60 to $240 per year. The Elementor plugin costs about $59 per year. Just to have a website, you’re looking at spending about anywhere from $109 to $289 per year.

You can forget all of those extra expenses with Storiad.

But, that’s not even the best feature Storiad offers.

Storiad Feature #3: Marketing Wizard

Storiad Marketing Wizard

The next two features are what makes Storiad the ideal tool for book marketing and promotion. Marketing Wizard is a pretty nifty tool that asks you a series of questions based on the book you select to market and some additional details about your book.

This questions include your target audience, the type of book, the genre of your book, how much time  you have to promote every week, the length of promotion, and your target market. Once you’re done answering the questions, you’ll have to select the topics that best suit your needs under Networking, Research, and Marketing & Publicity. Storiad then gives you an action plan based on the next best steps for executing a sound book marketing plan.

The cool part is you can set a unique marketing plan for each book in your account. And, when you want to mix it up, you can Reset the survey, and start a marketing plan from scratch.

Storiad Feature #4: Outreach Manager

Storiad Contacts Database - Outreach Manager

Outreach Manager plays a vital role in contacting relevant folks in and around the book publishing world. Storiad has a database of over 40,000 unique contacts. From bloggers to book reviewers to influencers, Storiad has something for everyone.

Need more reviews for your book? Dip into the Contacts Database.

Want to get your books in front of your ideal readers? You’ve got the Contacts Database.

Would you like to see your book featured in a YouTube video? Yep, you already know what I’ll say – Contacts Database.

Here’s where the Storiad team nailed it. Rather than having to leave the dashboard to contact folks in the database, you can email in bulk from within your dashboard. Craft your own email queries or choose from list of over eight different email templates.

But, don’t stop there. You can go into each individual email to customize your message, so it’s a lot more tailored to the recipient and can come off as a bit more genuine. As a video creator, I get a ton of email queries for interviews and book reviews. I always appreciate when the sender puts a little more thought into their emails, so take your time sending out emails.

Storiad Feature #5: The Book Profit & Loss Calculator

Storiad Book Profit and Loss Calculator


The fifth feature you just won’t see anywhere else—The Calculator. First, select the book in the dropdown menu. Then, with a little data entry, you can find out how much profits and losses you made or are going to make from that book.  This feature is especially helpful for authors on a tight budget and need to squeeze as much as they can from every penny invested in the book.

Under the Book Worth tab, you can enter more details to figure out what is the total worth of your book. Again, super helpful tool and can be encouraging for authors who’d like to see how much money one book can predictably make.

Speaking of money, I’m sure you’re probably wondering the cost.

How Much Does Storiad Cost?

Normally, Storiad has a 7-day free trial of their Pro Plan that costs less than a buck per day or $280 for lifetime access. I’m huge proponent for lifetime subscriptions, because that’s one less recurring bill and one additional resource I can leverage without worry of paying out the nose in the long run.

For a limited time—mid-January 2024—my sponsor AppSumo is offering lifetime access to Storiad for $59. Yep, that’s the same cost as two months of Storiad’s monthly Pro Plan and 79% less than Storiad’s normal lifetime deal.

Get lifetime access to Storiad for a limited time when you visit my affiliate link at Special thanks to my sponsors AppSumo for sponsoring this post.

What about Results?

While it’s too early for me to bear any fruit from using Storiad, I’m still rather hopeful considering all the resources included. To be clear, Storiad is a marketing tool that you MUST actively use to get results. Storiad doesn’t bring the traffic or broker connections with their listed contacts, you have to do that.

With the deep database of contacts for all walks, I have more opportunities to get my book into more readers hands or in front of the right audience. And, if I find someone off Storiad, I can safely store their information and communicate with them directly through my dashboard. Not to mention, I can customize every email that goes out or use ready-made templates so I can get more done in less time.

I’ll report back to you once I’ve had a chance to really dig into the tools, especially the outreach tools.

If you’re interested in seeing my author profile and website created by Storiad, visit these links:

For more context and visuals, watch this ten-minute video showcasing Storiad here.

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