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Rather than creating posts on social media that have a short lifespan and get lost in the shuffle, I’ve decided to curate this content here on my site.

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December 2, 2022

2 billion creative writing prompts (free story generator)

I’ve been up for days, anxious and paranoid, because I’m excited about a new tool I found on Reddit and immediately reached out to buy. I’ve been thinking about making a “magic 8-ball” tool to generate writing prompts for years so this one caught my eye. 

Finding and Working with an Illustrator | How to Collaborate | Self Publishing Children’s Books |

Check out this video to learn how to find just the right illustrator to bring your children’s book to life… and how to collaborate effectively for the best results. #books #authortube #selfpublishing Thanks for watching the video [Finding and Working with an Illustrator] You can find more information about how to work with me in the links below. 

From THE HOT SHEET 23-NOV-2022: “Cost-cutting at Amazon affects Devices division …”

Many thanks to Jane Friedman for allowing me to share this information from THE HOT SHEET! Learn more at

Amazon Verified Reviews for Books: Everything You Need to Know

Verified purchase reviews are the lifeblood of a high conversion rate. With a lot of reviews, people are more likely to buy your book. The post appeared first on Kindlepreneur.

Self-pub;ishing News: Spotify’s Continuing Audiobooks Roll-out Fails to Smooth out Initial Bumps

Spotify’s roll-out to English-speaking markets outside the US. ?Half of 16-25 year-old readers say BookTok got them into books. The post appeared first on Self-Publishing Advice Center from the Alliance of Independent Authors.

Running Successful Ads For The Holidays

Running successful amazon ads and other ads can be very difficult and very expensive. In today’s video, I’m going to share with you my tips for running successful ads for the holidays. So, if you want to learn how to run successful ads, then you won’t want to miss this video! #KeithWheelerBooks #amazonadvertising 

Nobody Knows Marketing Like Romance Authors: Q&A with Kitty Thomas

Dark and paranormal romance author Kitty Thomas discusses negative attitudes toward the romance genre (including her own before she came to love it), whether writing to a formula is as easy as all that, why she thinks sex scenes are the most difficult thing to write, the heartbreaking nature of publishing, and more.

Campfire vs World Anvil: A Full Comparison of the Best Worldbuilding Tools

Of the many world building tools out there, there are two that stand out above the rest: World Anvil and Campfire. But which is better? The post appeared first on Kindlepreneur.

Does Free Still Work? Indie Author Marketing

You’ve spent weeks, months or even years working on a book. Countless hours of blood, sweat and tears, and now you have to give your work away for free? It can be a hard one to accept, but if you shift your mindset, using “free” as a marketing tactic, a tool in your book promo belt can work wonders for you. 

The Best of The Indy Author Podcast – Episodes 155-159

There are 150+ backlist episodes of THE INDY AUTHOR PODCAST for your listening and viewing pleasure, including: 155 – The Benefits (and Costs) of Membership with Roland Denzel 156 – Character Development Through the Pain and Promise of Life with David Corbett 157 – Literary Citizenship with Jane Friedman 

Isabella Maldonado on Getting into Bookstores

Isabella Maldonado on whether her books published through Thomas & Mercer (an imprint of Amazon Publishing) are stocked in Barnes & Noble – in #161 of The Indy Author Podcast CHOOSING YOUR PUBLISHING PATH Getting value from this content? Please leave a rating and review on your favorite podcast platform, and spread the word to your author friends!

What is Kindle Rewards… get paid for reading? And 10 more amazon changes you probably haven’t heard about yet

I was updated my Amazon page and noticed this new banner: Which took me to the following popup: If my math is right, basically if you spend $60 on bucks, you get $3 back to buy more books. Not a great deal, but it’s something, like a loyalty program. 

November 25, 2022

The Dos and Don’ts of Starting an AuthorTube Channel, With M. K. Williams — Self-Publishing Conference Highlight

In this Self-Publishing Conference Highlight, M. K. Williams discusses the dos and don’ts of starting an AuthorTube channel. What is AuthorTube? Should it be a pillar of your author platform? A fondness for being on camera and some interest in video production is essential, but it’s equally important to know you’re spending your time and effort in the right place. 

Words to Avoid in Writing: Weak Words to Find, Cut, and Replace

When you’re writing your book, it is common to include a lot of words that you don’t need. Learn what you can do to fix it. The post appeared first on Kindlepreneur.

How To Find And Work With A Professional Editor

If you want your book to be the best it can be, then working with a professional editor is the next step. An editor’s job is to take your manuscript and help you improve it through structural changes and story development, line edits, suggestions for new material or sentence refinement, and so much more. 


Getting to Know Fictionary with Kristina Stanley

Can software make you a better writer? Kristina Stanley, who combined her degree in computer mathematics with her success as a bestselling, award-winning author and fiction editor, is sure of it. She created Fictionary to help authors improve the structural editing of their long-form fiction. 

TwitterChat: What should Authors NOT be doing?

On the ALLi Twitter chat (#indieAuthorChat) this week we asked questions about What should Authors NOT be doing? The post appeared first on Self-Publishing Advice Center from the Alliance of Independent Authors.

5 Tips On How To Write The Perfect Picture Book

In this week’s video, I share with you 5 Tips on How to Write the Perfect Picture Book. If you’ve been wanting to write a children’s book, but it seems a bit daunting or maybe you have no clue where to start, then this is the video that will get you out of your own head and writing that first draft in no time. 

Delight any writer or author with one of these 30 writerly gifts

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone else this holiday season, you’ll love this hand-picked selection of writerly gifts. There’s nothing better on a very cold November weekend than watching a sappy, snowy Hallmark Christmas movie in front of a wood fire while searching online for the most writerly gifts ever for authors and writers.

Self-publishing News: TikTok Bookshop

TikTok sells books in app through TikTok shop. Danielle Steel has nearly sold 1 billion books. Fanfix launches Superlink link in bio service. The post appeared first on Self-Publishing Advice Center from the Alliance of Independent Authors.

KWL – 305 – The Voice of a Ghostwriter with Daniel Paisner

#305 – The Voice of a Ghostwriter with Daniel Paisner In this week’s episode, we spoke to Daniel Paisner, ghostwriter of seventeen NYT bestselling books among many, many others. Daniel is also a podcaster and author of his own novels, the latest of which came out this year. 

THE HOT SHEET 09-Nov-2022: “Book Sales Update”

Many thanks to Jane Friedman for allowing me to share this information from THE HOT SHEET! Learn more at

How to develop your brand as an author

There’s no way around it: it’s important, as an indie author, to have a recognizable author brand. Your brand is connected to your work, and who you are as a writer, and sometimes, it can even be intimately connected to who you are as a person, too. Securing an author brand that incorporates the following is incredibly important. 

Black Friday and Cyber Monday ALLi Partner Discounts for 2022

The end of November sees our an annual burst of furious shopping as Black Friday and Cyber Monday supply a bounty of internet bargains. Over at the Alliance of Independent Authors, we love a good bargain, especially when they’re for writers. This year, ALLi partner members have offered a stack of generous deals for writers on all sorts of awesome tools, products, services and more. 

How to Get Back to Writing

Photo by Monstera Today’s post is by author Matthew Duffus ( @DuffusMatthew ). When I finished my MFA in 2005, I didn’t write for a year. Between exhaustion from completing a readable draft of a novel on deadline and the confusion caused by having too many critical voices in my head (thanks, workshop), I didn’t know where to begin, let alone how to get to The End of something.

Dabble Writer Review: Pros, Cons, and Pricing

Dabble is a writing tool claiming it’s “Scrivener without the learning curve.” Let’s put that to the test in this Dabble Writer Review! The post appeared first on Kindlepreneur.

November 18, 2022

How to change the price of your book on Amazon KDP, Google Play, Findaway Voices, & IngramSpark!

AMAZON KDP: 2:22 INGRAMSPARK: 6:54 GOOGLE PLAY: 13:19 FINDAWAY VOICES: 17:30 I get a lot of questions for you all either in the comments on this channel or in my DMs on social media about pricing. Specifically, a lot of you asking why your price is showing up differently on Amazon or B&N from the price you set, and a lot of questions about how you as a self-published author can change your price.

I Can’t Believe I Overlooked This Book Format

By today’s standard, regular print books are usually 10 or 12 point. Large print is typically though just for seniors, but it’s for anyone who struggle to read regular print. Don’t miss out on these customers! 🔔 Subscribe for more self publishing news, tips and tricks: 👉 Share this video: 

TwitterChat: Should Authors Keep Using Twitter?

On the ALLi Twitter chat (#indieAuthorChat) this week we asked questions about Should Authors Keep Using Twitter? The post appeared first on Self-Publishing Advice Center from the Alliance of Independent Authors.

Should I Hire an Editor to Help Cut My Manuscript?

Photo by Nikolaos Dimou Ask the Editor is a column for your questions about the editing process and editors themselves. It’s a place to bring your conundrums and dilemmas and mixed feelings, no matter how big or small. Want to be considered? Learn more and submit your question. This month’s Ask the Editor is sponsored by Legacy Launch Pad’s Bestselling Book Bulletin. 

Children’s Book Ideas: 50+ Prompts to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Whether you’re writing a picture book or a chapter book, this article will give you plenty of prompts to get the creative juices flowing! The post appeared first on Kindlepreneur.

5 easy ways to turn your book into an article marketing machine

Article marketing allows authors to do more of what they love — writing — and less of what many don’t — talking. Is it a fit for you? Are you looking for a free way to reach more readers with information about your book? One that lets you do more of what you’re good at — writing? And that lets you leverage what you’ve already written? 

Mistakes Writers Make about Police Roles and How to Avoid Them with Frank Zafiro – #160

I talk with Frank Zafiro about MISTAKES WRITERS MAKE ABOUT POLICE ROLES AND HOW TO AVOID THEM. We discuss the police department career ladder, the role of the police sergeant, police roles and social media, commanding a SWAT team, how communications can save the day, and how his study of best practices for writing of police reports informed his work as a fiction author. 

From THE HOT SHEET 09-Nov-2022: “Amazon Trend Report: Romance”

Many thanks to Jane Friedman for allowing me to share this information from THE HOT SHEET! Learn more at

Sharon Short on When Backstory Becomes the Story

“I always go back to the mantra, serve the story, which sounds kind of woo woo, but this is the idea that found me and this is the idea that I’m trying to manifest into the world as a story. So to serve that purpose, what do I need to do?” Sharon Short in #159 of The Indy Author Podcast BACKSTORY: ON THE MOUNTAINTOP OR IN THE VALLEY? 

You Don’t Need a Platform If You Can Find an Audience

Today’s post is by author Catherine Baab-Muguira ( @CatBaabMuguira ). In preparing to tell you that you don’t need a huge personal “platform” to get a publishing deal, I feel like a missionary about to knock on your front door, all aquiver with zeal and broad-shouldered with conviction. Like, Hi there, friend! Have you heard the good news? It’s true. 

AI artwork for SEO and blogging

Had a fun thought today about using AI text to image prompt generators to make AI art for SEO and web traffic. It’s short, but bear with me as I list some more general points. 

How to Use a Long-Form Synopsis to Plan Your Novel

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash Today’s post is by author, editor, and book coach Julie Artz ( @julieartz ). Download her Tent Pole Scenes Outline template (discussed below). 

November 11, 2022

Do I Need a Developmental Editor? How Do I Launch a Kickstarter? More Questions Answered by Michael La Ronn and Sacha Black in our Member Q&A Podcast

Do I need a developmental editor? How do I launch a Kickstarter? These are among the questions answered in this month’s AskALLi Member Q&A with Michael La Ronn and Sacha Black. The post appeared first on Self-Publishing Advice Center from the Alliance of Independent Authors.

ReaderScout Review: A New Free Tool for Authors

From the makers of Publisher Rocket and Atticus comes a free plugin to help you stay vigilant about unexpected price changes and new reviews. The post appeared first on Kindlepreneur.

Amazon Printing Press and Pricing Scams: What Authors Need to Know

There have been no shortage of scams throughout the years, and now there are new printing press scams to be aware of. The post appeared first on Kindlepreneur.

Write a Sympathetic Villain Your Readers Will Love to Hate

Today’s post is by story and writing consultant Neil Chase . When most people think of villains as they are writing a novel , they think of evil, heartless characters who are out to destroy or conquer the world. While these types of villains can, at times, be amusing, they can also be one-dimensional and uninteresting. 

The Self Publishing Insiders 100th Episode! Ask Us Anything

W e can hardly believe it ourselves… Self Publishing Insiders with Draft2Digital is TURNING 100! 1 00 episodes, that is. That’s 100 live shows, 100 guests, 100 insights into the industry! Join us for a live Ask Us Anything to celebrate—with some of D2D’s own personalities and influencers, waiting to take any and all questions. RSVP now, and get a reminder on the day of show time! 

Let’s get engaged: How to use social media effectively

A social media pro explains how authors can master social media so the time they spend on social networks yields results, not disappointment. I was so impressed with Amy Rogers Nazarov when we were on a DIY book marketing conference panel together last month that I asked her to write a “how to master social media” guest post for us.

Self-publishing News: Writers Leave Twitter for Mastodon as Several Platforms Offer Enticing New Features

Twitter charges for blue ticks may mean paying for visibility. Writers move to Mastodon but the decentralised platform comes with its own issues. The post appeared first on Self-Publishing Advice Center from the Alliance of Independent Authors.

How to Free Yourself from Endless Revision

Photo by barbourians Today’s post is by author Audrey Kalman ( @audreykalman ). Participants in November’s National Novel Writing Month challenge are cautioned not to rush their work out the door. Indeed, it’s wise not to send the draft completed on November 30 off to agents or editors on December 1, like an overeager chef serving a partially baked cake. 

Apple’s Black Friday Cyber Monday Promo 2022 with Draft2Digital

One of the best promotions for your book! Where to go Draft2Digital: Smashwords:

How to Predict and Profit from Publishing Trends

Whether you’re a firm fan of futurism or you’re a little hesitant at the quantity of technology being created, educating yourself on what’s to come is important to creating a sustainable business. Four women in the publishing industry who have a keen eye for predicting future trends are Alliance of Independent Authors Director Orna Ross, Joanna Penn, Jane Friedman and Becca Syme.

Ryan Fahey on Dealing with Distractions

“There’s this misconception floating around that there are no distractions” with remote work. “But in reality, there are a lot of distractions in the home. There are a lot of distractions at the local coffee shop.” Ryan Fahey in #158 of The Indy Author Podcast WHAT WRITERS CAN LEARN FROM REMOTE WORKERS Getting value from this content? 

Writing And Marketing Diverse Books For Children With Ada-Ari

How can you create an ecosystem of children’s books around a central idea? How can you market books for children? Ada-Ari talks about how she writes, publishes and markets her children’s books based on African folk tales and African languages in the USA.

Best universal book linker tool for authors

I’ve sold 100K books without a universal book linking tool so I’ve never really understood the appeal, but they can also be super useful for specific things so it’s worth discussing the best options to link to your book, author website, amazon page etc. What is a universal book link tool? Basically it works like this: if you’re only on Kindle Unlimited, you just have one link to share.

Help for Technology Challenged Authors with April Cox

April Cox appears at Flourish Writers Conference 2022 to discuss important technology / software for authors and provide valuable recommendations about tools you should consider, where to go for help and how much you should pay. #books #authortube #selfpublishing Thanks for watching the video [ ] . 

How to Format the Heading in a Book: A Complete Guide

We’re all familiar with book headings. They come in many different styles and sizes, but every book has one or more. Learn how to format them. The post appeared first on Kindlepreneur.

How to Write the Appendix in a Book: A Complete Guide

You can think of the appendix as a place for “bonus material” that doesn’t make it into the main body of the book. Learn more. The post appeared first on Kindlepreneur.

Listening In — Bradeigh Godfrey talks women in psychological thriller novels, neuroscience, and more

Listening In is a series of author interviews, featuring authors whose works have been transformed into audiobooks! We’re featuring Bradeigh Godfrey, author of the chilling psychological thriller , Imposter , narrated by Eileen Stevens and Brittany Pressley. 

Book Launch Reviews: Launching with 100+ reviews

Guest Post: By the uber talented Alinka Rutkowska of the aptly named website What do you do on launch day? I watch my reviews flooding in. Of course, it doesn’t just miraculously happen, but after having published over 20 books I have now devised a fool-proof recipe any author can (and should) follow. First things […] The post appeared first on Kindlepreneur.

Editing and Proofreading With Dan Parsons and Melissa Addey: Beginners Self-Publishing Podcast

In today’s Beginners Self-Publishing Podcast: editing and proofreading. Writing a book is impressive but getting yours to a publishable standard is a whole other trial by fire. Doing so requires a stringent quality control process, a team of collaborators, and several editorial stages. 

27 Best black friday deals for authors and writers

I don’t always do a big black friday or cyber monday deal for authors but luckily my pals at Kindlepreneur have put together a massive list of courses, services, software and writing tools. I’ll link to that down below as soon as it’s up but in the meantime, here’s what I’m offering. 

Ryan Fahey on Not Doing Everything

“You’re not only an author and a creator, you’re a business owner, and the books alone can be your business. One of the things I’ve had to do is realize my limitations, that I just can’t do everything.” Ryan Fahey in #158 of The Indy Author Podcast WHAT WRITERS CAN LEARN FROM REMOTE WORKERS 

Ryan Fahey on Managing Boundaries

“What are the small psychological triggers that you can build into your routines and into your days that can help you close one mindset and open another?” Ryan Fahey in #158 of The Indy Author Podcast WHAT WRITERS CAN LEARN FROM REMOTE WORKERS Full list of episodes at Did you find this information useful? Please consider supporting The Indy Author!

What Writers Can Learn from Remote Workers with Ryan Fahey – #158

I talk with Ryan Fahey about WHAT WRITERS CAN LEARN FROM REMOTE WORKERS. We discuss managing boundaries, not doing everything, considering what is filling us versus what’s taking away from us, dealing with distractions, giving yourself a pass, and the difference between connections and community. Do any of those topics pique your interest? Check out 2 MINUTES OF INDY

Why Haven’t You Written Your Novel Yet?

How long have you been thinking about writing a novel? For many writers, it’s been years, perhaps even as long as they can remember. Why haven’t you written your novel yet? Or, if you started once, why didn’t you finish? What stopped you before — and how can you break through that barrier now?

TwitterChat: Top Software for Authors

On the ALLi Twitter chat (#indieAuthorChat) this week we asked questions about Top Software for Authors The post appeared first on Self-Publishing Advice Center from the Alliance of Independent Authors.

November 3, 2022

3 Key Strategies for Effective Fiction—Derived from Neuroscience

Photo by meo Today’s post is by regular contributor Susan DeFreitas ( @manzanitafire ), an award-winning author, editor, and book coach. She offers an online course, Story Medicine , designed to help writers use their power as storytellers to support a more just and verdant world. 

Book Reviews Do’s and Don’ts | How to NOT get more reviews for your book | Amazon Book Review Policy

Amazon has had a murky history with reviews. And this is because of evil people trying to game the system. So Amazon and really any retailer needs customer reviews. Every website you go to every business has a way for people to leave reviews to validate a service or product. When you go to buy anything, I’m guessing you have looked at the product reviews. 

How Long Until I Start Making Money?

Viewers ask me all the time, is KDP worth it in 2022 and beyond. The answer I always give them is YES, if you know what you’re doing! People want to know how long until I start making money with my books. 

Self-publishing News: Disabled Writers Call for Festivals to be Hybrid in 2023

Disabled communities call for future book events to be hybrid and digital platforms start to feel the pinch: what does it mean for creator funds? 

Jane Friedman on The Importance of Authenticity

“This is not a game that was cooked up by publishers. Certainly publishers do benefit when their authors have stronger networks, … but I don’t think publishers’ commitment to marketing and promotion has changed as a result of the literary citizenship theory or who’s adopted it.” Jane Friedman in #157 of The Indy Author Podcast LITERARY CITIZENSHIP 

Jane Friedman on Taking a Strategic Approach

“I don’t know that I would detail for someone all of the ways you’ve supported them, because then it makes it sound like transactional. I guess in some respect this is what we’re leading up to, but it still comes from this genuine place of you enjoying their work.” Jane Friedman in #157 of The Indy Author Podcast LITERARY CITIZENSHIP 

From THE HOT SHEET 26-Oct-2022: “Audible changes its policy on audiobook returns”

Thanks to Jane Friedman for allowing me to share this information from THE HOT SHEET! Subscribe at

Jane Friedman on The Power of Repetition

“There’s a lot of power in repetition or in numerous impressions over time. So you can be more strategic with a particular author you’re reading and enjoying, being consistent in the mentions.” Jane Friedman in #157 of The Indy Author Podcast LITERARY CITIZENSHIP Getting value from this content? 

How to Write Your First Paragraph

Photo by Monstera Today’s post is excerpted from the book The Linchpin Writer: Crafting Your Novel’s Key Moments by John Matthew Fox ( @bookfox ). The first paragraph of a book is quite possibly not only the most important impression a reader will get of your book, it’s also the gateway for you to figure out where to start telling your story.

How to Sell Short Fiction as an Indie Author

Short fiction isn’t usually the first thought a writer has. Usually it’s novel writing or long form fiction. But that doesn’t mean short fiction has no value. Quite the opposite in fact. Today, Alliance of Independent Author members Matty Dalrymple and Mark Leslie Lefebvre discuss how to sell short fiction as an indie author. 

Self-Publishing Best Practices with William Bernhardt

William Bernhardt is an award-winning, bestselling author of over 50 books. A celebrated mentor to aspiring authors, William founded the Red Sneaker Writers Center and hosts the annual WritersCon writers conference to help writers get a jump start on their careers. Join us as we uncover some of William’s keys to publishing success. 

Jane Friedman on Conveying Your Author Identity

“As someone who’s on social media quite a bit, when there is someone who is talking about my work and spreading the word about what I do, I’m always curious. How did they find it? What did they get from it? And I almost always take a look at their profile or their bio or their website. It’s just simple curiosity.” 

Jane Friedman Literary Citizenship on Social Media

Self-promotion is “just not what we go on social media to do. The equivalent in person would be walking into a cocktail party and blasting your business card across the room to everyone and then walking away. That’s not why you’re there. You’re there to have a conversation.” Jane Friedman in #157 of The Indy Author Podcast LITERARY CITIZENSHIP

Jane Friedman on What is Literary Citizenship?

“Literary citizenship is about focusing on and celebrating the literary community. From a marketing and promotion standpoint, it’s about being very public or visible with what you’re reading and doing around books and literary culture.” Jane Friedman in #157 of The Indy Author Podcast LITERARY CITIZENSHIP Full list of episodes at 

October 28, 2022

Format Your Book Yourself Quick & Easy!

When self-publishing books, one of the most frustrating and overlooked steps is book formatting. While the book cover is definitely the key attracter when it comes to grabbing a readers attention, how the book is formatted is one of the key features that keeps them reading. And if they don’t read your entire book, there’s very little chance they’ll leave a review or buy your next book. 

5 Inexpensive Book Covers for Self-Publishing Authors | Cheap Book Covers | #shorts

If you are planning to self-publish your book you’ve already done a ton of work and the costs are starting to tally up. You want your book to look amazing and set it up for success, but you don’t have a couple grand to spend on it either. Here are the top five inexpensive options for getting a great book cover: 100Covers – as the name implies, they started out charging $100 for an eBook cover.

The Secret Sauce to Being a Good Writer

Photo by Nong V on Unsplash Today’s post is by author and editor Michael Mohr . Honestly, the No. 1 thing is: Ignore 99.999% of the industry fluff you hear about online. (Yes, I’m aware of the irony I am demonstrating here.) It’s not that people online are trying to fool you on purpose, necessarily, but rather that they all have their own agenda. (And, frankly, bottom lines.) 

How to Increase Christmas Holiday Book Sales: Simple Tips

This Mastermind session discusses how to plan for higher Christmas sales and things authors can be doing in Q3 and Q4 to maximize Christmas book sales. #books #authortube #selfpublishing Thanks for watching the video [ How to Increase Christmas Book Sales ] . Did you get any ideas or have some of your own to share? 

How to Write a Dedication Page: A Complete Guide

No matter the type of reader you are, if you’re writing a book, you may want to know how to write a dedication page. Read more. The post appeared first on Kindlepreneur.Here’s a controversi

3 top ways to promote poetry from successful poet Raegen Pietrucha

Poetry can be harder to promote than other types of writing, which is why I wanted to be able to help the poets here. I’m not the best person to explain how to promote poetry, though (and I’m good about staying in my lane!), so I set the idea aside for the short term. 

20 Reasons Why Everybody Should Write Short Stories

Photo by K8 on Unsplash Today’s guest post is by Elizabeth Sims ( @ESimsAuthor ). Join her on Nov. 16 for the online class Short Story Writing for Publication . 1. Short stories force you to practice economy of language as well as of plot material. Let’s see, the limit for the contest I want to enter is 2,500 words. How can I write my scenes with maximum impact and minimal words? 

What You Should Know About Writing a Co-Authored Book

Photo by “My Life Through A Lens” on Unsplash Today’s post is by Allison Kelley ( @_alikelley ), co-author of Jokes to Offend Men . When people hear about my feminist, humor book, Jokes to Offend Men , first they ask: Do you actually hate men? (The answer of course is no, only on Thursdays). And then they say: Wait there’s four authors? How does that work? 

How to world-build successfully (in the real world)

World-building in the writer’s realm often seems synonymous with works of sci-fi, fantasy, and historical fiction . Authors can spend hours researching, brainstorming, and drafting vast, complicated worlds for the curiosity and delight of their readers. However, world-building in the real world, our world, is just as important and shouldn’t be overlooked on account of being so familiar.

My KDP Account Got Terminated!

Currently, we are witnessing a high number of KDP accounts being terminated. And unfortunately, the initial email you get from KDP about a terminated account is typically pretty vague. There are many ways your KDP account could be at risk. In today’s video, I’ll discuss some of the main reasons why KDP accounts are being ended recently. Including, how my kdp account got terminated.

Traditional Publishing Myths v Reality. Building a brand and getting a book deal with Rich & Regular

Chapters Who is the team behind Rich & Regular 3:33 Why Self-Publish Book #1? 7:49 Why Traditional Publishing for Book #2? 13:23 Finding an Agent 26:49 The Writing Process 34:40 Book Marketing 43:50 Book Tour 1:00:36 This interview is a long one but packed full of excellent book marketing concepts and strategies that indie and trad pub authors can employ. 

October 21, 2022

Stepping Back To Step Forward With Joanna Penn And Orna Ross

Every month, I record the Advanced Self Publishing Salon with Orna Ross for the Ask ALLi Podcast . Well, it’s usually every month! But we both took some time out recently to reflect on how we want to move forward . You can listen to the episode on the Ask ALLi Podcast on your favorite player. You can watch the video below. Full transcript included below the video. Orna Ross and Joanna Penn on the

Percent of KU and Big Publishers on Amazon: New Feature!!

Thanks to a new feature on Publisher Rocket, authors now have the ability to see the percent of books in KU and the percent of book that are published by large publishers in each and every category on Amazon! Using this information, you can now make better decisions on the level of competitiveness of an Amazon Category, as well as whether or not you should consider entering KU or going wide.

From THE HOT SHEET: “Authors accuse publishers, among others, of undermining libraries”

From Jane Friedman’s email newsletter THE HOT SHEET 2022 10 12: “Authors accuse publishers, 

The Indy Authoramong others, of undermining libraries” Subscribe at

Roland Denzel on How Opportunities Get You Closer to Your Goals

“It’s hard to put a value on things, because there’s hard values and there’s soft values. But you can acknowledge these things and say, does this thing take me closer to my goal or my focus or get me farther away from it?” Roland Denzel in #155 of The Indy Author Podcast THE BENEFITS (AND COSTS) OF MEMBERSHIP Getting value from the podcast? 

KU vs. Wide: Should You Be Exclusive to Amazon or Not?

Are you unsure if you should go exclusive to Amazon with Kindle Unlimited or publish wide on all platforms? See our recommendations. The post appeared first on Kindlepreneur.

5 real good reasons to be an author who’s a public speaker

Professional public speakers have long known that organizations with training budgets view a book as an excellent indicator of expertise and topic knowledge. I discovered this, too, when my humor book, WHY CAN’T A MAN BE MORE LIKE A WOMAN? , was released a couple of decades ago. 

Self-publishing News: Audible’s Change to Returns Policy Not Enough for Rights Holders

Audible’s new returns policy fails to satisfy rights holders. Microsoft bring AI-generated art to everyone with Design and Image Creator. Ingram invests in NFT marketplace The post appeared first on Self-Publishing Advice Center from the Alliance of Independent Authors.

Writing Through the Impossible

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash Today’s post is by author, editor and coach Jessica Conoley ( @jaconoley ). One of the most phenomenal (and underrated) parts of having a creative freelance career, like writing, is our ability to mold the job to our needs. Need flexibility to pick up kids? You’ve got it. Want to learn about poisons of the sixteen hundreds? 

How to Avoid Taking Edits Too Personally

Ask the Editor is a column for your questions about the editing process and editors themselves. It’s a place to bring your conundrums and dilemmas and mixed feelings, no matter how big or small. Want to be considered? Learn more and submit your question. This month’s Ask the Editor is sponsored by 805 Writers Conference. 

How to finish and win nanowrimo (7 ways to rekindle your enthusiasm and motivation while writing)

It’s mid october and I’m frustrated because I want to be prepping for nanowrimo but am still editing last month’s book project. When you fall behind, it’s easy to let depression slip in and feel like nothing is worth it, so you might as well quit. 

Your intro to National Novel Writing Month 2022: advice from the Kobo Writing Life team

Image courtesy of NaNoWriMo. Hi writers! National Novel Writing Month 2022 is fast approaching – we are currently in the thick of preparation month, or Preptober as it is known in NaNoWriMo circles. But wait – slow down! What is National Novel Writing Month? 

The Ultimate Guide to Author Pen Names

You’ve finished a book. You’re an author, congratulations. Now you need to decide if you publish under your name, or a pseudonym. Pen names can have a lot of emotion connected to them or they can be the freeing safety net you didn’t know you needed. But why would you use one? When should you use one? What do you need to consider when choosing? 

Using Weather to Convey Mood in Fiction

Photo by Erik Witsoe on Unsplash Today’s guest post is by writing coach, workshop instructor, and author C. S. Lakin ( @cslakin ). Writers are sometimes told not to write about weather. It’s boring, right? An unimportant element that adds nothing useful to a story. Dry details. Who wants to read about a dark and stormy night? 

Writing Better Nonfiction with Anne Janzer

Anne Janzer is an award-winning author, nonfiction writing coach and marketing practitioner on a mission to help people make a positive impact with their writing. She supports and encourages writers, authors and marketers through her books, blog posts, online courses, webinars, and teaching. Learn more about her by visiting 

Roland Denzel on Creating Your Own Group

If you create your own writer’s group, make it “invitation only. That’s not to sound mean–that’s just to keep it focused on what your goal is. It’s okay to grow, but make sure that you keep it on track.” Roland Denzel in #155 of The Indy Author Podcast THE BENEFITS (AND COSTS) OF MEMBERSHIP Getting value from this content? 

My Secret Simple Way to Find Golden Keywords & Categories for a Best-Selling Book Launch

How do you find golden keyword phrases that are going to get you high traffic and low competition for your book launch? Check out this mentoring session with author Allison Olson and learn my secret way to find golden keywords and identify the best categories for a best-selling book launch. See my secret sauce and look over my shoulder as I do this for Allison.

Wondering how you can connect with your readers? Try this

As a career author, you may often wonder: how do I connect with my readers? Getting a reader interested in your books is one thing, but connecting to your readers an author (and fellow read) can often be a challenge. Keep in mind that some readers have no interest in connecting with the author at all: reading your books is enough for them. 

October 14, 2022

Book Design Plagiarism, Getting Your Book into Bookstores, Negotiating Rights, and More Questions Answered by Michael La Ronn and Sacha Black in our Member Q&A Podcast

How to handle book design plagiarism? That’s among the questions answered in this month’s AskALLi Member Q&A with Michael La Ronn and Sacha Black. The post appeared first on Self-Publishing Advice Center from the Alliance of Independent Authors.

Using AI For Art, Images, And Book Covers With Derek Murphy

Generative art tools like DALL-E, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion are taking AI art into the mainstream. What are the opportunities for authors? What are the problems and controversies to be aware of? I talk about these issues and more with Derek Murphy. 

Roland Denzel on Understanding Your Goals

“You have to know what it is you are trying to get out of that specific group, and sometimes you have to put it on a post-it note and remind yourself until you get used to it. I’m here for this, and it’s great that other people are enjoying it for that, but I’m here for this.” Roland Denzel in #155 of The Indy Author Podcast THE BENEFITS (AND COSTS) OF MEMBERSHIP 

From THE HOT SHEET: “A big victory for authors: Amazon modifies ebook returns policy”

From Jane Friedman’s email newsletter THE HOT SHEET 2022 09 28: “A big victory for authors: Amazon modifies ebook returns policy” Subscribe at

Amazon Bugs: Price Increases, Categories and Terminations

What should you do if Amazon has a glitch that prevents you from earning royalties or having an pleasant user experience? The post appeared first on Kindlepreneur.

Why It’s Better to Write About Money, Not for Money

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash Today’s post is by author Catherine Baab-Muguira ( @CatBaabMuguira ). My neighbor and I were slouched on my couch, watching The Holiday and eating under-baked brownies from the pan, when the email came that changed my life. For seven years, on and off, I’d been pitching national publications, hoping they would accept my essays and journalism. 

The Truth About Software and Generators

It’s time for the dirty truth about self publishing software. Whether you’re self-publishing puzzle books, low content books or writing a novel, you need to know the honest truth about the software that me and other authortubers are telling you about.

How to communicate with your book designer | Book cover feedback | Book Interior Design | #shorts

Did you want that word bolded or italicized? Did you need your graph data updated? Did you want a certain look or feel? SAY SO! Your designer isn’t an expert in your field. They aren’t going to read your book and lovingly add in text formatting where they could “just tell” you missed something. No. You give them the text, they format what you give them. They’re not mind-readers. They’re designers.

What to Do if Amazon Shuts Down Your Account

We’ve all heard the horror stories: authors who find their accounts suspended or terminated completely. But what can you do? The post appeared first on Kindlepreneur.

You Have a Great Idea for a Story. Where Do You Start?

Photo by cottonbro Today’s post is excerpted from Good Naked: How to Write More, Write Better, and Be Happier by Joni B. Cole ( @JoniBCole) . You have a Great Idea for a story. You are so infatuated with this Great Idea that you gush to your friends and fellow writers, “I’m going to write a book about [insert your Great Idea here]!” Your Great Idea takes up residence in your psyche.

The Key Elements of Eye-Catching Book Cover Design

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio Today’s post is an excerpt from the book Can You Make the Title Bigga?: The Chemistry of Book Cover Design by Jessica Bell ( @IamJessicaBell ). The very first thing I’d like to mention is… S p a c e Not the book cover cluttered with galaxies of planets, stars and moons, but the one where you can walk into a room and not trip over the dog. 

Book Launch Parties: 15 Tips for the Best Party Ever!

Want to celebrate your book launch but don’t know if it’s worth it? Check out this guide to book launch parties. The post appeared first on Kindlepreneur.

Indie Author Book Cover Design: What Works in 2022

Everyone knows a book cover is one of the most important parts of your marketing. But what does it really take to create a good cover, an on-genre cover? That’s what Alliance of Independent Authors partner member, Jessica Bell takes over the blog today as she explains what is working in 2022. The post appeared first on Self-Publishing Advice Center from the Alliance of Independent Authors.

Five top tips for marketing your eBook and audiobook pre-orders

It’s no secret that pre-orders are important to the publishing industry, both on a traditional publisher and at a book retailer level. Pre-orders can – and honestly should – be important to you as an indie author, too. 

October 7, 2022

Back to Basics – Self Publishing Terms You Should Know

Hey write-righters, Keith Wheeler here back with another video for you. Today, we’re continuing our Back to Basics series with Self-Publishing Terms You Should Know. Now, I love my viewers and I respect your time and know that many of these terms you may already be aware of. 

Everything about ISBNs before you self publish your book| What are ISBNs and do I need them?

-What is an ISBN? An ISBN is an International Standard Book Number. It is like the social security number for your book. It is specific to the title and format. This is the unique identifier for your book. -Do I need to buy one? Where do I get one? How much will it cost? Needing to purchase an ISBN takes us down some potential paths so for starters, each country has 1 agency that issues ISBNs.

How to Grow Book Sales using Video | Self Publishing Children’s Books |

Check out this informative video where Valerie McTavish joins us and explains all about Video Confidence and how you can boost your Book Sales using Video. Link to check out the 7 Days Video Camp: EARLY BIRD offer price expires October 12th! #books #authortube #selfpublishing 

TwitterChat: Will Spotify shake up the world of audiobooks?

On the ALLi Twitter chat (#indieAuthorChat) this week we asked questions about Will Spotify shake up the world of audiobooks? The post appeared first on Self-Publishing Advice Center from the Alliance of Independent Authors.

When Should Writers Stand Their Ground Versus Defer to an Editor?

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto Welcome to the very first installment of a new column at this site, Ask the Editor! Ask the Editor is a column for your questions about the editing process and editors themselves. It’s a place to bring your conundrums and dilemmas and mixed feelings, no matter how big or small. Want to be considered? Learn more and submit your question. 

7 tried and true ways to light a fire under stalled book marketing

Did you put a lot of time and emotional energy into your book launch? Did you pour your heart, soul, and dreams into announcing your book to the world? And then, did you walk away from it just a few weeks or months later? Maybe you were burned out. Disappointed with sales. Hated putting yourself out there with your book. Or dying to get started on your next project.

Self-publishing News: BookTok Centre Stage at Frankfurt

TikTok takes over Frankfurt as Penguin Random House signs a deal to help BookTok creators promote its books. The post appeared first on Self-Publishing Advice Center from the Alliance of Independent Authors. 

Motivation Doesn’t Finish Books

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash Today’s post is by Allison K Williams ( @GuerillaMemoir ). Join her for the three-part webinar series Memoir Bootcamp , Oct. 19–Nov. 2, 2022. A writer I work with asked, Should I take another class? Or should I just get down to business and crank out the rest of my memoir? 

AI Art: How Will It Affect Indie Authors?

Illustrators, commerical artists, stock photographers, game art developers, and book cover designers are eyeing the dramatic debut of AI art with considerable alarm. Is the pushbutton simplicity of artificial intelligence about to replace professional artists? The post appeared first on Self-Publishing Advice Center from the Alliance of Independent Authors.

Write Small for a Bigger Impact

Photo by Nubia Navarro on Pexels Today’s post is by editor and author Joe Ponepinto ( @JoePonepinto ). Writers have to recognize and accept an essential artistic paradox that the more specific and individual things become, the more universal they feel. That’s from an essay written by Richard Russo a couple of decades ago. 

Wade B. Walton on The Costs and Benefits of Hiring a Pro

“I feel really strongly that professionals should get paid for the work they do. That’s a different rant. But there are often people that won’t charge you an arm and a leg, but you’re still going to get a great result.” Wade B. Walton in #153 of The Indy Author Podcast THE IMPORTANCE OF A PROFESSIONAL PHOTO AND VIDEO PRESENCE 

Wade B. Walton on Letting Your Personality Shine Through

Preparing for a headshot is “a conversation between yourself and your photographer. And I think that, because we’re storytellers, it’s another great spot to tell a story.” Wade B. Walton in #153 of The Indy Author Podcast THE IMPORTANCE OF A PROFESSIONAL PHOTO AND VIDEO PRESENCE Getting value from this content? 

Different Traditional Publishing Experiences With Georgina Cross

Traditional publishing is not a monolithic thing. There are different kinds of publishers, and authors want different things out of a publishing deal and relationship . Georgina Cross talks about her experience with two different traditional publishers and the pros and cons of each. 

Interview with a #Vanlifer | Vampires and Climate Change Short Story Publication

Get Your Copy Today: Amazon Barnes & Noble Google Play Apple Kobo

One Stop for Writers Review: Read This Before Subscribing!

One Stop for Writers is a tool built by writers for writers. But is it worth the cost in today’s market with so many other tools? The post appeared first on Kindlepreneur.

How to get into the book marketing mindset

If you’re a new author or marketing yourself is difficult for you – i.e., it doesn’t come naturally to you, you find yourself feeling anxious or stressed out about the prospect, and so on – then this is the guide for you. 

Crowd Funding for Indie Authors

Crowd funding isn’t a word we usually pair with self-publishing. But it is a word that’s becoming more synonymous. Platforms like Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Unbound are providing more options for entrepreneurial authors who want to give more to their readers and create a different type of connection. It’s the Creator Economy at play. 

How To Build Your Publishing Team: Creative Self-Publishing Podcast with Orna Ross and Howard Lovy

How do you build your publishing team? Welcome to the Creative Self-Publishing podcast with ALLi director, novelist, poet, and creative facilitator Orna Ross, and ALLi News and Podcast Producer Howard Lovy. Every episode, we’ll discuss how to become a profitable self-publisher while also retaining your unique, creative voice. 

Wade B. Walton on Telling a Story with Your Headshot

“What we’re going for here is how to present yourself in a way that you look appealing and like yourself and like somebody that I would want to spend time with.” Wade B. Walton in #153 of The Indy Author Podcast THE IMPORTANCE OF A PROFESSIONAL PHOTO AND VIDEO PRESENCE Have you gotten value from the podcast and said, “I wish I could buy Matty a cup of coffee”? 

Wade B. Walton on Being Aware of Your Video Persona

“How can you be yourself more, especially if you’re presenting to a crowd virtually, how can you picture that crowd out there and get yourself out of the idea of just talking to a screen?” Wade B. Walton in #153 of The Indy Author Podcast THE IMPORTANCE OF A PROFESSIONAL PHOTO AND VIDEO PRESENCE Full list of episodes at 

Wade B. Walton on Matching Your Background to Your Message

“How can I serve that audience or that person at the other end of the content? I get really clear about that person that’s going to hold my book.” Wade B. Walton in #153 of The Indy Author Podcast THE IMPORTANCE OF A PROFESSIONAL PHOTO AND VIDEO PRESENCE Full list of episodes at Did you find this information useful? 

Writing A Kindle Short Read | How To Know What To Write

In today’s video, we talk about writing a kindle short. More specifically, how to know what to write. Perhaps you’ve heard about kindle short reads from previous videos and you know how quickly you can go from concept to selling books, with a short read. But how do you know which topic you should write about? 

How many ISBNs do I need to self-publish my book? | Self-Publishing #shorts

For your ISBN, or International Standard Book Number, you will need 1 for each format of your book. As an example, my book The Infinite-Infinite is available in 4 formats: Hardcover Paperback eBook Audiobook I have 4 ISBNs for this one title. Exactly 4 ISBNs. When I upload my eBook to KDP and then to Smashwords, I’m using the same eBook ISBN. 

Stepping Back to Step Forward: Creative Rest for Indie Authors — Advanced Self-Publishing Podcast With Orna Ross and Joanna Penn

In this month’s Advanced Self-Publishing Podcast ALLi Director Orna Ross and Enterprise Adviser Joanna Penn talk about the importance of creative rest for indie authors and how it is a core part of the writing and publishing process. They share advice on different ways to give yourself a break while and lessons learned from their own recent downtimes. 

She Made $300-$500/Mo from Kindle Vella (secrets revealed!)

What’s all the buzz about Kindle Vella? Should you be using it as part of your author strategy? Check out this video as Angela Castillo who has been able to make $300-$500 per month over the past few months with this platform. Could you be leaving money on the table? Check out the interview and see the many benefits of Kindle Vella to see if it is right for you. 

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