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⇒ Repurpose Your Live Content Into a Published Book – May 18 at 12p EDT

 Find out how to live stream your next book and why it’s easier than you think.


I’ve solved your book marketing woes with one free, comprehensive resource. Work at your own pace with this post and PDF:

I’m accepting beta readers for my post-apocalyptic horror on Kindle Vella.
My only requirement is that you be a reader in this genre.
If you’re interested, you know what to do –



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⇒  5 Best Free Tools for Self Publishing a Book – May 23 @ 12:15pm EDT

Are you self publishing a book online and not sure what tools you can find for free? Then, check out the five best free tools and resources. Whether you need Amazon Kindle research or ways to track your earnings, these tools are right for you!
Break on May 30th and June 6.

Inkers Con – June 3-5, 2022

Dallas, TX
I’ll be speaking about Amplifying Your Book’s Discovery on Amazon. Why do some books fall directly into readers’ hands while others hide in obscurity? This class will unlock the secrets to pushing your books into a reader’s search results in this class on Amazon keywords and metadata. This talk will NOT be seen anywhere else and is unique to this conference.
My wife, Kelli, and I will be in Dallas for a few days, so if you attend the conference, we’ll be able to chat and hang out with you and the other authors. It’s an intimate conference, meaning, it’s not large at all. We’ll have ample opportunity to chat.

I Spent Tens of Thousands on Fiverr Gigs & Learned This – June 13 @ 12:15pm EDT

Since first publishing in 2014, I’ve gone to one place repeatedly for my self-publishing needs – Fiverr. But, this freelance platform can be difficult to understand and use for first timers. That’s why I’ll share how I find the best freelancers on the platform and what I do to keep working with them.

Book Cover Design: Who Does the Best? – June 20 @ 12:15pm EDT

Are you looking for graphic designers who can do the best book cover design? Then, consider these options before ordering your next book cover. You’ll also learn how to craft the perfect design brief, how to communicate with your designer and so much more!

5 Best Book Typesetting & Formatting Services – June 27 @ 12:15pm EDT

Though you can format your book’s interior, I still recommend hiring a professional to do it for you. Book typesetting and formatting requires years of experience and practice. And you simply can’t leave your reading experience to chance or lenient readers. That’s why I’ll share the five best book formatting services I’ve used.

Event Archive
Alliance Of Independent Authors: Most Underrated Service – May 16 @ 12:15pm EDT

The Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) is a nonprofit organization established for authors by authors. But what all does it entail? And why aren’t more people talking about ALLi? Find out why ALLi is the perfect service for all indie authors and how they are the most underrated service in self-publishing today.

Publisher Rocket: The Ultimate Author Tool? – Apr. 25 @ 12:15pm EDT

Are you looking to step up your marketing and promotion game? Would you like to sell more books without all the guesswork? Then, find out why I believe all authors building a self-publishing business should have Publisher Rocket. Find out why Rocket is the best for getting keywords and categories, running Amazon advertising campaigns, and checking out the competition.

Is ProWritingAid the Best Grammar Checking Software? – May 2 @ 12:15pm EDT

I’ve tried many grammar checkers online, but most programs don’t measure up to the choice few. You may have heard of and use grammar checking programs like Grammarly, WhiteSmoke, Ginger, Hemingway, and Textly, but what about ProWritingAid? Where does it stand among its competitors? And why do I heavily endorse ProWritingAid? Find out my full thoughts and why I believe ProWritingAid is the best grammar checking software today!

Better Book Marketing Starts with Book Brush – May 9 @ 12:15pm EDT

Are you looking for ways to improve your book marketing efforts? Would you like a resource that handles all your graphic design needs for promoting your books? Then, look no further than Book Brush! Whether you want to create your own book cover, make A+ content for your Amazon product page, or produce a book trailer, Book Brush has what you need.
[UPCOMING PODCAST] Why I’m NOT Publishing No Content Books on Amazon – Mar. 28 @ 12:15p EDT
In late-2015, I stumbled over a HUGE secret in the self publishing industry – no content and low content book publishing. Diaries, notebooks, planners, and workbooks all contribute to this self-publishing craze. Over the past few years, aspiring online entrepreneurs flocked to Amazon KDP for publishing books in an unorthodox fashion. Find out how I got into no content books, why Kindle Direct Publishing used to be the best place to publish them, and how some interiors can create issues with the folks at KDP.

⇒ [UPCOMING PODCAST] No Luck Selling Books on Amazon KDP? Do This… – Mar. 21 @ 12:15p EDT

Are you having no luck selling books on Amazon KDP? Would you like to know why you can’t sell more self-published books? And I don’t just mean fiction and nonfiction books. I’m talking about no and low content book publishing too. Find out how you can sell more on Kindle and paperback in 2022.

⇒ Content Marketing Strategy 2022: Will It Sell More Books? – Mar. 14 @ 12:15p EST

Do you want to know how to market your book business? Would you like a content marketing strategy that’s practical and proven? Then, find out what is content marketing and why it can be the best way to advertise your author brand online. In this tutorial, you’ll learn where you should be on social media to sell more books and how you don’t have to sell your soul to when big on the internet.

And, hey, I get it! You don’t want to be on Instagram or TikTok? Totally fine! In fact, I’m going to share tips on how to avoid the places you don’t want to be and how content creation for digital marketing requires a few steps and one solid plan.

⇒ Author’s Republic vs AudioBooks Unleashed – Mon., Mar. 7

Are you publishing an audiobook and not sure where to go? Have you considered Author’s Republic or Audiobooks Unleashed? Find out how one avenue leverages Findaway Voices and how each use Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX) to publish on Audible. There are pros and cons to each business and most self published authors need more details. Discover who is the best in this battle between Author’s Republic vs Audiobooks Unleashed.

Andy Slinger of Digital Marketing for Authors – Mar. 3

We’re discussing all things book marketing and beyond.

ACX vs Findaway Voices: Best Audiobook Publisher – Feb. 28

Would you like to know how two audiobook publishing companies compare? Have you looked into publishing audiobooks on Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX) or Findaway Voices? Find out why Audible isn’t the only game in town and how the Amazon marketplace isn’t the only business in town. Find out more in this review!

⇒ Gumroad vs PayPal vs Stripe: Sell Digital Products & eBooks – Feb. 21

Are you an author trying to run a profitable small business without using the normal self-publishing avenues? Do you want to sell your ebooks and digital products without being gouged on fees and revenue shares? Then, consider looking into one of these three options in Gumroad vs PayPal vs Stripe.

⇒ Streetlib vs Tablo: Are They Legit? – Feb. 14

Are you self publishing a book soon? Have you heard of Streetlib or Tablo for aggregate publishing? Then, tune into this review.

⇒ Smashwords vs Draft2digital vs PublishDrive – Feb. 7

Are you confused about the best option is for publishing distribution? Would you like to know how the companies Draft2Digital, Smashwords and PublishDrive measure up against each other? Find out the pros and cons of these aggregate publishing companies.

⇒ Gamify & Grow Your Reader Base with This… – Feb. 3

NOTES: Growing your reader base isn’t always easy, but when you gamify the system and work with other authors in your niche, you’ll see explosive results. Here we chat with Jonny Andrews from Author Platform Rocket about getting more email subscribers, sending more traffic to our websites, and other promotion ideas you may have not thought about yet. Reserve your seat now because this’ll be a masterclass in book sales.

Blurb vs Lulu: Overpriced or Underrated? – Jan. 31

Quite a few people rave about the print book quality from Blurb and their contemporaries, But, if you’re publishing books on Lulu or Blurb, you’ll notice the HUGE increase in cost compared to their competitors. While Lulu xPress easily integrates with Shopify and provides great dropshipping, is the product worth the price and wait time? Also, how does self publishing on Blurb work? We’re going to review all the pros and cons of Lulu Press and Blurb in this podcast.

BookBaby vs IngramSpark: To Share Profits or Not – Jan. 17

Self publishing a book for free has its drawbacks. Sure, getting online distribution to Amazon KDP can be worth it, but are there other viable options. Enter IngramSpark and BookBaby. Each platform offers ways to self-publish books, but which one is best? We’re going to take a deep dive into a BookBaby vs IngramSpark review.Find out how Ingram Spark compares to Book Baby. Also, what publisher does the best novel in the hardcover edition? Is Bookbaby a vanity press? And, are all the reviews correct when they call the company “Ingram Sparks”? (HINT: It’s a singular single word.)

Apple vs Kobo Books: What’s the Best for Authors? – Jan. 24

Among the top Amazon alternatives, Apple Books for Authors and Kobo Writing Life provide an outlet for publishing books online beyond the online juggernaut. When Apple iBooks rebranded as Apple Books for Authors, many people wondered if anything else would change. With Kobo, authors continue to self publish a book on the platform while landing in places like Walmart and more. In this Apple vs Kobo Books review, discover what’s the best option for your needs.

Amazon KDP vs Barnes And Noble Press: Who’s Best? – Jan. 10

Are you interested in self publishing books online? Would you like to know what’s the best option? Let’s compare two viable avenues in this Amazon KDP vs Barnes and Noble Press review. Who is the best self-publishing platform for hardcover books? Is it Kindle Direct Publishing? Or, the company that brings readers the Nook? Now, is the best time to publish, especially for beginners. Learn more on these self publishing platform when we condense two reviews down into one.

I Used 4 Apps to Grammar Check My Book – Dec. 27

Between ProWritingAid, Grammarly, Hemingway, and Microsoft Word, what app works best to grammar check and proof your work? Should you spend the extra money? Or, are the free grammar checking apps worth it? Find out in this podcast!

I Had Artificial Intelligence Write Up My Ad – Dec. 20

Between, Jarvis, and, copywriting is more accessible and easier to learn. But, are these AI writing services any good? Do they show any promise? And, are they really necessary for authors and self-publishers? Let’s discuss it.

Many Growing Concerns Over IngramSpark Publishing – Dec. 13

Are you self-publishing your books through IngramSpark publishing? Were you aware Ingram stands a LOT to gain out of your wholesale discounts? Or how accepting returns can leave you thousands of dollars in debt while getting ALL new books printed in lieu of the real returns? What’s going on at IngramSpark? And can we trust the platform anymore? Find out all that and more in this podcast.
Best Book Marketing Strategies and Tips For AuthorsNov. 30
Would you like the best book marketing strategies and tips for authors going into 2022? Imagine learning from mind behind the book marketing tool with the built-in community for authors, StoryOrigin. Learn a practical book marketing plan and other book marketing ideas in this exclusive interview with Evan Gow.

Callie Chase Conquers Kindle Vella with BUG – Nov. 16

Kindle Vella is an amazing new opportunity. But, what’s the secret to becoming one of the top series on the Kindle Vella platform? And, if publishing frequent episodes is the key to getting any traction, how do we start? Author Callie Chase will share what it took for her to be among the top 20 books in Kindle Vella while producing up to three episodes a week.
Join us for this exclusive live interview with Callie and get deeper insights into success on the Kindle Vella platform! There’ll be a live Q&A right after the interview.

Author Sales Funnels for Beginners – Nov. 15

While most authors focus on writing as many books as they can to increase their paydays, other savvy self-publishers are using sales funnels to earn a substantial living beyond book royalties. Find out more about author sales funnels for beginners in this podcast!

#Audiblegate: Is Publishing Audiobooks on Audible Safe? – Nov. 1

It’s been over a year since Audible was caught fleecing authors of their earnings while encouraging customers to return audiobooks like a library checkout system. All authors, from self-published to traditionally published, suffered from this egregious error. Has Audible course corrected? What about the lawsuit? Any good news yet? Find out in this year in review of the Audiblegate fiasco.

Marketing Plan for Your Book Launch – Oct. 25

You wrote the book, then you published it. For whatever reason, sales are non-existent and you’re confused about why. It all comes down to your book launch. Imagine getting a book marketing plan you can use for your newly self-published book. What if you could get a step-by-step process on what you should do and in what order? Tune in for the answers!

Inside the Mind Behind Kindle Vella – Oct. 20

Would you like an inside look into who led the initial ideation, strategy and launch of the brand-new Kindle Vella reading experience? We’re chatting with Virginia Milner, principal product manager for Kindle Direct Publishing and head of Kindle Vella, about the new self-publishing option for author serials.

5 Alternatives to Amazon Advertising for Books – Oct. 18

Amazon Advertising for books published through KDP is all everyone talks about. Isn’t there another way to promote your books without having to become an ads wizard on Amazon? Get the five best alternatives to Amazon Advertising.