book marketing strategy to boost sales

Book Marketing: How to Create a Strategy to Boost Sales

This post is sponsored by Dibbly Create. Some outbound links are part of an affiliate program that compensate me for any sales made through them. I appreciate your support and understanding.

book marketing strategy to boost salesDo you want to sell more books? Then, you absolutely must market and promote your book. Yet where do you start? And what can you do that’s more tailored to your book? I’ve got your answer today.

Since April 2016, I’ve published over 1,400 videos across two channel on YouTube about writing and publishing books. A fair chunk of those videos are dedicated to selling more books through marketing and promotion. Now, add to those sea of options, you’ve got other fantastic video creators like Author Level Up, Bethany Atazadeh, Book Launchers and more, it’s no wonder some authors feel overwhelmed and unsure of how to effectively market and promote their books.

The concepts shared in these videos are sometimes rather nebulous, kind of like getting generic dating advice of “just be yourself.” Well, what does “just be myself” mean? Should I smile really big the whole time? And, would it be inappropriate to take a first date out for tacos?

Let’s face it, even if you have a firm grasp on the fundamentals of book marketing, the process can be time-consuming and mentally taxing. If you’re anything like me, you probably look at planning a sound book marketing strategy as too much to handle at the moment, so you fly blindly into a spray-and-pray promotional mentality. That, of course, doesn’t get very much results and can be a turn-off to potential readers.

The Various Methods to Market & Promote Books

The hardest part of writing and publishing a book is marketing and promoting it. At least for a vast majority of authors who watch my YouTube channel or interact in my Discord community. I wholeheartedly agree.

Some of the more broad advice I offer viewers includes:

  • Leverage Amazon Ads
  • Craft better book descriptions
  • Promote on social media
  • Build an email list
  • Create search engine-optimized blog posts
  • Network with authors in your niche
  • Appear on podcasts or in video interviews

Regardless of publishing fiction or nonfiction books, these recommendations can work. But, what should you do with those tips? I mean, specifically, what do you do exactly? What if you can’t afford Amazon Ads? Or, what if you’re stumped on what to say on social media without beating up your followers to buy your book every post?

Enter Dibbly Create’s Prompt Library.

Dibbly Create is a cloud-based word processor that provides writers with a wide range of tools, including story planning, character development, world-building, and writing prompts, all aimed at helping to craft the best books possible in less time.

I’ve been using this tool since its beta-launch around August 2023 and it’s grown massively since. A major part of Dibbly Create is its seamless integration with AI assistance. They specifically have a Prompt Library, making it dead simple to use AI. No need for any expertise in prompting or some overpriced course about AI prompting. You just find the prompt that best fits your needs, enter the details, then you’re off to the races.

Creating a Comprehensive Book Marketing Strategy

Marketing and promoting your book is a never ending job if you want to continue getting new readers and book sales. Sure, some of you might enjoy the challenge of writing a sound book marketing strategy, quite a few of us would rather spend that time writing our next book. Or, taking a nap. Or, snuggling with a cat.

Let’s dip into Dibbly Create’s Prompt Library and put together a deep and solid book marketing plan for my recent publication, How to Write a Book in 48 Hours. For brevity, I’m happy to share some of the results from this project, but will also provide access to the entire marketing plan. Visit to see precisely what I get.

Follow along when you get a free seven-day trial of Dibbly Create’s Professional Plan when you visit my affiliate link at

Prompt Library for Book Marketing Idea Generation (Practical)

Log into your Dibbly Create account. You’ll see the option for Prompt Library on the right side. I recommend perusing the many options they have available and read the description and prompt output example. Click the heart icon to Favorite it for later so it’s easier to access later.

Start a new project or access an existing project you’re working on.

You can access the Prompt Library two ways from within a project:

  1. Hover your cursor to the left of a blank line. Click the semi-transparent plus symbol, then a dropdown menu will appear with KIP, Styling, and Insert. Select KIP to get another dropdown menu where you’ll see Prompt Library at the bottom.
  2. On a blank line, type “/KIP” and KIP’s dropdown menu will pop-up.

Since you already selected your favorite prompts, the selection you choose next doesn’t matter. Hover over any of the options, then select “See All Prompts.” A right-side menu will pop out where you can select the filter option in the search bar, then select Favorites. You’ll have all the options you favorited earlier.

For this article, I used the following prompts:

  1. Press Release – Generate a press release for your project, product or service!
  2. Blog Ideas Generator – Generate blog ideas on any topic!
  3. Business Plan Drafter – Generate a business plan draft.
  4. Audience Engagement – Generate ideas on how you can engage with your audience based off what you have to offer and your services.
  5. 1-Minute Video Script – Generate a 1-minute video script based on the details passed in.
  6. Compelling Offers – Generates a list of 5 compelling offers you can create for your business, product, or service.
  7. Social Media Campaigns – Generate a list of 5 social media campaign ideas for your business, product, or service.
  8. Cold Email – Generate a cold email to attract new business!
  9. Goals – Generate a list of goals to target for your business.
  10. Daily Email Subject Lines – Generate a list of email subjects lines for each day of the week based on your business, product, or service and the content the emails cover.
  11. Lead Magnet Ideas – Generates 5 lead magnet ideas for your business, product, or service.
  12. Promotional Social Media Posts – Generate promotional social media posts for Facebook, Instagram and X!
  13. Email Generator – Generate an email for your audience based on your business, product, or service and the intended outcome of the email.

Here’s the tricky part—that’s thirteen prompts with a ton of output. Rather than bog you down or the page with a ton of data, I’ll let you peek into my project file so you see each example.

For now, let’s focus on my goal of creating a marketing plan and what I needed to give AI.

My main goal is to promote my latest publication, How to Write a Book in 48 Hours. On a separate document, I included these four items:

  1. I’m Dale L. Roberts, a prolific nonfiction author with twenty-nine book awards and over fifty published books. I want to promote my most recent publication was How to Write a Book in 48 Hours. The description is: Discover the essentials of writing and publishing with Dale L. Roberts, a prolific nonfiction author with over 50 titles. This easy guide covers setting timelines, creating content, efficient outlining, editing, and publishing options. Perfect for beginners and those with some experience, make your writing journey simple and start today!
  2. How to Write a Book in 48 Hours, the latest book by Dale L. Roberts.
  3. Dale L. Roberts

I’m all about saving time, so having this stuff ready made it so much easier prompting KIP. Granted, I had to tweak the copy a couple times based on the prompt requests. For the most part, those three items helped. Feel free to swipe the structure as you see fit and make it your own.

Example #1: Blog Ideas Generator

Settings: persuasive, humorous

Title: “The Speedy Writer’s Guide: How to Write a Book in 48 Hours!”


  1. Embrace the Madness: Unleash Your Inner Speedster
    • Emphasize the importance of setting a challenging but achievable timeline.
    • Discuss strategies for staying focused and motivated during the writing process.
    • Highlight the benefits of a time-bound approach, such as increased productivity and overcoming writer’s block.


  • Include a GIF of a marathon runner with a superimposed book cover.
  • Create a time-lapse video of a writer typing furiously on a keyboard.

SEO Keywords:

  • Speed writing tips
  • Write a book fast
Title: “From Chaos to Coherence: Mastering Efficient Outlining”


  1. The Art of Brainstorming: Unleash Your Creative Storm
    • Share techniques for generating ideas and organizing them effectively.
    • Discuss the benefits of mind mapping and other visual outlining methods.
    • Provide tips for structuring your book outline to streamline the writing process.


  • Include an infographic showcasing different brainstorming techniques.
  • Embed a video tutorial on mind mapping.

SEO Keywords:

  • Efficient outlining techniques
  • Book outline tips
Title: “Polishing Your Prose: Editing Hacks for the Time-Strapped Writer”


  1. The Power of the Red Pen: Embrace the Editing Process
    • Discuss the importance of self-editing and seeking professional editing assistance.
    • Share practical tips for editing efficiently, such as using editing software and creating a checklist.
    • Highlight common mistakes to watch out for and how to fix them.


  • Include a before-and-after example of a paragraph, showcasing the impact of editing.
  • Embed a video tutorial on self-editing techniques.

SEO Keywords:

  • Editing hacks
  • Efficient self-editing
Title: “Publishing Options Unveiled: Navigating the World of Book Publishing”


  1. Traditional vs. Self-Publishing: Weighing the Pros and Cons
    • Compare the advantages and disadvantages of traditional publishing and self-publishing.
    • Discuss the different publishing platforms available and their suitability for various authors.
    • Provide insights into marketing strategies for both traditional and self-published authors.


  • Include a comparison chart highlighting the differences between traditional and self-publishing.
  • Embed a podcast interview with a successful author who has experience with both publishing routes.

SEO Keywords:

  • Book publishing options
  • Traditional vs. self-publishing
Title: “Writing Made Simple: A Beginner’s Guide to Authorship”


  1. Getting Started: Overcoming the Blank Page Syndrome
    • Share tips for overcoming writer’s block and finding inspiration.
    • Discuss the importance of establishing a writing routine and setting achievable goals.
    • Provide guidance on finding your writing voice and developing a unique writing style.


  • Include a motivational quote graphic related to writing.
  • Embed a video interview with a bestselling author sharing their writing journey.

SEO Keywords:

  • Beginner’s guide to writing
  • Overcoming writer’s block

Remember, writing a book in 48 hours is no small feat, but with Dale L. Roberts’ expert guidance, it’s possible! So, grab your pen, buckle up, and get ready for a wild writing adventure. Happy writing!

My thoughts of the Blog Ideas Generator output:

I really love the recommendations. The part I like best about using artificial intelligence in this part of my business is that it saves a lot of my creative energy and time. Now, all I have to do is choose a topic and run with it. With suggestions on the title, the content, media, and focus keywords, the Blog Ideas Generator is a real game-changer that I’m confident I’ll use in future book launches.

Example #2: Daily Email Subject Lines

Settings: persuasive, humorous

Here are 5 subject lines for your daily emails, each with a touch of humor and a persuasive tone:

  • Monday:
    • “Master the Art of Writing in Just 48 Hours! 🖋️”
    • “Unlock Your Inner Author: Write a Book in 2 Days! 📚”
  • Tuesday:
    • “From Novice to Novelist: Unleash Your Writing Superpowers! ✨”
    • “Become a Wordsmith Extraordinaire: Tips for Aspiring Authors! 🌟”
  • Wednesday:
    • “Outlining Made Easy: The Secret Sauce to Effortless Writing! 📝”
    • “Plot Twists and Prose: Craft Your Story with Finesse! 📖”
  • Thursday:
    • “Polish Your Prose: Editing Hacks for a Flawless Masterpiece! ✍️”
    • “From Rough Draft to Bestseller: Refine Your Writing Like a Pro! 🏆”
  • Friday:
    • “Publishing Unleashed: Your Guide to Bookish Greatness! 🚀”
    • “Ready, Set, Publish: Share Your Story with the World! 🌎”

Remember, these subject lines are designed to engage your subscribers, provide valuable tips, and entice them to check out your book, “How to Write a Book in 48 Hours.” Happy writing and selling!

My thoughts of the Daily Email Subject Lines output:

Dead freakin’ simple! I can’t like these recommendations enough. In fact, some of these subject lines would make for great titles on an upcoming book. Side note: The emojis seem almost silly, if not, amateurish, but don’t let that fool you. I’ve found my email marketing campaigns perform much better with emojis in the subject line than without. Feel free to test that with your upcoming email broadcasts. You might surprise yourself.

All that to say, I love this prompt. I’m often stumped on the best subject line, so I spend a ton of time searching online for ideas or blindly yelling at ChatGPT to create a better, less generic subject line for my emails.

Example #3: Lead Magnet Ideas

Settings: persuasive, humorous

Sure, I’d be happy to help you come up with some lead magnet ideas for your book, “How to Write a Book in 48 Hours” by Dale L. Roberts. Here are five ideas that will surely attract readers like bees to honey:

  1. Lead Magnet Idea 1: “The Speedy Writer’s Toolkit” – Unleash your inner writing ninja with this exclusive toolkit! Packed with time-saving tips, productivity hacks, and secret techniques, this magnet will have you churning out words faster than a caffeinated cheetah. Say goodbye to writer’s block and hello to lightning-fast book creation!
  2. Lead Magnet Idea 2: “The 48-Hour Writing Challenge” – Ready to put your writing skills to the test? Join our exhilarating challenge and see if you can write a book in just 48 hours! We’ll provide you with a step-by-step guide, motivational pep talks, and even a virtual cheering squad. Get ready to sprint towards literary greatness!
  3. Lead Magnet Idea 3: “The Quick-Start Guide to Self-Publishing” – Don’t let the publishing process intimidate you! This handy guide will walk you through the ins and outs of self-publishing, from formatting your manuscript to navigating the mysterious world of book covers. With our expert tips and tricks, you’ll be hitting that “publish” button with confidence!
  4. Lead Magnet Idea 4: “The Top 10 Writing Hacks for Busy Bees” – Short on time but bursting with creativity? This magnet is tailor-made for busy bees like you! Discover the ten most effective writing hacks that will help you squeeze writing sessions into your jam-packed schedule. From finding pockets of inspiration to banishing distractions, these hacks will make you a productivity powerhouse!
  5. Lead Magnet Idea 5: “The Secret Diary of a 48-Hour Author” – Ever wondered what it’s really like to write a book in just two days? Dive into the hilarious and eye-opening diary of a brave soul who embarked on this wild writing adventure. Laugh, cringe, and learn from their triumphs and tribulations. This magnet is guaranteed to entertain and inspire aspiring authors!

There you have it, five irresistible lead magnet ideas to captivate your audience and entice them to join your writing journey. Good luck, and may the words be ever in your favor!

My thoughts of the Lead Magnet Ideas output:

Also known as a reader magnet or “bribe”, lead magnets play an important role in enticing readers into becoming email subscribers. Can you go without? Sure! Would I recommend it? No, especially if you have everything laid out for you. Some of my best lead magnets were created using Canva (the free version), sending me thousands of new email subscribers. If you’re a nonfiction author, it shouldn’t take you more than a half hour to create an eye-catching one sheet for your lead magnet. If you’re a fiction author, I’d recommend writing a prequel, spin-off, or short novella within the universe of your flagship book. I’ve yet to test this prompt with fiction, so let me know in the comments below if you find anything of interest.

Again, if you want to see over ten other examples of the Prompt Library output, visit my project file at You’ll get a chance to see the layout of Dibbly Create while having access to over a dozen different prompts. By the way, you’ll also see additional prompts at the end of the project file that are featured in this video on YouTube. [INSERT LINK]

Final Thoughts

Gone are the days of toiling over a marketing strategy and banging your head against the wall coming up with solid ideas. Using the Prompt Library reinvigorated my book marketing plans and I can hardly wait to execute on some of these ideas. Again, you can see exactly what Dibbly Create suggested when you visit

This post was only the fourth in an eight-part series. Find out more about writing and publishing books when you catch the previous post about how to outline your next book.

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