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Get Plugged Into the SPwD Community!

I answer a lot of YouTube comments from people who have no idea of the array of content I offer. I also get emails along this same vein, and it floors me a little bit.

I think I do an okay job of outlining the big picture. All my links are in my video descriptions, but I think some people just don't understand the value of getting plugged into this community and making sure that you take advantage of everything I have available to you, most of which, won't cost you anything.

I create 3 types of content because not everyone learns the same:

  • Video
  • Audio
  • Written

The part that may make things confusing is that I do this in a few different areas, so let's get you linked up and plugged in!


I have two main channels:


Unlike a number of creators, I make exclusive content for my Podcast channel. It's not just a rehash of my YouTube videos. I have interviews, news, and information you won't won't want to miss. If you prefer video, see the second link above, but if you just want to listen, you can do so in your favorite listening app by visiting this page.


This is my main self-publishing website, but it's certainly not the only one.

  • Book Rescue
  • Dale L. Roberts
  • You'll see links from, and that's all I use that site for so all my links are easier to remember.


A couple of my websites include active blogs. I also have a Substack and I release a tip there each week on Tuesdays.


If you're not on my email list, what are you doing with your life?

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