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Greetings, my dear friends. I’ve created this page to keep you informed. Rather than junking up your inbox with everything I’m doing and all the places you can see me, I put all of that info in one simple place. 

You may see me posting this to social media as well. So, if you caught a post, but missed the time, know you can come here and get the info you need.

Events and happenings are listed below in the order of occurrence.

Looking for a past event? Check the archive at the bottom of this page.

What’s Happening Now

Current Giveaways

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I regularly upload additional video content for my channel members. Some recent topics include:

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  • Publishing Through BookBaby
  • Diversifying Your Income
  • Behind the Scenes of my Office/Studio

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You Should Also Know!

I’ve uploaded audiobook versions of some of my books to my podcast channel…FREE!

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  • Amazon Ads for Beginners: Sell More Books Pt. 1 of 3 – June 19 at 6:15p EDT
  • Amazon Ads for KDP: Advanced Tips for Authors Pt. 2 of 3 – June 26 at 6:15p EDT
  • Sponsored Display & Lockscreen Ads Suck, Here’s Why-  July 10 at 6:15p EDT
  • Marketing Your Books on Social Media – July 17 at 6:15p EDT
  • Where to Publish Your eBook – July 24 at 6:15p EDT
  • Where to Publish Your Print Books – July 31 at 6:15p EDT
  • Where to Publish Your Audiobooks – August 7 at 6:15p EDT
  • Author Productivity Tools, Tips & Hacks – August 14 at 6:15p EDT
  • AI Tools for Writers – August 21 at 6:15p EDT
  • Writing and Publishing Books Faster on Amazon – August 28 at 6:15p EDT
  • Record Your Own Audiobook – September 4 at 6:15p EDT
  • Keywords for KDP Books – September 11 at 6:15p EDT

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