Greetings, my dear friends. I’ve created this page to keep you informed. Rather than junking up your inbox with everything I’m doing and all the places you can see me, I decided to put all of that info in one simple place. 

You may see me posting this to social media as well. So, if you caught a post, but missed the time, know you can come here and get the info you need.

Events and happenings are listed below in the order of occurrence.

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What’s Happening Now

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⇒ NaNoWriMo – All Month in November – IT’S HERE!!!!

I’ll be live streaming my writing sprints every weekday Monday – Friday. Times will vary on Mondays and Wednesdays. The rest are scheduled and you can see them below.

(Don’t forget about the end of Daylight Savings Time Sat. Nov. 13-14. We’ll be falling back an hour.)

The length of each stream will largely depend on turnout and how long my back holds out.

First week update:

This past week, I cranked out 11,740. I’m behind a bit, but will catch up this week with some longer streams. We’re streaming on both the YouTube Podcast and Twitch channels. Join us in either or both.

Week 2 Update: 
I’m at 21,858. I took the weekend off because it just felt good. I know, I bend the rules a bit, but I’m still going strong! A word on my writing sprints…all of them last between 1 and 4 hours and I’m streaming them on both YouTube and Twitch. Join me!
Week 3 update:
I’m currently at 31,208 words and will be starting my next book today. My outline is ready and my plan is to finish writing by Friday night so I can send it to my editor, Ava.
Week 4 home stretch:
42,744 is my current word count. I had to cancel my next-to-last writing sprint to take my cat to the vet.

Here’s my writing sprint set schedule:

  • Tue., Nov. 30 @ 6:15p EST

⇒ Best Book Marketing Strategies and Tips For AuthorsNov. 30 @ 12:15pm EST

Would you like the best book marketing strategies and tips for authors going into 2022? Imagine learning from mind behind the book marketing tool with the built-in community for authors, StoryOrigin. Learn a practical book marketing plan and other book marketing ideas in this exclusive interview with Evan Gow.

Spotify Bought Findaway Voices: Is It Bad or Good? – Dec. 6 @ 12:15pm EST

Spotify recently acquired the audiobook publishing company, Findaway Voices. With Spotify’s track record and penchant for paying rights holders absurdly low, does this spell the end of all things good on Findaway Voices? Let’s look at all the information!

Many Growing Concerns Over IngramSpark Publishing – Dec. 13 @ 12:15pm EST

Are you self-publishing your books through IngramSpark publishing? Were you aware Ingram stands a LOT to gain out of your wholesale discounts? Or how accepting returns can leave you thousands of dollars in debt while getting ALL new books printed in lieu of the real returns? What’s going on at IngramSpark? And can we trust the platform anymore? Find out all that and more in this podcast.

I Had Artificial Intelligence Write Up My Ad – Dec. 20 @ 12:15pm EST

Between, Jarvis, and, copywriting is more accessible and easier to learn. But, are these AI writing services any good? Do they show any promise? And, are they really necessary for authors and self-publishers? Let’s discuss it.

I Used 4 Apps to Grammar Check My Book – Dec. 27 @ 12:15pm EST

Link TBA

Between ProWritingAid, Grammarly, Hemingway, and Microsoft Word, what app works best to grammar check and proof your work? Should you spend the extra money? Or, are the free grammar checking apps worth it? Find out in this podcast!
Event Archive

Holiday Gift Guide for Authors & Self-Publishers – Nov. 22 @ 12:15p EST

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the author? Do you want to get a gift for yourself that’ll help your writing or self-publishing business? Then, check out this time-sensitive Holiday Gift Guide for Authors and Self-Publishers (2021 edition).

Callie Chase Conquers Kindle Vella with BUG – Nov. 16 @ 2:15p EST

Kindle Vella is an amazing new opportunity. But, what’s the secret to becoming one of the top series on the Kindle Vella platform? And, if publishing frequent episodes is the key to getting any traction, how do we start? Author Callie Chase will share what it took for her to be among the top 20 books in Kindle Vella while producing up to three episodes a week.
Join us for this exclusive live interview with Callie and get deeper insights into success on the Kindle Vella platform! There’ll be a live Q&A right after the interview.

Author Sales Funnels for Beginners – Nov. 15 @ 12:15pm EST

While most authors focus on writing as many books as they can to increase their paydays, other savvy self-publishers are using sales funnels to earn a substantial living beyond book royalties. Find out more about author sales funnels for beginners in this podcast!

⇒ EPIC INTERVIEW with Audrey Carlan – Her serial story, The Marriage Auction, has been #1 on Kindle Vella for two months! If you’re publishing on Kindle Vella or want to, you don’t want to miss this!!! – Nov. 3, 2:15PM EDT

All the hype and buzz around Kindle Vella has left more questions than answers. The biggest question: Is Kindle Vella worth it? If you ask author Audrey Carlan, you might just get a positive response. Carlan’s latest series, The Marriage Auction, has been at the top of the Kindle Vella platform for the past two months.

In fact, Head of Kindle Vella, Virginia Milner, stated in our recent interview that The Marriage Auction was her favorite series on the platform.

Audrey Carlan is a No. 1 New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal best-selling author. She writes stories that help the reader find themselves while falling in love. Now, Audrey is going to share her experience in Kindle Vella, what it takes to become a bestselling author, and any recommendations she has for aspiring authors.

#Audiblegate: Is Publishing Audiobooks on Audible Safe? – Nov. 1 @ 12:15pm EDT

It’s been over a year since Audible was caught fleecing authors of their earnings while encouraging customers to return audiobooks like a library checkout system. All authors, from self-published to traditionally published, suffered from this egregious error. Has Audible course corrected? What about the lawsuit? Any good news yet? Find out in this year in review of the Audiblegate fiasco.

Marketing Plan for Your Book Launch – Oct. 25 @ 12:15p EDT

You wrote the book, then you published it. For whatever reason, sales are non-existent and you’re confused about why. It all comes down to your book launch. Imagine getting a book marketing plan you can use for your newly self-published book. What if you could get a step-by-step process on what you should do and in what order? Tune in for the answers!

Inside the Mind Behind Kindle Vella – Oct. 20 @ 2:15p EDT

Would you like an inside look into who led the initial ideation, strategy and launch of the brand-new Kindle Vella reading experience? We’re chatting with Virginia Milner, principal product manager for Kindle Direct Publishing and head of Kindle Vella, about the new self-publishing option for author serials.

5 Alternatives to Amazon Advertising for Books – Oct. 18 @ 12:15p EDT

Amazon Advertising for books published through KDP is all everyone talks about. Isn’t there another way to promote your books without having to become an ads wizard on Amazon? Get the five best alternatives to Amazon Advertising.
People of Video In-Person Conference – Oct. 8-10, 2021 in Albany, NY
50% Discount Code: DALE
Wanna break into the world of video? Not sure where to start and what to do? Then, the People of Video Conference is for you! Meet the top video creators in the industry from YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn Live, and more.
Also, I’ll be emceeing the event and putting on an exclusive talk called More than a YouTuber: Explode Your Brand with Self-Publishing. If you come to the event, you’ll be able to meet me, my wife, quite a few friends and network with many more business professionals. And, if you grab a ticket now, I’ll give you a surprise in person.
Podcast & Weekly News Segment Recording – Oct. 4 @ 12:15pm EDT
Link: TBD
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⇒ Self-Publish & Stream Video Series – Sept. 14 – 2PM EDT

Sponsored by Restream
Every Tuesday @ 2pm
Are you still struggling to make self-publishing work? Then, in this 7-part video series, we’re going to take a deep dive into the world of self-publishing and live streaming. It seems like an unlikely duo, but it’s actually a match made in heaven. More authors should utilize live streaming. While more live streamers should embrace the ease of modern-day self-publishing.
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Monetize Live Expert Interviews through Self Publishing – Sept. 14 @ 2pm EDT

Do you struggle to write books because you lack the creativity or expertise? Then, find out how to monetize live expert interviews through self publishing. You’ll get practical steps to find the right guests, how to interview them, and what you need to turn that interview into a high-quality book! This is the final part in the seven-part series Self-Publish & Stream.

Easy Ways to Monetize Your Brand – Sept. 13 @ 8pm EDT

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Marketing Your Self Published Book with Awards – Sept. 13 @ 12:15pm EDT

 We previously discussed the pros and cons of getting book awards. What if you do get book awards? What next? Consider these tips for marketing your self-published book with awards.
Jen Lowry Writes Interview – Sept. 9 @ 4p EDT
We’ll be chatting about books, marketing, and more.

Repurpose Live Streams into Self Published Books on Amazon – Sept. 7 @ 2pm EDT

Are you a video creator who wants to self-publish books, but doesn’t have the time or resources? Or are you an author who wants to scale your backlog of books without all the hassle? Then, find out the exact steps it takes to repurpose live streams into self-published books on Amazon.

Are Book Awards Worth It for Indie Authors? – Sept. 6 @ 12:15pm EDT

Getting book awards can be quite the ego boost. With so many book award programs online, it seems like quite the opportunity for budding indie authors. But, the question remains – are book awards worth it for indie authors? If you invest in book awards, will you see a return on investment? And, are there any additional perks that’ll help sell more books?
Using Live Video to Promote a Self Published Book – Aug. 31 @ 2p EDT
Are you a live streamer, content creator, or author looking to grow your audience substantially? Then, publishing a book is the best first step! But, what do you do when you publish it? Find out how using live video to promote your self-published book is easy and may explode your online business (in a good way, of course).

Using Live Video to Promote a Self Published Book – Aug. 31 @ 2p EDT

Are you a live streamer, content creator, or author looking to grow your audience substantially? Then, publishing a book is the best first step! But, what do you do when you publish it? Find out how using live video to promote your self-published book is easy and may explode your online business (in a good way, of course).

How To Monetize Your Website as an Author – Aug. 30 @ 12:15pm EDT

Do you want to know how to monetize your website as an author? Would you like sensible advice and practical steps to monetizing your website? Then, check out the tips in this podcast.
5 Website Mistakes that Ruin Your Author Site – Aug. 23 @ 12:15pm EDT
Do you have a website for your author brand? Are you aware there are some website mistakes that could very well screw up your business? Don’t believe it? Then, listen in as we discuss 5 website mistakes that ruin your author site.
Self-Publishing Gone Wrong & How to Make It Right – Aug. 19 @ 3pm EDT
Host: Author Nation with Melody Ann
Join Melody Ann and Dale L. Roberts to learn about self-publishing and all those little things a self-published author wish he knew before he published his first book.

Self-Publish & Stream a Book You Can Be Proud Of – Aug. 17 @ 2p EDT

Assuming you are a live streamer or aspiring author, you’re probably looking for HOW to self-publish your book. Find how to publish your book in 3-4 variations, reach a wider audience, and build your brand. Self-publish and live stream like a pro! This is the third part of a seven-part series.

How to Setup Your Own Website for Free – Aug. 16 @ 12:15pm EDT

Are you looking for the best way to set up a website for your online brand? Not sure who to choose and why? Then, find out how to set up your own website for free in this podcast episode. Get details on what you need to know BEFORE you pull the trigger.

Don’t Self-Publish & Stream a Book…Unless You DO THIS – Aug. 10 @ 2pm EDT
The second part of a 7-part series of Self-Publish & Stream, we’re going to discuss what you should do once you’ve written a book, but before you publish it.
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Best Website Hosting For Beginners: What You NEED to Know NOW – Aug. 9 @ 12:15pM EDT

Are you looking for the best website hosting for beginners? Would you like to have an affordable website hosting service that still maintains high-quality standards? Then, find out our recommendations of the services you should consider and others you shouldn’t.

More Than an Author: Monetizing Your Brand Beyond Your Books – Aug. 6 @ 5:45pM EDT

I’m the keynote speaker for the WWJ Fall Author Conference 2021. Discover the difference between being a starving artist and a prospering author. We’ll discuss mindset, motivation, and, of course, monetization.
This free conference begins that morning at 8:30am and continues through Sat., Aug. 7. For details visit