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Greetings, my dear friends. I’ve created this page to keep you informed. Rather than junking up your inbox with everything I’m doing and all the places you can see me, I put all of that info in one simple place. 

You may see me posting this to social media as well. So, if you caught a post, but missed the time, know you can come here and get the info you need.

Events and happenings are listed below in the order of occurrence.

Looking for a past event? Check the archive at the bottom of this page.

What’s Happening Now

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I released my fiction horror debut on Kindle Vella! Check it out!

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⇒ Sell More Books with a Writing Coach? – Oct. 17 @ 12:15PM EDT

Earlier this year, I pivoted from nonfiction to fiction writing, but I knew I’d need help perfecting my craft. That’s why I hired writing coach, Jeanne De Vita – aka Callie Chase – to help me write better. Initially, my plan was to publish on Kindle Vella, but I’m looking to expand into selling more books through Amazon KDP. Find out how authors should hire a pro and will it help you sell more books?

⇒ Why I’m Done with Amazon Kindle Vella – Oct. 24 @ 12:15PM EDT

In July 2021, Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing launched the new program, Kindle Vella. Since its launch, KDP has seen its share of authors publishing only to leave this format for the KDP Select Program. Why is that? To date, countless authors continue violating guidelines and rules leaving others to wonder if it’s really worth it. Find out why I’m done with Kindle Vella and what I plan to release my next books.

⇒ Scariest Self-Publishing Companies & Services Halloween – Oct. 31 @ 12:15PM EDT

While I’ve done my best to highlight great self-publishing companies and services, there are still many scams and a bad company or two that could mess things up for you. Find out where you shouldn’t publish your book in 2022 and who you should use to distribute your book to Amazon and beyond. I’ll be calling out a few of these companies on this podcast, so grab your popcorn and get ready for show!

⇒ Writing a Book with NO Money – Nov. 7 @ 12:15PM EST

Are you strapped for cash but want to write a book and publish it? Would you like to know how writing a book with no money is possible? Discover how publishing on a budget is completely possible based on my experience. Start your next short story or novel without worrying about breaking the bank. Good for beginners and intermediate authors.

⇒ Self-Publishing Books on Amazon with NO Money – Nov. 21 @ 12:15PM EST

Do you want to publish your book on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, but lacking the budget to do it? Find out how to self-publish a book on KDP with no money and whether it is a good idea for all your books.

⇒ Book Marketing with NO Money – Nov. 28 @ 12:15PM EST

Are you looking for ways for book marketing on Amazon KDP with no money? Are you one of many struggling authors looking for ways to self-publish and promote a book for free? Then, find out how to market and promote your books through Kindle Direct Publishing. You’ll find out it’s possible to sell more books with these tips and strategies for book promotion.

⇒ Getting Book Reviews on KDP with NO Money – Cyber Monday – Dec. 5 @ 12:15PM EST

Getting book reviews on KDP with no money is 100% possible, but where do you start and who can you trust? Find out how to get a review for your self-published book on Amazon and sister company Goodreads without violating the rules. Also, find out how marketing your book is so much easier with these book reviews regardless of good or bad.

⇒ Stupid & Avoidable Self-Publishing Mistakes – Dec. 12 @ 12:15PM EST

After eight years in the self-publishing business, I’ve done and seen my share of stupid and avoidable mistakes. While some self-publishing companies are forgiving, some are not – like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. Get tips and advice on how to write and publish a book while you avoid making the same mistakes other indie published authors have made.

⇒ NEW Writing & Publishing Strategy (2023) – Dec. 19 @ 12:15PM EST

Going into 2023, I’m armed with a new strategy for publishing on KDP and beyond. Find out how I plan to leverage Kindle Direct Publishing and IngramSpark and what marketing strategies I’ll be using. We’ll discuss my ideas for self-publishing a novel series on Amazon, and when I plan to release my first fiction publication via ebook, paperback, hardcover, and audiobook. Get all that and more tips for indie authors looking to publish on Amazon KDP in 2023.


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Event Archive

⇒ Is Kindle Vella Broke on Amazon KDP? – Oct. 10 @ 12:15PM EDT

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing officially launched Kindle Vella in July 2022. Since its inception, many self-published authors wonder if it is worth their time. Sure, KDP compensates authors with a monthly bonus in addition to royalties from stories sold on their platform. Meanwhile, some authors abuse the system and inflate their earnings through illicit practices. Get the one-year update and review of Kindle Vella and what you can expect in 2022 and beyond.

⇒ Best KDP Marketing Strategies for Holidays – Oct. 3 @ 12:15PM EDT

Heading into the holidays, authors often wonder what the best marketing strategies are to sell more books on Amazon KDP. Discover how Kindle Direct Publishing offers you unique ways to self-publish and market your books. Also, find out how you can further monetize your book and content with a few tips for affiliate marketing strategy.

⇒ Best Book Launch Strategy for Amazon KDP – Sept. 26 @ 12:15PM EDT

We all wish self-publishing on Amazon was as simple as pressing the publish button and magically we get readers. Sadly, launching a successful book requires a better plan with a practical and proven strategy. Find out how to launch your next book – good for beginners and intermediate self-publishers. So, before you write your next book, find out the best book launches online in 2022 and what you can do to implement their strategies.

10 Best Amazon KDP Resources & Channels – Mon., Aug. 29 @ 12:15p EDT

While our channels cover Amazon KDP extensively, you’ll find additional resources and YouTube channels who’ll help you in your self-publishing journey. Find out my preferred content creators covering Kindle Direct Publishing in 2022. Discover how these resources will help give you marketing tips, sell more books, and make money as a self published author.

⇒ Best Time to Publish on Amazon KDP – Sept. 5 @12:15PM EDT

Are you going to be self-publishing a book on Kindle Direct Publishing? Not sure when you should publish on Amazon KDP? Then, let’s discuss the most practical steps to publishing at the right time for ebook, paperback, and hardcover. Find out what you need to make money online from your books by releasing at the right time.

⇒ Best Pricing Strategy for Amazon KDP – Sept. 12 @ 12:15PM EDT

Are you self-publishing your book on Kindle Direct Publishing? Would you like to know the best pricing strategies for Amazon KDP in 2022? Then, let’s discuss how to price your ebook, paperback, and hardcover books that makes the most of the royalty structure while delivering value to the reader. And, you might just learn new ways you haven’t used and could make a huge difference in your author business.

Amazon KDP: Ads Certification Course – Mon., Aug. 8 @ 12:15p EDT

Do you want to sell more books on Amazon? Have you considered using Amazon Advertising? Then, tap into the Amazon Advertising Certification Courses. I took all the Amazon Ads courses and share some insights about marketing with the Amazon ads. Find out the strategy they recommend most, why product optimization can make or break the success of your book and how EVERY other KDP course about ads is dead wrong. Find out why in this breakdown of the ads platform on Amazon.

Amazon KDP: Keyword & Category Research – Mon., Aug. 15 @ 12:15p EDT

Do you want to sell more books on Amazon? Then, you MUST dial in your search engine optimization. But, how do you influence SEO on KDP? Discover how your Kindle publishing keywords and categories are critical to discoverability on Amazon. Also, let’s address how the 7 backend keywords should be used and not used in 2022.

⇒  Amazon KDP Alternatives: 10 Best Options – Mon., Aug. 22 @ 12:15p EDT

Over the past couple months, we’ve discussed all the highs, lows and in-betweens on Amazon KDP. What if you’re looking for an alternative to Kindle Direct Publishing? Then, you need to know the 10 best options for self publishing online. IngramSpark, Lulu Press, Barnes & Noble Press, PublishDrive, Draft2Digital, Blurb, Apple Books for Authors, Kobo Writing Life, Google Play Books, and Streetlib are all viable alternatives to KDP. But, how do they compare to Amazon’s platform? Find out in this podcast!

Amazon KDP: Hidden & Unused Features – Mon., Aug. 1 @ 12:15p EDT

While most Amazon KDP account holders rejoiced over the recent addition of A+ content, they missed a few other hidden and unused features on the Kindle Direct Publishing platform. Are you looking to sell more books? Do you need a few more tips for marketing your self published book? Then, find out how you can make the most of KDP with these unique options.

Amazon KDP: 10 Weird & Misunderstood RulesMon., July 25 @ 12:15p EDT

NOTES: After reading the entire KDP terms and conditions, I found a few guidelines and rules to be weird and possibly misunderstood. We’re going to deep dive into the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing rules and review some terminology, creating confusion.

Amazon KDP: Reading Terms and Conditions – Mon., July 11 @ 12:15p EDT

What are the Amazon KDP terms and conditions? Have YOU read them before? If not, you’re in luck! I’m going to read the ENTIRE Kindle Direct Publishing Terms and Conditions. Remember, the rules and guidelines can and will change after this video, so be sure to review their guide every so often. Buckle up, grab some popcorn, and tune in as I read over 44,000 words in the KDP Terms and Conditions.

Help! My Books Won’t Sell, What Gives?! – Keynote Speech at Authortube Writing Conference – Wed., July 13 at 3:30pm EDT

Have you been trying to sell more books yet getting nowhere fast? Do you want to know why Amazon isn’t selling what you’re publishing? Find out how to increase book sales on KDP and beyond. Would you like to learn what improves book sales and what won’t move the needle an iota? This deep dive is ideal for beginners to intermediate self-published authors. More details at

Inkers Con Digital Conference – July 13-16, 2022 (take $50 off with coupon code DALE22)
Anyone who missed the in-person conference shouldn’t sweat it, because Inkers Con organizers are delivering all the speakers plus additional talks and live author roundtables. Also, attendees will get access to my opening presentation for the in-person Inkers Con, Amplifying Your Book’s Discovery on Amazon (description below). You will NOT see this talk anywhere else, it’s an Inkers Con-exclusive!
Learn why some books fall directly into readers’ hands while others hide in obscurity and the secrets to pushing your books into a reader’s search results in this class on Amazon keywords and metadata.

Amazon KDP: Sell More Books Doing This – Mon., July 18 @ 12:15p EDT

Are you self publishing on Amazon KDP, but unable to sell more books? Would you like to know the best marketing strategies and tips for indie authors to succeed on Kindle Direct Publishing? Then, let’s deep dive into some of the best tools and tactics to level up your Amazon KDP business today!

Amazon KDP: The True Cost of Self-Publishing – Mon., July 4 @ 12:15p EDT

How much does it cost to self publish on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing in 2022? Do the royalties   suit the upfront investment? While you get decent pay, upon further research, you’ll find KDP is doing something altogether different for your book. Find out if the true cost of self-publishing on Amazon KDP is worth it today.
I Spent Tens of Thousands on Fiverr Gigs & Learned This – June 13 @ 12:15pm EDT

Since first publishing in 2014, I’ve gone to one place repeatedly for my self-publishing needs – Fiverr. But, this freelance platform can be difficult to understand and use for first timers. That’s why I’ll share how I find the best freelancers on the platform and what I do to keep working with them.

Inkers Con – June 3-5, 2022

Dallas, TX
I’ll be speaking about Amplifying Your Book’s Discovery on Amazon. Why do some books fall directly into readers’ hands while others hide in obscurity? This class will unlock the secrets to pushing your books into a reader’s search results in this class on Amazon keywords and metadata. This talk will NOT be seen anywhere else and is unique to this conference.
My wife, Kelli, and I will be in Dallas for a few days, so if you attend the conference, we’ll be able to chat and hang out with you and the other authors. It’s an intimate conference, meaning, it’s not large at all. We’ll have ample opportunity to chat.

⇒  5 Best Free Tools for Self Publishing a Book – May 23 @ 12:15pm EDT

Are you self publishing a book online and not sure what tools you can find for free? Then, check out the five best free tools and resources. Whether you need Amazon Kindle research or ways to track your earnings, these tools are right for you!

⇒ Repurpose Your Live Content Into a Published Book – May 18 at 12p EDT

 Find out how to live stream your next book and why it’s easier than you think.
Alliance Of Independent Authors: Most Underrated Service – May 16 @ 12:15pm EDT

The Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) is a nonprofit organization established for authors by authors. But what all does it entail? And why aren’t more people talking about ALLi? Find out why ALLi is the perfect service for all indie authors and how they are the most underrated service in self-publishing today.

Publisher Rocket: The Ultimate Author Tool? – Apr. 25 @ 12:15pm EDT

Are you looking to step up your marketing and promotion game? Would you like to sell more books without all the guesswork? Then, find out why I believe all authors building a self-publishing business should have Publisher Rocket. Find out why Rocket is the best for getting keywords and categories, running Amazon advertising campaigns, and checking out the competition.

Is ProWritingAid the Best Grammar Checking Software? – May 2 @ 12:15pm EDT

I’ve tried many grammar checkers online, but most programs don’t measure up to the choice few. You may have heard of and use grammar checking programs like Grammarly, WhiteSmoke, Ginger, Hemingway, and Textly, but what about ProWritingAid? Where does it stand among its competitors? And why do I heavily endorse ProWritingAid? Find out my full thoughts and why I believe ProWritingAid is the best grammar checking software today!

Better Book Marketing Starts with Book Brush – May 9 @ 12:15pm EDT

Are you looking for ways to improve your book marketing efforts? Would you like a resource that handles all your graphic design needs for promoting your books? Then, look no further than Book Brush! Whether you want to create your own book cover, make A+ content for your Amazon product page, or produce a book trailer, Book Brush has what you need.
[UPCOMING PODCAST] Why I’m NOT Publishing No Content Books on Amazon – Mar. 28 @ 12:15p EDT
In late-2015, I stumbled over a HUGE secret in the self publishing industry – no content and low content book publishing. Diaries, notebooks, planners, and workbooks all contribute to this self-publishing craze. Over the past few years, aspiring online entrepreneurs flocked to Amazon KDP for publishing books in an unorthodox fashion. Find out how I got into no content books, why Kindle Direct Publishing used to be the best place to publish them, and how some interiors can create issues with the folks at KDP.

⇒ [UPCOMING PODCAST] No Luck Selling Books on Amazon KDP? Do This… – Mar. 21 @ 12:15p EDT

Are you having no luck selling books on Amazon KDP? Would you like to know why you can’t sell more self-published books? And I don’t just mean fiction and nonfiction books. I’m talking about no and low content book publishing too. Find out how you can sell more on Kindle and paperback in 2022.

⇒ Content Marketing Strategy 2022: Will It Sell More Books? – Mar. 14 @ 12:15p EST

Do you want to know how to market your book business? Would you like a content marketing strategy that’s practical and proven? Then, find out what is content marketing and why it can be the best way to advertise your author brand online. In this tutorial, you’ll learn where you should be on social media to sell more books and how you don’t have to sell your soul to when big on the internet.

And, hey, I get it! You don’t want to be on Instagram or TikTok? Totally fine! In fact, I’m going to share tips on how to avoid the places you don’t want to be and how content creation for digital marketing requires a few steps and one solid plan.

⇒ Author’s Republic vs AudioBooks Unleashed – Mon., Mar. 7

Are you publishing an audiobook and not sure where to go? Have you considered Author’s Republic or Audiobooks Unleashed? Find out how one avenue leverages Findaway Voices and how each use Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX) to publish on Audible. There are pros and cons to each business and most self published authors need more details. Discover who is the best in this battle between Author’s Republic vs Audiobooks Unleashed.

Andy Slinger of Digital Marketing for Authors – Mar. 3

We’re discussing all things book marketing and beyond.
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