Dibbly Create Review

Dibbly Create Review: Better Than ChatGPT for Writing?

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Dibbly Create ReviewChatGPT. It’s ubiquitous in the space of generative AI. But, it’s not really the best tool for writers. Sure, it can get the job done but at what expense? Your time and sanity. So, what’s better than ChatGPT for writing? My one answer—Dibbly Create.

Over the past six months, I’ve worked with Dibbly Create from closed beta access to what it is today – a platform that combines human creativity and AI to help self-publishers and authors craft books. Their seamless integration of cloud-based word processing and artificial intelligence makes life easier as an author, but it’s much more than you’d think based off a cursory glance.

Let’s cover all of what makes Dibbly Create a stellar alternative to the run-of-the-mill word processors and how it’s the best option for writing and publishing your books. Then, I’ll provide my raw, unfiltered insights on the pros and cons of Dibbly Create for writers.

Universal Features on Dibbly Create

Dibbly Create has two account types—the Free plan and the Professional Plan. Regardless of the plan you choose, you get unlimited projects which is nice because I do a lot of scattered writing. My favorite part of the dashboard is how I can organize my projects into separate folders or even pin specific projects for quick access later on.

Dibbly Create project folders

Back in October 2023, I published a video sharing my experience of writing a book in seven days. At the time, I put Dibbly Create to the test on my old iPhone 7. Though my screen was rather small, Dibbly Create’s interface worked flawlessly. I can personally attest to how they have a mobile-friendly user interface. It never crashed on me nor did it get buggy while I used it.

One of the more recent features to hit Dibbly Create includes integration with the freelance marketplace, The Urban Writers. Get everything from book covers to editors to SEO experts and more. They pretty much have you covered with all aspects of your business. About five years ago, I took them for a test spin for book covers and was pleasantly surprised with the cost and finished product.

This integration makes Dibbly Create the one-stop-shop for all your needs as a writer. All you have to do is visit ChatKIP in the bottom right corner of your account, then ask KIP for what you need. You’ll get a list of options including their name, role, star rating, and a link to the freelancer’s profile. You literally can message that freelancer from within Dibbly Create, again removing any friction you’d otherwise have in any other word processing software or generative-AI interface.

Dibbly Create integration with The Urban Writers

The part that is very helpful is real-time collaboration and full editor access. This ability to share projects with co-authors or editors, again, removes the friction. You can share your project link via a direct email invite and control what they can do whether in “View Only”, “Edit”, or “Comment”.

On my previous videos demonstrating Dibbly Create’s tools, I shared the output from some of the AI features. That was done through the General Link invite in “View Only” mode. The interface is fairly intuitive, so you don’t have to worry about collaborators or editors having a steep learning curve. It’s plug-and-play, so all you’ve gotta do is send an invite and you’re good to go!

Project export is the next feature that allows account holders to export their work in docx in nineteen trim sizes. You can also adjust everything from the Contents…the Headings…and the Body Text.

You also get Historic Versions of Sections so if you need to revive a previous version of your manuscript, click the clock icon in the top right corner. From there, you can select any number of versions that autosaved with Dibbly Create. In the event you need further assistance, reach out to Dibbly Create support by clicking the ellipsis in the top right corner, then Help Center.

And, offline mode is another much-needed feature. If you happen to lose internet service or can’t access internet from where you’re at, Dibbly Create will immediately backup your content once you get access again.

Dibbly Create: The Free Plan

Dibbly Create free plan

The folks at Dibbly Create are acutely aware that some folks can’t afford a premium service or that some authors want to try out limited access before ever making a purchase.

With the free plan, you get 10,000 tokens for use with KIP. I’m still not entirely clear on how to budget my tokens, but from what I understand so far, 10,000 tokens is equal to 7,500 words per month. That’s only relevant to using AI and doesn’t represent what words you can store with them. Once a month, they’ll replenish your tokens so you can continue having fun with KIP.

You have a 1GB storage which is more than sufficient, especially if all you’re doing is writing. I’m hard-pressed in seeing many authors exceeding that. If you do, then you might want to consider purging some projects or upgrading to the pro plan.

Despite not spending a dime on access, Dibbly Create still offers access to the AI assistant KIP, but it’s limited, as you can imagine. But, it’s more than sufficient since you get ChatKIP which is available in the bottom right of the dashboard. You also get access to the Prompt Library which has everything for fiction and nonfiction authors that includes:

  • SEO Article writing
  • Press releases
  • Blog ideas generator
  • Nonfiction & Fiction Book Ideas
  • Character building
  • Fiction City Generator
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • And, about 56 more prompts

I cannot stress enough how invaluable the prompt library is because I’ve spent quite a few hours playing around with other generative AI sites where I have to bang my head against the wall just to get the right output. The Prompt Library removes the friction and hassle and puts out decent content.

Check out some examples when you visit my project folder at DaleLinks.com/PromptLibrary.

Sadly, you will not get access to the other premium features available through KIP Generate, which I’ll cover here shortly.

Lastly, on the free plan you get access to the free project templates which currently includes the ebook template…and the SEO template. You could easily use the templates in coordination with ChatKIP to produce a fully fleshed out manuscript or stellar content.

Dibbly Create: The Professional Plan

The pro plan runs about $22.97 per month or $19.14 per month on the annual plan, where you essentially get two months free. Oh, and quick plug here. You can get a seven-day free trial of the Professional Plan when you visit my affiliate link, DaleLinks.com/DibblyCreate.

On the pro plan, you get 100 times more tokens, and you’re going to need them for the other premium features that are unavailable in the free plan.

You also get up to 10GB of storage. Again, that’s a LOT, so I don’t foresee many authors needing to exceed that amount.

The part that is worth the price of admission is full access to generative AI tools. This includes ChatKIP, Inline KIP—which you can access with forward slash KIP or by selecting the plus symbol in the left-side margins—Highlight KIP, and KIP Generate.

With KIP Generate you get a whole suite of AI tools. Let’s hit them one at a time.

Dibbly Create's KIP Generate

The Amazon researcher gives deep insights into your competition on Amazon, YouTube, and Google. With the Amazon research features, you get category search analysis, search term analysis, and in-depth book analysis. On YouTube and Google, you find out what’s trending away from the Amazon platform, giving you a more global view of your niche.

The book outline generator generates an outline for any of your needs within minutes, whether fiction or nonfiction books. Each outline comes with granular details honoring your requirements while delivering the top 3 objectives, description, key reader takeaways, key questions answered, target audience, reasons for reading, top books in the niche, style/tone, competition analysis, and a fully sorted and organized outline. For nonfiction, they even suggest additional resources for research and citations.

The book description generator takes your entire book, scans the content, and creates a description in seconds. This, of course, supports both fiction and nonfiction books. I always recommend modifying and editing the description, because human intervention can always improve AI output.

One of my favorite tools in KIP generate is the content summarizer. Get any content summarized within seconds. Whether you’re wanting to get a summary of your project within Dibbly Create or uploading a .docx or .pdf, you get a great synopsis of the content. But, that’s not the reason why I love it so much. Insert a YouTube video link and it’ll quickly summarize the content. Who needs 2x speed when you can get the information in a fraction of the time.

Are you stuck on writing a bio? Not sure what to say or how to word it? Then, look no further than the biographer where you can create compelling bios whether for you, your pen names or even characters!

Choosing a title can be dead simple for some folks, but for others, it’s a chore. The title generator removes all the headache and does deep research based on a brief description, the audience, and the category. You can even choose a custom search query based on a keyword phrase related to your niche as opposed to the category.

Lastly, the pro plan offers access to all project templates which includes the ebook and SEO templates. Add to it the German Translation, Plot Outline, Pro Book Description, Non Fiction Outline, Spanish Translation, and Fiction Blurb. Each template comes loaded with everything you need to get a project started right away.

I have it on good authority that Dibbly Create plans to expand the template selection. For now, it’s more than sufficient at the Pro Plan level.

What’s Coming Soon with Dibbly Create

At the time of this recording, Dibbly Create offers beta access for pro plan users to Project Export version two. This new feature allows you to export your manuscript to epub and PDF while allowing you to adjust the layout and view it across a range of devices.

Dibbly Create Export v2

Image Generator is currently in closed beta, but I can safely say it’s pretty freaking sweet. You can use these images for your books, ads, or even social media. Just cue KIP with what you want and let AI handle the rest.

Article Outliner is another one on the horizon where it generates a series of articles based off Google Data. These in-depth outlines help you rank in search engines and stand out from the other websites.

Lastly, the Mobile App is another feature on their road map and I couldn’t be happier. Sure, you can still use Dibbly Create within a mobile browser, but that’s not quite as nice as having a native app on your phone or tablet you can use wherever you go.

The Pros & Cons of Dibbly Create

Now that you have all the details, I’ll give you my thoughts on the pros and cons of Dibbly Create.

The pros include that Dibbly Create is a one-stop shop, eliminating the need to go from one resource to the next in order to finish a book project. Heck, I really only need one browser open when using them. It might seem small, but those extra tabs and to-do items scattered everywhere can slowly chip away at my free time.

Also, KIP is a lot of fun! Though the Prompt Library technically isn’t KIP, it’s still AI. The great news is the Prompt Library is available for everyone, regardless of the account. Should you ever want to refer back to any AI-generated output, Dibbly Create stores it away for easy access later.

Dibbly Create Prompt Library

And, I appreciate the flexibility of Dibbly Create with the offline mode, mobile-friendly interface, and the features that go beyond just writing, like the Prompt Library. If I haven’t made it clear enough yet, I’ll say it again. The Prompt Library is next level!

With the good comes a little bit of the bad, but nothing that I believe is detrimental to Dibbly Create’s functionality.

There are a lot of features that can overwhelm most authors. I’d recommend using it first as a word processor, then slowly test out some tools. It took me about four to five months before I ever touched all the tools. I’ve used everything by now and can comfortably say I use a fraction of them. It’s not that they’re not useful, I just don’t need them all. I think you’ll find that to be the same thing too. Pick and choose what works for your project when you need it and no sooner.

Dibbly Create is barely six months old now, so it’s in its infancy still. So, it’ll have some bugs and issues from time-to-time. Nothing major! Early on, one of my projects got chewed up between sessions. I contacted support and they were able to revive the original document and restore my project. If you run into problems, report them. They don’t know unless you tell them.

And, I can safely say they’re always open to ideas, suggestions, or constructive feedback. Don’t be shy. I’ve been gently urging them to add an import option and they’ve been working around the clock trying to get that set for authors to bring in their own documents to use in Dibbly Create.

Lastly, it’s hard to control or predict my token spend. Every interaction with AI chips away at your monthly stock of tokens. Should you run out, your project doesn’t come to a halt, but you won’t be able to use the AI assistance. I’ve had a few months where I’ve come close to spending all 1,000,000 tokens in a month. I only had one instance of overage where I asked for a top-off. Now, do I expect all account holders to exceed 1,000,000 tokens? Probably not. I do all my writing in Dibbly Create, this includes books, blog posts, and video scripts.

I expressed this concern with the Dibbly Create team and they’re actively working on a way to properly track and budget monthly tokens.

All in all, Dibbly Create is a versatile tool for any writer and far exceeds what you can do with ChatGPT alone. This is a huge reason why I feel Dibbly Create is miles ahead of most generative AI sites and services. Given time to mature and develop, Dibbly Create could possibly be the catch-all tool for not just writers, but all online entrepreneurs and hobbyists.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve got a good idea about Dibbly Create, check out the previous post where I showcased ten ways Dibbly Create can 10x your author business. See you there.

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