I received some comments recently on this video:

Viewers were looking for the template I used.

I had a small sales funnel set up to sell that template along with a few others, but have since decided to make these available for free. How's that sound?

I don't want something so small like a few template sales to affect your bottom line. I want you to be equipped to profit from self-publishing. To that end, the only thing I'm asking in return is that you opt-in to my mailing list below with your best email.

I promise that you won't be sorry that you did.

I only send out 2 or 3 emails a week at the most:

~ An email highlighting the content I've created for the week and where to find it

~ An email with actionable information to help you with all aspects of self-publishing

If you receive an other emails, it will be from my series of tips generated by the second email above. These were too good to just let them go in inboxes to die. I add the evergreen ones into a series so you don't miss out on the valuable information I send out to my subscribers.

Sometimes, I have exclusive offers that I only send out to email subscribers. Most recently, I had some codes for free audiobooks that I shared.

So, please consider opting in below to receive not only these great templates but also all of the information and perks you can only get by subscribing below.

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