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There are many fantastic content creators in self-publishing. Many of them are my friends and I make it my business to promote those people and their content.

I was doing this via social media, but much of it was falling flat and not getting much engagement mostly due to the frequency of my posts. In other words, I was posting A LOT.

Rather than creating posts on social media that have a short lifespan and get lost in the shuffle, I’ve decided to curate this content here on my site.

So, in addition to my News page, this page will be here as a resource of what’s going on in the community.

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September 29, 2023

Self-publishing News: UK Government Passes Online Safety Act

Anything that starts life under the name “online harms” and comes to maturity by the name “online safety” will always have a shade of the Orwellian about it. Last week, a piece of legislation that could have been born to wear that adjective was finally passed into UK law. ALLi’s Self-publishing News Editor reports. 

23,929% increase in book sales: Lesson learned on how to sell more books on Amazon Kindle.

📚 Dreaming of becoming a bestselling author on Amazon Kindle but feel lost in the sea of digital marketing? You’re not alone! In today’s episode, we share an awe-inspiring success story of an author who battled through the challenges of the online world to finally hit a 23,929% increase in her book sales! Yes, you read that right! 

How often should I update my book description? Where do I update my book blurb on KDP or IngramSpark

Why Optimize: 1:30 How Often to Optimize: 2:41 How to test book description: 3:01 Testing by format: 5:11 Amazon KDP: 6:33 ACX: 7:11 IngramSpark: 7:23 Google Play: 8:05 Findaway Voices: 8:20 So we start with a fresh page, do not look at your old book description, and craft something new. Once you have that new text… where does it go? 

Make More Money From Your Books

Whether you’re self publishing books full time or as a side hustle, most of us are always looking for ways to sell more books and make more money online. In today’s video, I introduce you to 4 print on demand platforms that will help you expand your brand and reach more customers. Which, in turn, can help you make more money and grow your business.

How to Emotionally Reach Your Readers, With Jeff Elkins — Self-Publishing Conference Highlight

In this Self-Publishing Conference Highlight, Jeff Elkins discusses how to emotionally reach your readers. It’s not enough to get a reader to pick up our books. We also have to reach them emotionally in order to keep them reading past the first chapter and to inspire them to tell their friends about our stories. The good news is, people are communal in nature. 

72Media Training for Authors: 6 Ways to Become a Go-To Expert

Photo by Sam McGhee on Unsplash Today’s post is by author and media trainer Paula Rizzo . Authors will often say, “I’ll do media when my book comes out!” And I always inform them—it’s too late. In fact, you need to start before you even have a book. I know, I know—but it’s true! Don’t panic. 

How to Build World Class Author Websites

Stu Grant has been working in the publishing industry for over 8 years- largely with the team at Self Publishing Formula and is currently the highest rated Author Website designer on Reedsy (maybe even the world!) with his company Digital Authors Toolkit. Curious about what makes an author website world class? Tune in to find out. //Draft2Digital is where you start your Indie Author Career// 

Successful Rapid-Release Strategies for Indie Authors

Rapid releasing is a powerful strategy that can propel independent authors to success in the ever-competitive world of self-publishing. But it comes with challenges. Find out if rapid releasing is for you. The post appeared first on Self-Publishing Advice Center from the Alliance of Independent Authors.

Writing And Publishing A High Quality Photo Book With Jeremy Bassetti

How can you create a high-quality photo book and publish it on Kickstarter? How do you market a beautiful, high-value book? Jeremy Bassetti talks about his photo book project, Hill of the Skull. In the intro, Slow release book strategies [ ALLi ]; Seth Godin on how he is using ChatGPT ; Consultants using AI worked faster and produced higher quality results [ Ethan Mollick ]

KDP AI Terms Places Limits on Titles: Self-publishing News

Last week, I reported on Amazon’s changes to KDP terms around AI generated content. Authors are now required to disclose the nature of their use of AI. The post appeared first on Self-Publishing Advice Center from the Alliance of Independent Authors.

Episode 63: From Journalist to Novelist in New Zealand with Kelley Tantau

Welcome back to Alchemy for Authors! In this episode I talk with New Zealand journalist and debut author, Kelley Tantau, about her new book The Runaway Man and her journey to publication. Topics we discuss include: How a dream led to what will be a three-book series. How Kelley deals with feedback and critique, and why developing a thick skin is essential for writers. 

How to Write Fantasy Novels: Definition, Tips, and How to Publish

Fantasy novels are some of the most popular novels to write and read. But how can you actually write one, and what sets the genre apart? The post appeared first on Kindlepreneur.

Author Online: Quick Tips

Stepping into the digital realm as an author? 📚💻 Discover essential pointers to build a captivating author website, engage readers, and showcase your works. Navigating the online world is made simple for writers. #AuthorWebsite #DigitalPresence

Counting the Costs: What Self-Publishing Your Book REALLY Means for Your Wallet

🚀💸 From cover design to editing fees, marketing campaigns, and distribution costs, I’m shedding a light on every hidden expense. Whether you’re an aspiring or a seasoned author, arm yourself with knowledge to make informed decisions. Join the journey and unlock the roadmap to cost-effective self-publishing! 📘🌟 🖋️📚💰 ❤️ Share Video: 

Self-publishing News: Audiobooks Haven’t Gone Away – News from Spotify and Nextory

Audiobooks are here to stay. This billion-dollar industry has seen double-digital revenue growth especially for platforms like Spotify. Today, ALLi’s News Editor, Dan Holloway explores the tactics in the audiobook space particularly about audio platforms like Spotify and Nextory. The post appeared first on Self-Publishing Advice Center from the Alliance of Independent Authors.

3 Ways to Use Theme to Deepen Your Story

Photo by Almos Bechtold on Unsplash Today’s post is by author, editor and book coach Sharon Skinner . Theme is a critical element of story, but it is more than just the point you are making. Theme can be used to deepen reader experience, add subplots, increase conflict, ramp up tension, and heighten the overall narrative. 

What’s the difference between a novel and a novella and a short story? Does word count matter?

I love to read short stories from my favorite authors, they are a great way to connect more with their work or pass the time waiting for their next full-length novel. And I like to write short stories. Not every idea I have is good or even novel worthy. Some are about the length of a short story. Let’s dive in an define the different short fiction lengths:

How to Choose Amazon Book Categories in 2023

Amazon has changed the way authors can choose their book categories. At first it may seem more user friendly and easier to use then before. However, that isn’t the case. There is a lot more going on that authors should be aware of and some key things authors need to know with regards to the Amazon Category system. Therefore, in this video, I’m going to show you what changed, how authors should go


Self-Publishing Advice Center from the Alliance of Independent Authors

Self-Publishing News: New Lawsuit Against LibGen Brings Shadow Libraries into the Light

What exactly are shadow libraries? What role do they play in the lives of readers, writers, and technology companies? And why have four publishers in the US this week taken legal action against Library Genesis (LibGen)? The post appeared first on Self-Publishing Advice Center from the Alliance of Independent Authors.

Finding the Funny: 8 Tips on Writing Humor

Photo by Franco Antonio Giovanella on Unsplash Today’s post is by author Joni B. Cole , author of Party Like It’s 2044 : Finding the Funny in Life and Death . When I was in elementary school, I can remember being told by more than a few kids, “You think you’re funny but you’re snot.” Well now, all these years later, the laugh is on those poopyheads because, apparently, I am funny. 

September 7, 2023

Using AI Images In Your Book Cover Design Process With Damon Freeman

How can you expand the possibilities of book cover images with AI? What are some of the controversies and how can authors and designers work together with AI tools to create original design? Book cover designer Damon Freeman discusses his views. 

New IngramSpark Policy

📢 Attention Authors and Publishers! IngramSpark has just rolled out a new policy that changes the minimum wholesale discount to 40%. 📚 If you’re wondering what this means for you, look no further! In this video, we look into the pros and cons of IngramSpark’s new discount rate and how it impacts the publishing community. 👍 The Good: We’ll cover how this may actually benefit certain authors. 👎

How to get traditionally published (9 infallible steps to landing an agent and publishing deal)

Today I decided I want to be traditionally published. Even though I like having the control of self-publishing. Even though I know I can earn more self-publishing. Even though my books routinely outrank and outsell traditionally published books. Even though I don’t need any help with editing, book design or book marketing. I want to be traditionally published because I want to be an insider. 

Make More Money Self Publishing Books with Dibbly Create

Regardless of what type of book you’re self publishing, you can be more efficient and make more money self publishing books with Dibbly Create. 0:00 – Intro 0:37 – Dibbly Create Tutorial 5:53 – Dibbly Create Templates 7:47 – Dibbly Create AI Tools (Artificial Intelligence) 11:59 – Dibbly Create Pricing 13:34 – Dibbly Create Final Thoughts In this video, I’ll show you how Dibbly Create can help you…

How to Write a Cozy Mystery: Definition, Tips, and How to Publish

Cozy mysteries are one of the most popular genres, but how do you write one? Find out in this full guide to cozy mysteries. The post appeared first on Kindlepreneur.

IngramSpark Discount Updates | Self-Publishers Need To Update Wholesale Discount on IngramSpark

Hello IngramSpark Self-Publishers. On August 31, 2023 IngramSpark announced that the new minimum wholesale discount for the United States territory is 40%. Previously the minimum was 30%. If you have your books set for the minimum you need to go in and change it, books that are below the threshold as of October 30 may be removed from the catalog. 


How to Start Your Writing Business: Using Grants and Government Funding to Boost Your Writing Business

by Holly Mortimer We’ve reached the final instalment in our four-part series on how to start and grow your publishing business. Here, we will review some of the current (as of 2023) and ongoing government services available to publishers in Canada and most provinces. Before we start, a few things to keep in mind: Many of these programs are subject to ongoing funding and may or may not continue to…

Acting on Inspiration Anywhere with Kevin Tumlinson – #202

Matty Dalrymple talks with Kevin Tumlinson about ACTING ON INSPIRATION ANYWHERE, including how he wrote a short story, designed its cover, and published it while waiting in line at Disney World; the benefits of the small screen; how the option to write on your phone should be considered an opportunity but not a requirement to produce; the vital consideration of what fills you back up creatively.

How to Write a Coming-of-Age Story: Definition, Tips, and How to Publish

Coming of age stories are common in many genres, from contemporary to fantasy. Learn what makes them great and how to write one. The post appeared first on Kindlepreneur.

Kevin Tumlinson on The Effect of AI on Rapid Release

Kevin Tumlinson on ACTING ON INSPIRATION ANYWHERE #202 The Indy Author Podcast Show notes and links at Full interview at

Kevin Tumlinson on Resisting the Addition to Productivity

Kevin Tumlinson on ACTING ON INSPIRATION ANYWHERE #202 The Indy Author Podcast Show notes and links at Full interview at

Kevin Tumlinson on Telling the Worthwhile Story

Kevin Tumlinson on ACTING ON INSPIRATION ANYWHERE #202 The Indy Author Podcast Show notes and links at Full interview at

Kevin Tumlinson on Finding the Moments that Refill You

Kevin Tumlinson on ACTING ON INSPIRATION ANYWHERE #202 The Indy Author Podcast Show notes and links at Full interview at

Kevin Tumlinson on Writing in the Blank Spaces

Kevin Tumlinson on ACTING ON INSPIRATION ANYWHERE #202 The Indy Author Podcast Show notes and links at Full interview at

Kevin Tumlinson on Adding Layers of Depth

Kevin Tumlinson on ACTING ON INSPIRATION ANYWHERE #202 The Indy Author Podcast Show notes and links at Full interview at

From THE HOT SHEET August 30, 2023: “Kindle Unlimited increases monthly subscription price by $2”

Many thanks to Jane Friedman for allowing me to share this information from THE HOT SHEET! Learn more at

Out with the Old – Web Pages I’m Scrapping #mojosiedlak #authorlife #motivation #bookpublishing

👋 Hey, everyone! Ever wondered what stays and what goes during a website revamp? 🤔 This week I’m checking links, updating pages on one of my websites. I’ even plan to scrap a page or two and update the Shop. 🗑️ I’m talking outdated content, poor performance, and more. 🛠️ 📋 🔔 Don’t forget to subscribe for weekly author goals.🚀 👇 Your feedback is gold! Drop a comment to share your thoughts!

How to Write a Bestseller Book: 6 Easy Steps to a Book Readers Love

Writing a bestseller is no easy task, but there is a method to bestsellers, and you can learn what those patterns are in this article. The post appeared first on Kindlepreneur.

How to Work with an Audiobook Producer: Advice for Indie Authors

What is an audiobook producer and what can a self-published author expect from working with them? Find out with ALLi Guest Blogger and experienced audiobook producer, Sarah Beth Goer. The post appeared first on Self-Publishing Advice Center from the Alliance of Independent Authors.

Producing Visual, High Quality Books, Thinking Differently, and Kickstarter Lessons With Holger Nils Pohl

How might thinking differently help you create clarity in our noisy world? How can you produce a high-quality print book — and successfully fund it on Kickstarter? Holger Nils Pohl discusses these things and more. In the intro, Copyright in an age of AI [ Self Publishing Advice , Monica Leonelle , Ars Technica , The Verge , The Atlantic ; Insider ; Kathryn Goldman ; US Government Copyright Office

How to start a successful blog in a day with chatGPT and AI writing tools… and get 100K visitors.

I’m writing this as a plan for me to follow as I’ve decided on a slightly reckless “business” idea and wanted to share it with you. Case studies are always useful, and I know a lot of would-be bloggers or even business websites are thinking “should I use AI to write articles for me?” How to write blog articles with AI Ok it’s stupid simple but there are tools you can use that are free or cheap. 

A Dive into English Idioms and Their Meanings

I taught English for a few years before getting my PhD in Literature. I was pretty awful with younger kids (one 3 year old punched me), but once they got pretty fluent, we could move on to the funner, but weird English stuff. 

Write, Rinse, Repeat: The Importance of a Daily Routine #mojosiedlak #motivation #authorlife

✍️ Want to finish your book but struggling with consistency? You’re not alone! 😩 In this quick guide, discover the POWER of a consistent writing schedule. 📆 📘 Learn why writing regularly can be your golden ticket to finally completing that manuscript. Tips and tricks to make consistency your best friend in the writing process! 🎯 👍 Found value in this video? 

How to Write a Graphic Novel and Publish It in 6 Easy Steps

Graphic novels are fun to read, but harder to write and publish. Learn how you can do so in this comprehensive article. The post appeared first on Kindlepreneur.

How to edit your first draft – with or without an editor

Editing! Some love it, others despise it – every author is different. But every author must engage in editing at some point, whether they are editing their own work or working with an editor to get the job done. Regardless of which route you take, it’s important to get some foundational editing knowledge before you begin. Remember, however, that editing is, like writing, an art. 

The Art of Building Author Community

Jessie Kwak is an author, business book ghostwriter, and the mastermind behind the Author Alchemy Summit in Portland, Oregon. In this episode we dive deep into why having a supportive author community is one of the most powerful things an author can cultivate. //Draft2Digital is where you start your Indie Author Career// Looking for your path to self-publishing success? 

Lessons from 23 Years as a Self-Publishing Novelist

Photo by karina zhukovskaya Note from Jane: In the earliest days of my career, I served as managing editor of Writer’s Digest magazine, and one of the nicest parts of my job was calling up winners of our writing contests, including the National Self-Published Book Awards. 

7 Self-publishing mistakes holding back your sales…

After deep diving into thousands of Amazon books, I’ve identified the most common self-publishing mistakes that are crippling authors’ success. These pitfalls can drastically affect your book sales and your reputation as an author. But here’s the silver lining – every mistake is an opportunity to learn and excel. 🌟

How to Write an Autobiography and Publish it in 7 Easy Steps

You have a message to share, a life of stories you want to impart on the next generation but have no where to start. Learn how here. The post appeared first on Kindlepreneur.

How To Add Images To Your Low Content Books

In this video, I give you an over the shoulder tutorial on how to add images to your low content books to help you sell more books. If you’re self publishing books, especially low content books, then you know how important it is to make your content stand out. What better way than by adding in a few theme-based images here and there? 

KDP Category Updates and How to Select Book Categories in Amazon KDP

Amazon KDP changed their process and policies on selecting categories for your books a few months ago. The old way: -You could select 2 categories when you upload an eBook or print book -You could request up to 10 categories via Author Central The new way: -You could select 3 categories when you upload an eBook or print book -That’s it. 


How to Read to Elevate Your Writing Practice

Photo by cottonbro studio Today’s post is by book coach Robin Henry . Writers are frequently advised to read more to improve their writing. The problem is, no one seems to tell them how to use reading to elevate their writing practice. Reading alone is not enough—osmosis is not a viable strategy for learning. 

Streamline Your Writing Process with Dibbly Create

📚 Welcome to the future of writing! Tired of juggling multiple tools and platforms to get your book from idea to publication? 🤯 Dibbly Create is here to revolutionize the way you write, research, and publish. 🚀 In this video, I talk about how Dibbly Create combines AI technology with human creativity to streamline your entire writing process. 📝🤖 👇

How to Successfully Pitch Op-Eds and Timely Cultural Pieces

Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash Today’s post is excerpted from Writing That Gets Noticed: Find Your Voice, Become a Better Storyteller, Get Published by Estelle Erasmus . Writing an opinion piece (or op-ed) about a topic in the news or in the zeitgeist is one way to get the attention of editors, even if you are not an experienced writer. 

Narration Quest: Reliability is Key! #mojosiedlak #motivation #bookpublishing #authorlife

Spending the week delving deep into the world of audiobooks, searching for that perfect voice! 🎙️📖 Sometimes they have the perfect voice, but has a diva attitude, with a 10 year old work ethic. #NarratorSearch #AudiobookJourney

How to Publish a Coloring Book That Will Sell: 5 Steps

Coloring books are all the rage on Amazon right now, but how do you even start trying to produce them, much less publish? The post appeared first on Kindlepreneur.

Indie Authors Need to Talk About… Copyright

The indie author’s ability to make a living from writing books rests on the concept and laws of copyright. And indie authors can get very heated when they feel that right is being violated, whether by another person, or a machine. Is copyright broken in the digital age? Should we ditch it and start again. 


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