Hey, you savvy self-publisher, you! I’ve put together this page just for you. Here, you will find all of the must-haveresources for self publishers tools and resources I use in my self-publishing business. There’s not an item on this page I don’t use and promote personally.

These are the exact resources for self-publishers I use to:

  • Write and publish my books
  • Perform keyword and niche research
  • Host my website
  • Promote my content
  • Film and publish my videos

..and so much more.

You’ll see many of these resources for self-publishers include links to detailed video reviews so you can get an in-depth look for yourself. It is my sincere hope you find these helpful in your business as well. Bookmark this page and check back for updates!

Publishing Platforms

Keyword and Niche Research

Become An Award-Winning Author

Book Cover Resources for Self Publishers

Author Platforms

Book Promotion

Resources for Writers

Website Resources

Email Marketing

Services and Tools for Websites and Publishing

Video Creation

Courses I Recommend

People I Recommend

Miscellaneous Resources

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