How I Use AI in Self-Publishing

How I Use A.I. for Self-Publishing

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How I Use AI in Self-PublishingI heard it once said that everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. It’s not about having time. It’s about making time.

But what do you do when you have a job, relationships, miscellaneous responsibilities, and are doing your best to balance life as an author? Something has to give, especially if you want to get the most out of your time as an author, whether full-time or part-time.

Artificial intelligence (A.I.) is ubiquitous. Seems to be everywhere and everything that everybody’s talking about, yet some still have some reservations.

I totally get it!

The hype beasts on YouTube aren’t helping anything with the get-rich-quick with artificial intelligence.

“Make $15,000 per month if you start using artificial intelligence!” 

Then you also have extreme detractors of artificial intelligence that just believe it’s going to be some Skynet type situation of the robots taking over the world.

There truly is a middle ground here, folks.

My Introduction to Generative A.I.

A.I. for publishing

I started dabbling with generative A.I. around 2021 when I ran a case study on Amazon Ads, and I used generative A.I. to create ad copy.

The results were rather inconclusive. It didn’t get any worse, but it didn’t get any better.

At least I saved time in the process of putting together ad copy for an ad campaign.

Over the past year, I’ve leaned heavily into generative A.I. to streamline my workflow. In fact, the past six months, I’ve worked closely with Dibbly Create as a sponsor, and as you might’ve noticed at the beginning of this post.

Generative A.I. Helps with Brainstorming

My next foray into the world of artificial intelligence was when I was up late one night. And I fed ChatGPT my first ever prompt, and it was just working out some fiction concepts.

I wanted to see what it would bring back. And I wasn’t wanting it to write anything for me, just more so to prompt me. The results were kind of neat.

It was like a friendly conversation with someone who shared a common interest. I bounced ideas off of A.I. and A.I. would shoot back new ideas.

It was a lot of fun. I found myself just really embracing more of what artificial intelligence brings to me as an author. It got me to thinking…

How can it enhance what I already do?

After that, I was inspired and encouraged. I was thinking to myself, You know what? What else can I be able to do in my business that I could leverage artificial intelligence to where I can cut back on some of the time that I’m putting into my business? That way, I could spend more time doing some fun things.

I created some lists for low content books, like puzzle books, activity books, and other similar books. I really was going into it with a more open mind, willing to test out A.I. for the tedious work that’d normally tie me up for minutes to hours.

I believe I was successful in that aspect.

Using Generative A.I. for More Than Writing

So it got me to thinking, What are other things that I do in my business as an author and video creator that I could offload and not diminish my creative value?

Think about it these options:

  • Video descriptions
  • keyword research
  • video short scripts
  • rewriting
  • grammar checking
  • title generation
  • brainstorming
  • And, more!

A.I. is also really good for an info repository, though it’s organized chaos in some instances.

Skip Free ChatGPT, Go to Dibbly Create

The biggest issue with using free ChatGPT, it’s not specifically built to accommodate authors. For the most part.

Enter Dibbly Create.

Dibbly Create is an innovative platform designed to assist authors in crafting textual content with ease, making it the perfect tool for busy authors. The platform offers a wide range of features tailored to streamline the creative process.

ai for publishing

Among the sweet features is KIP, an A.I. chatbot that guides users through the content creation process and assists with various aspects of writing and business. KIP’s, user-friendly interface and helpful prompts provide authors with the support they need to quickly and efficiently create captivating content.

Also, Dibbly Create has a comprehensive prompt library to easily collaborate with A.I. The library enhances the brainstorming and content generation process by providing a wealth of prompts that cater to a variety of writing styles and genres. Beyond these features, Dibbly Create is actively working on expanding options to all accountant holders, making it the one-stop-shop for all authors’ needs.

Get a seven-day free trial of the Dibbly Create Professional plan when you visit my affiliate link at Take it for a spin, you might surprise yourself.

How I Use A.I. in My Publishing Business

I produced a 45-minute presentation for Lulu a while back called YouTube Domination.

Knowing I didn’t have much time to produce the presentation, I absolutely needed a little help. That’s where I leaned on Dibbly Create, because I had it brainstorm some ideas and flesh out a good talk. KIP—Dibbly Create’s A.I. chatbot—gave me a great outline and a couple of prompts anytime I got stuck.

I got to pick and choose some of the areas I liked or disliked in the outline. Once I was done I had over 6,000 words for my 45-minute talk, making the presentation a breeze.

It was a lot of work made easier by leaning a lot on Dibbly Create.

I Wrote a Book in 7 Days with A.I.

I wrote a book in seven days using my iPhone 7 and Dibbly Create.

Now, this is a testament to their accessibility because I was able to use it on this rather antiquated iPhone. It shows you just how well Dibbly Create really works.

Again, KIP created the outline for the book giving me the framework needed to write a good book within one week. I adjusted a few key points, like I did with the Lulu presentation.

From there, I just filled in the blanks.

I was also able to get other things handled by A.I., including:

  • Book description
  • Title suggestions
  • Summary

I Wrote a Book in 24 Hours with A.I.

Feeling rather hyped up about my success with writing a book in seven days, I doubled down and wrote a book in 24 hours using Dibbly Create.

This time around, I didn’t use the iPhone 7 because it’s rather impractical, especially for how small the screen is. I switched to writing on my desktop computer for better efficiency.

The big thing was I had to outline, outline, and outline some more. This was a ton of prep in advance.

Yes, I used KIP for outlining, but I still had to tweak lot of sections and chapters into finer points.

I wanted to write nonstop once I started. And when I mean nonstop, that means I have everything outlined to the Nth degree.

And then if I ran into any issues, I could get immediate answers from KIP when I needed it.

Final Thoughts on Generative A.I. for Publishing

A.I. for publishing

We can all agree that A.I. can’t replace some of the things in our lives, like spending time with family, working out, playing with our pets, doing household chores, and so much more.

It can, however, help cut back busy work so you can focus more time on writing and producing content, or do more things in your personal life instead.

Also, A.I. helps decrease spending on various outsourced tasks.

To be clear, no one’s being put out of a job through me. I’ll still hire a professional human editor or an experienced professional cover designer. I’ll probably still lean on my peers to audit my book descriptions or ad copy. There are some aspects to business that still require human interaction or intervention.

I challenge you to try out A.I. for at least one task you don’t like doing or is your least favorite, whether keyword and niche research or book descriptions or grammar correction or a social media post generation.

The only limitations you have are what you impose on yourself.

Once you figure out what A.I. can assist with, you’ll reclaim time that was otherwise lost on some aspects of your business.

Not sold? Then, find out 10 ways to 10x your self-publishing business using A.I. today in my previous post. See you there!

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